Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship

Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship is all about the use of innovative skills to set up and effectively run a business. By having a proper reference of entrepreneurship, the businesses can easily improve their performance and leads businesses to an impressive level of success. It has been noticed that individual can take a risk by measuring standards of entrepreneurship. For better learning respecting to the subject, Little India has been selected as an organization. It is a small-scale restaurant in India that offers various services to its customers (Adebayo and Otemuyiwa, 2015). A study will give attention to bring up out about essential factors that a man must have reference while establishing a new venture. Aptitudes that individual requires can in like manner be suggested bitterly to accomplish goals. Learning will in like manner give a point by point delineation with respect to various environmental parts that can affect the working under business. A study will conduct in like manner that surrender picking with respect to different kinds of business typology as it will help in enclosing systems even more satisfactorily.

LO. 1

P1 Different types of entrepreneurship and their relation to the typology of entrepreneurship

  • It is referred to as aspect under that person focuses on setting out a business with reference to limited resources. It is all about taking a risk in regard to attaining rewards from the business. It is essential for businesses to have focused on diverse aspects in order to accomplish key goals and objectives. Classification of entrepreneurial aspects is mainly dependent on innovation, product quality and business model. By having a effective focus on key values discussed above the resolution of issues can be referred properly and leads a business firm to various developments (Chepurenko, 2017). Such kind of individuals business is mainly concerned to get high returns with respect to investment. However, the ratio of uncertainty in business is also high that impacts the overall development in a diverse manner.
  • It is considered a business firm that has specific working according to standards and mainly referred to as a start-up. In addition to this, it can be said that business firm practice is highly dependent on self-motivation, proactive and action-oriented working. Innovation is referred to as a key aspect of the practice that helps in leading business to an impressive level of success (Drucker, 2014). By having a ground-breaking thought of key gauges the issues can be settled and prompts an astonishing component of accomplishment. Product uniqueness is measured that make individual believe that business will have prompt opportunities. Operational activities are designed to address a specific issue so that monopoly can be gained.  
  • It is an entrepreneur practice that focuses on managing the organization effectively with a motive to ensure that people are being guided to make work done. It allows increasing work tendency and helps in completing task more efficiently. In this responsibilities are being allocated to ensure about day to day activities as it helps in meeting standards effectively. 
  • Theses organizations are beside noticeable as a movement centre point. It is by the excellence of the operational idea of such affiliations is indisputable when veered from the different relationship in the market. With the progress of remarkable thing and associations, such affiliations predict setting up their market. Keyway of the reasoning behind operational exercises is to bring change inside the world through offering innovative things and associations (Ekhtiari et al. 2016). In any case, such sorts of affiliations are also stressed over respect to net pay degree since it urges them to recuperate the contributed expense. These business firms, as a rule, have errands under the tag of corporate attributes.
  • These organizations are for the most part dependent on operational a movement that offers openings in an expansive arrangement of the market. Around the day’s end, it may be said that colossal estimation operational qualities are being controlled in such entities. The relationship by and large considers progress as a key perspective to have made due in the drawn in a market. The business firm in like way infers upgrade rehearses as exhibited by client needs and request with the target that healing measures can be considered.

M1 Investigate a diverse range of entrepreneurial in public and corporate sector

Entrepreneurial is mainly classified in diverse sections that need to be referred properly for better operations in public and corporate sector. It is necessary for businesses to have effective consideration of diverse aspects that help in entrepreneurship. Small business entrepreneurship is considered as organizations that are having operations at a very small scale. Classification of entrepreneurial aspects can be like grocery stores, travel agents, internet stores, etc. By having an effective reference of such aspects, it can be said that operational activities are being arranged at a very low level (Fox, 2014). These kinds of businesses are having low customer target as compared to other businesses and scale of investment is also low. Key motive behind the operational activities is to generate a high-profit margin ratio that assists in effective development. Both public and corporate sector working can be dependent on small businesses scale.

  • Social entrepreneurship: These kinds of business firms are considering innovation as a key aspect of practice that helps in meeting objectives. Working is mainly framed according to social needs because their crucial motive is to benefit society through their products and services (Galindo and Méndez, 2014). Businesses must focus on improvement in the quality of services considering social aspects so that better support can be offered to social development. They do not work for profit margin advancement their concern is all about social benefits and welfare.
  • Large Scale Business: Such kinds of organizations have operations in very scale and structured format that allows accomplishing key goals and objectives. Numbers of employees are being associated with the working that helps in sustainable development. A key purpose of large-scale businesses is to have operations with gaining competitive advantage and improving profit margin ratio (Harudin et al. 2016). 

