Business Plan plus Feasibility Study Sale of Online Best Water Filters In Bahrain

Business Plan plus Feasibility Study Sale of Online Best Water Filters In Bahrain

1. Executive Summary

This business plan will target the concept of online marketing for water treatment products in Bahrain. The vision for this business is to provide one-window services with the help of online utility. The primary objective is making an online presence of water purification filters and RO systems which are used on a residential scale at first stage. The location of the business will in Bahrain. The products will include filters, tanks and membranes for purifying water. The quality of the product will be related to higher standards of a competitor.

1.1 Intro

The business is named as the best water filters. Water treatment is an important industry which has attracted the interest of principal investors. In Bahrain, there is a huge demand present for this service. This business is related to the online sale of water filtration system and parts which can help the consumer to have a better experience of purified water without any hassle from commercial vendors.

1.2 Vision

The vision of this business to become a trusted source for providing single window services to the customers. The business also stresses on the technological trends and developments which are essential to provide a high quality of water filtration system. The vision looks for the development of the company (Abbaspour, et al., 2015). This business will provide an online platform to the customers where the water treatment system can be easily advertised to people.

1.3 Mission

Providing a complete range of certified & high-quality water filtrations system. These include spare parts as well as the variety of RO plants.

1.4 Business Objectives

  • To develop a one stop online hob for all residential need in regard of the water treatment industry, systems, filters & all required spare parts
  • To introduce the online business of water treatment certified & high-quality filters and spare parts.
  • To market products to top channels of Bahrain.
  • To increase the amount of finance for finance department.
  • An objective is to initiate business operations in Bahrain.
  • This business will also look to gather human resource for marketing the business product.
  • The primary objective is to sell water treatment filters and system online in the Bahrain market.
  •  The business will focus on the online existence as an off-line presence will not be targeted.
  • The water treatment filters and spare parts are the most important part of the filtration system.
  • The customer requires these services for updating and changing the filters and spare parts for treatment plants on regular and weekly intervals.

1.5 Strength and Competencies

  • The major strength for this business is the demand for water treatment in Bahrain. This business includes the sale of water filters and spare parts (Gude, 2016). What available in the market is very low quality not tested, not certified, made from plastic and recycled material. The market has filter system and RO plants which are of low quality and do not specify the ISO standards. They are made from plastic and recycled material.
  • Our core competencies are:    – Very high-quality supplier

– Very competitive prices

–  More than 20 years experienced team which can handle the customers and promote the business products to all of the targets places in Bahrain online market.

1.6 Challenges

1.7 Long-Term focus

The long-term focus for the business will be to make a strong online marketplace where all of the customer needs can be easily satisfied. This business will look to provide all kind of filters and spare parts for the water filtration system. The main goal for the long-term planning is to increase the reputation of the business in the market (Chen, 2017). The quality and nature of the services will also be a long-term focus because in this condition the idea of online presence will be a good innovation to the water treatment industry.

1.8 Our valued Proposition

The services which are being introduced for the water filtration system are new and there is no present example of introducing the online platform for the advertising and promotion of water treatment products as well as spare parts. The proposition also included NSF certified filters & spare parts for most of the items which is not available in our local market & the free courier service to the customer. In this way, the time can be reduced for the customer as well as the seller.

2. Company Description

2.1 Business History/Description

The business is an idea of advertising water treatment filters and spare parts with the help of internet media. The main focus of the chain is to create an online reputation for the company. This will not only act as a medium between customers but also save time for useless discussion. The potential users and aspirants which required trusted water treatment filters or spare parts of the RO system can use the website to view and buy their required product.

2.2 Company Location and Facilities

The company main location will remain in Bahrain. The company provides convenience to its customers in terms of the required product. The product is water filters and spare parts. The market in Bahrain has no new concept of online marketing. If a new facility is given to customers then it will provide door service for the water treatment system. One of the most attracting facility is the courier service which can allow the easy delivery of company products to all of the customers in Bahrain.

