Occupational Titles Annual mean wage
Aerospace engineer $112,010
Agriculture Engineer $77,330
Electrical engineer $89,730
Mechanical Engineer $97,050
Civil Engineer $98,620



The above showing the Annual mean wage of different occupations in the United States. All occupations have a different annual mean wage. Why is this? There are dozens of factors that can increase or decrease annual mean wage of any occupation. Let see some major reason/ factors that caused the difference in annual wage.

  1. The annual wage of engineering occupation can do the site/place. For example, a country where most work is available in construction field; there a civil engineer must have a high pay wage than other engineering occupation.
  2. The wage varies due to the recent trend in a country or world. In recent years, America focusing on space that’s why In the above table the annual wage of Aerospace engineer is high than all other engineering occupation.
  3. The annual wage of these engineering occupations also depends upon the priority of a country. For example in Saudi Arabia, the annual wage of a civil engineer is very high because they focusing on making new big building.
  4. The wage difference also creates due to the low number of an engineer in that field. If a country has the low number of electrical engineers, then the demand for electrical engineers will increase and then automatically it affects Annual mean wage.
  5. This difference can also create due to the quantity of production and range of revenue in that field.

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