P2 Explore the similarities and differences between ventures

It has been noticed that every business firm has its own operational values that assist in the effective development of the organization. However, entrepreneurship scales have various similarities and differences. Such measures must be understood properly to ensure about working and allows accomplishing goals and objectives in a significant manner. In order to have a better understanding the entrepreneurship is being classified into two segments such as social and lifestyle entrepreneurship. Lifestyle entrepreneurship covers areas like large-scale, small-scale and start-up.

Social entrepreneurship working is mainly dependent on investment from other persons. It is because the working is being operated from donations and government funding that helps to accomplish key goals and objectives. It indicates that business needs an investor that helps in leading business to better success. Along with his, application of exit strategy is always essential for social business so that operational standards can be well maintained (Barringer, 2015). Social scale businesses have operations at very limited locations. In comparison to the lifestyle businesses, the operational activities are not dependent on investment. Such kind of business firms is more focused on investing own money to the activities so that entity can have better  opportunities respecting to framed goals and objectives. Business firms do not refer to any exit strategy that helps in the effective development of objectives. Working can be expanded to a wide range of area in order to accomplish key goals and objectives. With an application of such standards, the resolution of issues can be taken into account for better development of business.

Businesses like start-up spotlights on the improvement of a general income with the objective that business can have an important element of advancement. It shows that social endeavour accomplishment is dependent on the headway of social needs. Anyway, start-up advancement is liable to the accomplishment of improvement (Huarng and Ribeiro-Soriano, 2014). By having a convincing considered comparable qualities and differences, the head of Little Restaurant can without quite a bit of a stretch lift its odds. In any case, practice demonstrates that social venture and a new company, both working is significantly depending on advancement.

D1 Critically examine the scope, development and growth of entrepreneurial ventures

There are various kinds of business firms that focus on business development activities. Startup businesses are mainly concerned about improving business opportunities with the assistance of innovation. The company that holds start-up values is generally focused on bringing unique and innovative products so that customers can be attracted towards such change. These companies are focused on promoting innovative products as well as gaining a better profit margin. In addition to this, it can be said that small-scale businesses are generally referred for companies that also focus on profit margin (Kerr, 2013). These kinds of businesses are generally operated at a limited scale of the market. Social scale organizations are referred to as non-profitable a business that helps in effective consideration of social development. They generally try to cover the cost of operations and ensure that their services are benefitting society.

Donations and assistance of government funds are key aspects that are being referred to by such businesses. Using such standards, NGO can be set up at a national and international level such as Red Cross.

Large-scale businesses are mainly operated in a structured manner to attain a better profit margin ratio. Organizations are focused on the development of standards with operational improve and cost control. Market scale of these businesses is wide that offers them a better opportunity. Application of such standards allows accomplishing key goals and objectives in the desired manner.

In light of the above statements, it might be said that there is a substitute kind of business endeavour thoughts that are insinuated by individuals. In any case, the assurance of big business is extremely poor upon nature and aim of business (Leong et al.  2016). Utilization of characteristics as per partition of business undertaking thought is vital. Work culture and daily operational training with respect to each business are various as indicated by necessities and assets.

LO. 2

P3 Interpret and assess the relevant data to illustrate the impact of small business on the economy

It has been noticed that by having diverse development in context to the operational activities the small businesses have gained better profit margin. It has increased the corporate taxation and allows ensuring that small businesses are also having an impact on the economic development of UK. Private organizations are considered as the key district of each industry since they have a surprising state of duty in the readiness that can help with making budgetary measures (Maclean et al. 2013). By having thought of operational attributes identified with the free undertaking the issues the degree that budgetary edges can in like way be settled in light of the way that changes in small businesses rehearses in addition influence the general working in a diverse way. Government focuses on powerful improvement of strategies that can help the open portals with the expectation of complimentary undertakings. It enhances the remuneration estimation of nationals and advances the overall opportunities.