2.3 Products and services

2.3.1 Products and service description

The main products for the business are Water treatment filters set which are specified with the category of PP, UDF and GAC (Grace, Clifford, & Healy, 2016). The Poly Propylene and Granular Activated Carbon filters are mostly employed in the domestic water cleaning and purifying seems. The Reverse Osmosis system is basically the second products which are optimized for the industry. This is because the requirement varies from the size of the organization. The membrane and pressure tanks are also important products for the business.

There are installed in RO plan to remove any foreign particle from the water. The online service will promote all these products on one platform. This is an application which would be launched in Bahrain for the business purpose.

2.3.2 Features and Competitive Comparison

The feature of water treatment filters is related to the process of water purification. The Poly Propylene has better results but the granular activated carbon enhances the modes of purification. The UDF feature is also ahead of the remaining two services (Manda, Worrell, & Patel, 2014). The three different types of reverse osmosis system are classified on the base of their requirement for the industry and commercial use. The membrane, pressure tanks & other spare parts are featured with all sizes and they can be a suitable fit for all domestic and commercial customers.

2.3.3 Quality Concerns

Quality concerns will be present for the business. Water filters will be bought from the trusted suppliers whose products are fit for the business most of the products are NSF approved. The reverse osmosis plants will be regulated for the standards because they are difficult to replace from vendor to customer. The Membranes will be selected for the top quality. The filters & pressure tank will be regulated by the best brand in the world. The quality concerns can affect the products and their competitive advantage in the online market of water treatment industry.


The technology which will be used for the business products will be based on the conventional water filtration system. The online marketing will be made with the help of an internet source. The products feature and quality will be monitored with the help of quality assurance. The water test will be accounted for the use of technology. The latest available technology for water filtration in Bahrain will be the most selected source under this business category.

3-Market Research & Business Analysis

3.1. Online water filters business in Bahrain

Considering the online retail market in the whole world, one can assume that ecommerce and online sales are a big opportunity for the growth and upgradation of the business. There are certain aspects that have to be considered before putting all the thought of buying or investing anything for the online business.

3.1.1. Statistics of the online market in Bahrain

Considering the situation of Bahrain and its surrounding countries, it has been estimated that more than a quarter (29 percent) of Middle East consumers including the countries like Bahrain, KSA, Turkey and Iran now shop online every month. Some more statistics indicate that 36% of those Middle East shoppers surveyed between ages 18 and 24 shops online monthly compared to 13% of those aged 55 years and above. The trends for the shopping of household appliances have been on a rise. 31% of the ecommerce shopping is composed of household appliances.

Best Water Filters in Bahrain is one of the first companies who are aiming to sell the water filters and spare parts through a website. Online market in Bahrain is booming as more and more people are adapting for online shopping. Online consumer sales, according to some reports have exceeded BD66.15 million ($175 million) in Bahrain since last year. It was succeeded by a good 800 percent increase in the number of internet users since 2000. Detailing the numbers, 55 out of every 100 Bahrainis are now online. Bahrain has the highest internet usage levels and penetration of mobile internet expected, this figure is set to double in the next three years, it added.

Having a high internet penetration will allow Bests Water Filters to access the consumers easily. Marketing tools such a social media apps and digital marketing strategies will be beneficial to access the consumers. The market is feasible and allows startups to penetrate at a much faster rate than any other countries in the Gulf area. The rate of inflation has increased in the past 20 years in Bahrain. So the online tools of shopping are a healthy approach to get the best product (ISTIZADA).

3.1.2. Feasibility of online sale:

Best water filters in Bahrain are aiming to make their online sale by the website which they will be launching soon.  As far as the market is concerned, Bahrain has been a part of the MENA market which has provided a lot more exposure to the industry in the Gulf estates as well as the Middle East area. Bahrain expects to See Nearly Four Times their 2015 Level of Online Sales in 2020 which is a great boost up.  Bahrain has shown a positive change in terms of the rate at which the online sales have increased (Vaast, 2017).

