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Business Differences Between Islamic Countries and the United States

Businesses in Islamic countries differ from those in the Western World. Cultural diversities between countries in the United States and Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia make it hard for Western companies and people to work there.

Religion is viewed in all areas of life, including Saudi Arabia businesses, while companies in the United States are trying to keep religion out of business (Alfalih, 2016). In Saudi Arabia, there is paid time allocated for prayers while in work by law. There is no time allocated for prayers in America. Also, companies in the United States are time conscious as opposed to Islamic countries. Keeping relations with a fellow businessperson in Saudi Arabia is more important than maintaining a schedule.

The Middle Eastern countries celebrate holidays like Ramadan and the Hajj differently than the United States. There are paid holidays in Saudi Arabia where companies pay for their workers’ trips and reducing working hours in Ramadan. Companies in the United States do not pay holiday trips to their staff. Moreover, employers in the Middle East use their wealth more carefully. They are less likely to give job opportunities or sell their resources to people who do not practice the same stewardship.

Family and loyalty come first in Islamic countries. Family businesses get conserved within family members such that most of the high ranks of the business belong to them (Aloulou, 2018). In the United States, professionalism and level of education and skill come first; thus resumes are essential when getting a job. Additionally, there is business inequality in the Islamic countries whereby the male gender gets upheld while the female gender gets looked down upon when handling business (Abou-Moghli, 2019).

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