The private companies and businesses operating in the country are also playing a critical role in the overall growth and development of the economy. These businesses are emphasized on creating new opportunities in the marketplace and at the same time, they focus a lot on generating employee opportunities. Free endeavor affiliations have obvious activities to direct; from now on, this gives clear shots for people to get work decisions. Businesses such as Little Restaurant contribute a lot in the development of economy by creating job opportunities and supporting the GDP growth in the country. Concerning the above illumination, they pull in the restriction by bringing new structures and decisions (Nag et al. 2016). It can be expressed to deal with the negative consequences or adverse impact of Brexit, the UK economy needs strong support from small and medium scale businesses in the best and every possible manner. In like course, in the movement of the economy, Little Restaurant has the chances to start the business and despite making due in the business deal with a long time longer. Considering the key attributes business firm are updating work open gateways too that improves the fiscal progress.

P4 Explain the importance of small businesses and business start-ups to the growth of social economy

In addition to this, it can be said that small business firms are having an improved level of working standards that assist in long-term development. Start-up businesses are also having participated in the development of economic conditions of UK. Factors that are being influenced by business firms are classified as turnover, employment, growth and contribution. It indicates that businesses are influencing such aspects that are directly associated with the economy. Private business firm’s attempts have an extraordinary degree fuse in the related cash movement of UK. It has been seen that affiliations are helping in the headway of cash related factors varyingly (Tidd and Bessant, 2015). Start-up organizations and private businesses at small scale are possibly offering the joined movement of various parts like occupations, enlightening learning, and so forth. It has been seen that there are distinctive parts that are being advanced inside a connection that are roundabout connected with cash related upgrade.

For instance, Little Restaurant has built up its associations in different spaces of London with the target that better achievement respects can be refined. Such sort of business movement practice will improve the work openings inside the market. It is by the excellence of setting out another brand requires a human asset flow that is plainly connected with the business. It propels the remuneration estimation of individuals which impacts cash related upgrade. As same, the enhancement of a business firm will result in like way advance the open gateways for the accommodation district. It recommends the enhancement rate of the industry will in like way be influenced in some edge. It shows that the general progress of independent undertakings expects a colossal movement in the enhancement of a social economy (Nalawade and Shah, 2015).

Furthermore, colossal measures of UK local people have work in self-governing associations or start-up businesses. It construes the two sorts of affiliations cover an expansive bit of the market from the social economy. Considering created by such ranges the compensation inside the economy is altogether fundamental. Budgetary structure and estimations of UK economy are sufficiently advanced through thinking about the reasonable improvement of organizations.

M2 Evaluate the role of various business to an economy with relevant statistics

In addition to this, small businesses are also playing a critical role in the growth and development of social economy by creating opportunities to enhance the social and economic status of the country.  The statement can be justified by the fact small businesses brings growth, creativity and innovations within communities and this further contributes in the development of social economy within UK. The role of small businesses in stimulating the economic growth and standard of people living in the society cannot be neglected (Dees, 2017).

D2 Critically examine how small businesses have an impact on the different level of the economy (local, regional and national) an international context

It has been witnessed that there is a number of business firms that play a critical role in economic development. As per view of Kirzner, (2015) the growth of business opportunities allows having better consideration of employment. It means the employment ratio within society can be influenced positively. It will enhance the working significantly and leads business to an impressive level of success at national market. Such kind of practices impacts the income level of UK citizens that have a direct relation with economic conditions.

It means improving work standards the businesses are also enhancing the opportunities in context to economic advancement in international context (Zhou, 2015). It has been witnessed that small, medium and large scale organizations are having key aspects like employment, turnover and business opportunities. These three values are directly linked with the UK economy so any changes in such values will have an influence on the overall economic conditions. It is being differentiated and significant associations that private business firms are more beneficial for financial enhancement at local and regional market. It has been seen that little measurement associations are more engaged when stood out from significant scale associations. They are customarily blurred in media especially by far accomplishing business blends.

Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship
Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship

LO. 3

P5 Determine the characteristics, traits and skills of successful entrepreneurs that differentiate them from managers

With a definitive target to have the stunning progress of business characteristics, it is crucial for person to refer the likelihood of qualities and limits for better improvement. At the situations where person is not considering an honest to goodness reference of such qualities, by then it will impact the working unexpectedly. It might create a negative issue for the business firm and influences the performance. It is fundamental for an entrepreneur to have consideration of aptitudes with the target that work exercises can be controlled. It will help in meeting work benchmarks and prompts organized improvement for sensible thought (Kirzner, 2015). In addition to this, the business visionary in like way needs to focus on a reference of a risk considering aptitudes with the target that mending measures can be taken. In the event that a boss does not have fitting limits concerning risk, by then issues can’t be perceived appropriately. For instance, Little India Restaurant supervisor has peril considering and evaluating limits by then honest to good choices can be taken. On the off chance that a director isn’t sure to say everything at stake, by then focused perspectives may get influenced unfavourably.