 The friendly environment for the online business will be the pivotal thing to consider in terms of startups like Best water filters in Bahrain. The consumer as well as investor friendly market allows the both parties to put their money at stake confidently which is a huge plus point for Best water filters in Bahrain. Prices as well as the market completion are the secondary factors in this case as they  are largely dependent upon the competition which is quite low to minimal for Best water filters in Bahrain as no companied have made their business online. Another important factor is the sales of the online stores in Bahrain. The following graph is a huge boost up for the company:

3.1.3. A comparison of the prices: 

The major companies which are offering the water dispensers in Bahrain are mostly international brands like Kenwood and Nestle. As far as the local brands are concerned, most of them are selling their products on platforms like Wal-Mart, Amazon Inc., Lulu Group, Carrefour, Spinneys, Choithram, Al Othaim, Al Raya, Al Sadhan, Fu-Com, and Balsharaf etc. Companies that  are working on the local scale like Jalal Sons Ionics, IWS Bahrain, Nikai, Zenet, Meenumix, Midea, and Aftron have been offering their products on platform discussed above at variable process. Although, it is a great strategy but they don’t have their own websites for the clients which is a hurdle since consumers cannot approach them directly. The process pf the water dispenses of these companies range in the price range of 40-80 BHD (EXTRA, 2018) which is higher as compared to the package that Best Water filters In Bahrain will be offering. Best Water filters In Bahrain has the price range of 40-50 BHD which is feasible. The company will be making sure that the online purchase comes with the option of installation of the dispensers as well along with the delivery of the package. The boosting of the sales will have a huge impact on the consumers due to this factor.        

Best Water filters in Bahrain have a high chance of getting the success that they are aiming to achieve in the market of ecommerce and retail in Bahrain. The major reason is the need of filtered water in Bahrain. The need is increasing so that there is no way that the company is going to get into any loss. The quality of the dispensers has to be premium in order to get the competitors on the ground in the market.

Another factor to consider is the fact the raw material prices of the plastic and resins in the region is considerable cheap as compared to the markets in the Africa and the USA. So it is a better option to stay in Bahrain add get the raw material for the manufacturing at standard process. Besides that, the consumption and demand of the raw plastic in the world had increased in the past few decades.

Online sale of residential water treatment filters , systems, & spare parts is a feasible idea considering the market penetration and the exposure that ecommerce has in the area. The chances of getting a high sale are very evident. The competition of the international brands is a factor but quality can be used to overcome such factors.

3.2 Market Segmentation

The market in Bahrain has been divided into a different segment. One segment is the use of a water filtration systems which is used in houses and domestic applications. This area can be targeted with the help of online promotion of the company product (Abdelbaki, 2016). The second area is the commercial use where industries and chemical plants required water cleaning and wastewater management. This area also serves as an important part of the market was the services of the company can portray the Osmosis plant for the commercial customers.

3.3 Demographics of Customers

The customers are from Bahrain. The required water treatment solution. The demographics of Bahrain suggest that there is less purified water present. The most of the raw water is available with the salination source. This water is not fit for the commercial as well as domestic use. The lifestyles and water use also predict that there is a scope of online marketing for the company.

3.4 Target Market Segment Strategy

In order to target the Bahrain market with the help of online presence, the segments will be divided for the nature of products (Alalwan, Mandeel, Al-Laith, & Alkhuzai, 2017). For the domestic and household purpose, a group where most of the Bahrain citizen rely on will be targeted with an open introduction of the products with some exciting features and offers. This would hook the customers and allow the products to be sold to Bahrain market. In order to target the commercial segment, the links with vendors and suppliers will be made and the company products will be displayed in the spotlight.

3.5 Market Needs, Customer needs, and Customer Analysis

The Bahrain market needs are related to the water treatment systems which can take the load for an industry or commercial unit. It requires that efficient and reliable water systems should be introduced in the market for the customer (Maddigpu, et al., 2018). The needs of Bahrain citizen are affordable water filtration system which higher access to the spare parts and water filters. The analysis of customers shows that a higher percentage has installed the water filtration system in houses and offices. This gives a solid justification that need of water filters and spare parts in this market is increasing with the increase in population.

3.6 Industry needs and trends

The Bahrain industry is small. Most of the reverse osmosis plants are imported from Dubai. There are no competitors present in the industry which are providing solutions for the water purification system. The demand is higher but the industry needs more players to develop new machinery and spare parts.

3.7 Market Growth

The Bahrain economics have raised the market growth rate, in the preceding years, the market is increasing at the rate of ten percent (El Khanji & Hudson, 2016). This market has created room for the water purifier systems. The main idea of increasing the market size is to allow more advancement for the water filtration. This will also control the economy of the country.

Figure 1 the desalinate share of Bahrain with world market

Figure 2 The share of water purification industry of Bahrain in GDP

This is the share of economic sector in Bahrain for the water purification industry. This shows that how much amount is spent for the water purification for the country.

3.8 SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis is a business tool which is used to assess the internal as well as the external environment of the business (Grant, 2016). The SWOT analysis for this business concept is done in the light of Bahrain as the primary target market

Strengths Weakness
The main strength of this business is market size. As there are fewer competitors present in the market the business has a vital chance to make a strong impact on the customers. Can we add the only source with NSF certified parts?? Yes The quality compromise will be a weakness for the company because water purification products always focus on the quality.  
Opportunities Threats
The new system can be brought into the market. There is room for innovation. The business can also create a strong online presence which can be used for the long-term planning, we can transfer the idea to other countries in GCC The major threat is the competitors from outside the Bahrain Industry. The supply of spare parts and filter system can be affected with the global activities and crisis The biggest threat is how to change the customer habit to change to online buyer

3.8 PESTEL Analysis

This analysis is also linked with a business environment. It targets the country demographics and social and political conditions for the feasibility of the business.

Political Factors Economic factors
The political factors of Bahrain in relation with the GCC countries won’t affect the long-term planning of the business. This concept will remain an idea in Bahrain.   The economic conditions of Bahrain in terms of water purification industry is good. It is feasible for this business. It will also provide more revenues for the current investment. As long as there are no sweet water sources
Technological Factors Legal Factors
The technological factors are related to the RO plants and the type of mechanism which are used for the water filtration system. This would be a perfect idea for promoting the spare parts and membranes to customers And there is no technology in the world other than the RO yet can provide sweet water for residential clients The legal factors will be related to the standard policies and business rules. As the market is offering space for the water filtration system and its online promotion then the legal factors will be resolved.  
Social Factors Environmental Factors
The society favors the facilities for reverse osmosis technology. Moreover, the online concept will be accepted in the demographics of Bahrain.   The environment is in full accordance with the business. The idea is to make an online presence. The place and demographics ass towards the business decision.

3.9 Porter 5 Forces analysis

Porter five forces model will be an excellent approach in this business context because it highlights some of the main elements which prove important for long-term planning (Almansoori, Al-Khalifa, & Mohamed, 2015).

Threats of New Entrant’s
New entrants will decrease the profitability of the business. Yet there is no competitor present for the business, therefore, the threat is minimized at an absolute level.
Threats of Substitutes Bargaining power of the customer
A substitute product for the RO plant or water purification filters can become a threat for this launched business. This can resolve by switching policies and monitor the number of substitutions This business provides a high degree of bargaining power for the customer. This is because, in the present business concept, the use of online sale and purchase will give an instrumental priority to the customers.
Bargaining Power of Suppliers Industry Rivalry
The bargaining power of suppliers in Bahrain will be kept to a minimum level because in this way the business value and revenues will remain feasible This is a very key point for the business in Bahrain. As the market and industry is small then the company have a competitive advantage over the business rivalry.

4. Marketing Plan

The marketing plan will cover all the activities related to marketing this product in Bahrain industry.

4.1 Products and Services analysis

There are five to six different products for the business. Their analysis shows that domestic as well as commercial users will benefit from the products (, 2018). The water treatment filters set and reverse osmosis plant present in three different volumes (50gallon.75 gallon,100gallon) is the strong justification for the customer. Their services are related to providing spare parts and system with the help of online marketing. This is a new concept and it’s proposed to attract more customers.

4.2 Target Customers

The target of the business is all the customers which use the purification system. This will include people which rely on water purification system for drinking water, this will also rely on the community which has needed to desalinate water and treat the wastewater from industries.