Besides, it will, as a rule, be said that business visionary, in addition, needs to base on duties segment with the target that key measures can be considered. On the off chance that an official does not have a reasonable twisted to convey work to its social event, by then it may affect the abundance of when all is said in done exercises. As same the specialists’ needs should be dismantled sincerely with the target that work undertaking should be possible in like way. On the off chance that such measures are not fittingly kept up, by then it may be conceivable that an operator isn’t sufficiently prepared to finish an operation, yet the conveyance was made without thought of authority limits. It will affect the general progress oppositely and creates long-term issues (Drucker, 2014). By having certifiable thought of key measures concerning commitment allotment the issue can be settled. Additionally, a business visionary in like way should be set up to acknowledge commitment since it upgrades the spirit of associates. For instance, a business visionary has not acknowledged commitment for the errand and there is an issue as for quality. In such conditions, the master may feel de-incited that pioneer has not kept up amidst the issue. It will in like way influence the general work practice models.

Steve Jobs has presented himself as a most successful entrepreneur since he had the most far off point develop new things and affiliations and he was not having any violation of entrepreneurship characteristics. He started the business with an imaginative idea; thusly, it sanctioned the engage of Apple. He kept up every one of his chairmen in enormous action process with the framed values that the open areas for development can be made progress. With an assistance of this, Apple performed all business practices respectable and ensures to meet objectives (Hitt and Duane Ireland, 2017). Furthermore, around there, he changed into a practical authority since he had alliance limits. Another model is the movement of Barack Obama. He showed enormous expert limits through decision America in a perfect world. Moreover, chance-taking perspective has helped him to guarantee an extraordinary association of the economy. Above statement indicates that application of innovation and risk-taking factor has helped various leaders in the desired manner to accomplish key goals and objectives.

M3 Explore and examine the different line of argument relating to entrepreneurial characteristics

In addition to this, through effective consideration of diverse entrepreneurial characteristics the individual can easily improve business work standards. It allows businesses to accomplish key goals and objectives in the desired manner. If any person is not having an effective development of entrepreneurial values, then it will impact the work conditions in a negative manner. It has been witnessed that improved level of characteristics assists in improving standards. Issues can be identified using analytical skills. It helps in analysing different aspects associated with the business. Change acceptance is also a factor that needs to be referred properly by the experts in order to ensure about standards. It helps in improving performance. Although, a negative statement related to entrepreneurial characteristics is that such practices demand a high ratio of commitment that is not an easy task for experts (Kuratko, 2016). If a person is having knowledge about the entrepreneurship, but practical application is not proper, then it will negatively influence the overall development. By having a consideration of decision making and risk evaluation factors, the overall operational activities can be transformed. If such measures are not properly evaluated then strategies formation will have a negative valuation that impacts the overall development.

D3 Analyse the characteristic, trait, skills and motivational drivers of entrepreneurs with an example

It has been noticed that characteristic, trait, skills and motivation are key factors that can boost the entrepreneurs. For example, Steve Jobs was self-motivated to have worked according to standards that have helped him to motivate a team as well. He has presented himself as a person that think innovative and always to accept a challenge. It has influenced the perception of its followers. It has enhanced the work practice standards in Apple and leads business to an impressive level of success (Parker, 2018). Richard Branson believes in taking a risk and analysing situations proper so that decisions can be taken properly. It indicates that the key skills and traits of his were improving the standards by taking a risk and analysing factors that have helped him to deal with such skills.

P6 Asses how aspects of entrepreneurial personality reflect motivation

It has been suggested that there are diverse character viewpoints that an person is focusing on better achievement of objectives. The impressive thought of such estimates enables a man to have overhauled in execution in a systematized way so key goals and targets can be meet effectively. It refreshes the assurance of a man that is especially connected with the high ground. A striking character is on a unimaginably basic estimation wrapped from the young itself, and the outside condition in which he or she had impacted the personality.

The thorough structure who are gotten in the space of creative ability and opportunity have exhibited clear characteristics of association and relationship, than that of the general open who are considered and improved condition (Story, 2016). Additionally, it may be said that people must focus on accommodating qualities so limits can be conveyed inadequate manner. It will, in addition, upgrade the comprehension about assistant’s aptitudes. Some portion of work and different sections as shown by the aptitudes and breaking points of the social affair helps in wrapping up significantly more productively. It will move the general working in a differentiating way and prompts an uncommon segment of achievement. Such sort of measures impacts the assurance of workforce in a direct way that shows that character attributes have a provoke association with inspiration.

It has been witnessed that aptitudes of Steve Jobs have permitted getting expansion the planning. His perception towards innovation and collective working has adequately improved the creative operations in Apple. It has redesignd the affirmation of colleagues and leads a business firm to a basic bit of progression. Innovation one of key reason that today Apple is has attained various benefits in its competitive market. A hazard evacuates a bit of enhancement has prompted the social unlawful relationship to get solid changes its things like iPhone. It is, in addition, one key reason that today iPhone enables a business to extend better opportunities (Cooper and Folta, 2017). Such sort of measures gifts redesigning the execution and inspiration checks for a sensible upgrade.

LO. 4

P7 Examine using relevant examples, how the background can foster and hinder entrepreneurship, analyse skills and characteristics that foster and hinder different environments

It has been seen that each businessperson faces diverse sorts of circumstance in the business that may affect the general upgrade in both profitable and work development. Central expert process and approach is indisputable as per the insight and nature of business visionaries. Mentioned limits are everything viewed as an outcome of the personality properties they secured through time management and helpful encounters. Planning and the illuminating establishment is an inexorably certain motivation over the extent of movement of an individual character, and the equivalent applies to a business visionary also. It is key for boss to base on self-motivation and self-collusion on an extremely fundamental dimension with the objective that work practice can be advanced on an extraordinarily essential estimation. In the condition that individual isn’t having tasteful data about work coordination, by then it might be conceivable that decision concerning work part and affiliation no doubt in the world won’t accord current measures. It will have a negative impact on business activities (Burns, 2016).

For instance, Richard Branson says that his hazard taking point of confinement is everything viewed as encased from his past encounters since he expects that with each test a shot and information opens up for the person. Investigating his positive view or the character towards the business, it heads toward accomplishing of the opportunity. Innovation and other factors of leadership and business values have allowed the company to gain better advantages. 

M4 Analyze the link between entrepreneurship, characteristics and the influence of personal background and experience to specific successful entrepreneurs

It has been identified that specific experience has a different effect on standard speaking improvement. By utilizing particular experience, the individual can without a ton of a stretch achieve its goals. For example, the person has begun late gone up against the circumstance as for budgetary event in the business then it might be possible that assesses that he has taken in the past can in like way be used at an essentially misty condition later on. Notwithstanding what may be run of the mill side, if a man is going up against cash related disaster benchmarks, by then it might be possible that he may not require the assistance of a budgetary pro. Above affirmations obviously demonstrates that general improvement can be impacted in light of contribution (Aldrich, 2017). If person is not referring such aspects properly then it will affect the experience as well that impacts the working in diverse manner. Successful entrepreneur practice can be advanced using experience because it helps in understanding business situations. It indicates that all factors have interrelation with each other.   

D4 Critically evaluate how background and experience influences entrepreneurs, both positively and negatively, by comparing and contrasting examples

Characteristics and skills of entrepreneurship can influence the business aspects in both positive and negative consideration. If a person is well aware of these aspects, then the application can be advanced in a critical manner. It allows accomplishing positive outcome and leads to an impressive level of success. In addition to this, personal experience can also be advanced effectively that helps in the proper decision-making process so that goals and objectives can be accomplished. The negative impact of such aspects can only be possible if the person is not having proper consideration of such values. For example, the expert is focusing on innovation application, but he is not well acknowledged about such skills. It means the application cannot be accomplished in the desired manner.


As per the detailed study, it can be concluded that entrepreneurship is referred to the essential aspect that allows individuals to enhance business opportunities. It helps in-person skills development that can be used to start a new business or manage existing business activities. There are different kinds of aspects that entrepreneurship needs to be referred such as personal skills, traits, etc. UK economy is also influenced due to different organizational workings so government must consider businesses as a critical aspect in economic development.


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