4.3 Competition Analysis

The market competitors in the form of online utility are not present in the Bahrain Market. Pura Pro is a main competitor for the proposed business. The business will have to face competition from Dubai market players which have been providing RO systems and membranes to Bahrain at a discounted price. Puri Pro is the main competitor for our business. This is the main competitor which is providing reverse osmosis machines on the E- platform.

FACTOR My Business Strength Weakness Competitor A Importance to Customer
Products RO systems, Filters It is economical Variation in supply Puri Pro Selection of system
Price our price for end user 120-130$ Much better, NSF certified Can change 2199.00AED Variety in selection
Quality Good A+ Quality It follows standards Specification Good Not certified Satisfies there need.
Selection On brand On users On user Comparable Can justify each requirement
Service NON, can be done with third party New No Not free No hassle
Reliability Yes YES NO weakness It is reliable Focus on use of the product
Stability Yes Yes It can have after-sales issues Not given It is required
Expertise Yes Yes No weakness Yes It is required
Company Reputation Good Good Good Good It is required
Location Bahrain More customers No Bahrain Bahrain to be suitable
Appearance Attractive Noticeable   Good It is required
Sales Method Online Proposed method   Offline  
Credit Policies Allow credits Yes Yes Do not It is required
Advertising Electronic Tools Yes Yes Open source It is required
Image Good Image Good Good Good It is required

4.4 4ps of Marketing

4.4.1 Product Strategy

The product strategy is an online presence. The product would be sold through the online media tools. There will no connection for the offline marketing. This product is important for water filtration systems.

4.4.2Pricng strategy

The pricing strategy will be based on the discounted rate. The competitors are offering 237 $ dollars for the RO systems (Abbaspour, et al., 2015). This product will offer a range between 598 to 600 dollars including installation. Our price 120 – 130, BUT , main product will be the set of filters pp, gac, udf, our price with delivery might be 4.49BD where the big volume should be along with real comparison in previous sectors 

4.4.3 Promotion Strategy

The product will be promoted with the groups and channels which have the most connection with the potential customers. In this regard, the spare parts and filters will be displayed in filtration industry groups and markets where buyers meet the customer. And will distribute some brochures and use billboards to advertise, we set a budget of 4000 – 5000$ for the first year to all.

4.4.4 Distribution patterns

The distribution will be made from the warehouse of the company. When an online order is a place for the spare part of the water filter, then it will be posted to the specific customer.

4.5 Sales Strategy

The sales strategy will be on the online method. The customer will have the preference to save time and select the most appropriate product for their use. The industrial, as well as the domestic customers, will be given the same preference.

4.5.1Sales Forecast

The sales forecast will be made in three years. The long-term planning will include the five years planning (Abbaspour, et al., 2015). In this forecast, the estimate for the products and RO systems will be recorded from the present condition of the business. Target is to reach a minimum of 3000-4000 set of filters on yearly basis on third year, and a minimum of 7000-8000 on fifth

4.5.2 Sales Programs

The sales programs will be single and there will be no change adopted in this channel. The distinction for the business is due to its online innovation. This will be the key purpose behind the sale program.

4.5.3 Strategic alliances

Strategic alliances will be made with the retailers which wish to advertise business products to the specific customers. Online sale platforms like, Amazon and E- bay will the company for strategic alliance


The business wants to reach a top position like Puri (Royal) Company of Dubai. Our business will increase the water filtration plants and system. This business will establish a separate online utility for all the filtration technologies.

4.6 Marketing& Promotional Strategies

4.6.1 Email marketing strategies

This will be a unique strategy for raising the attention of customer towards the business. Emails about price and subscription will be sent to the electronic portals.

4.6.2 social media marketing strategies

This business will make flyers and brochures for the filter and spare parts of water treatment plant. The complete information and discounts will be advertised on social media pages and communicated to Facebook groups (Abdelbaki, 2016). Newspaper ads will also be used for the social media marketing.

4.6.3Linking strategies

The linking strategy for business will be targeting all the modes of marketing and opening up chances for the sale of business products.

4.6.4Paid advertising

Advertising will be carried out to increase the sales. The long and short ads will be directly transferred to electronic media groups. This will increase the rating of products.

4.6.6 Online marketing strategies

The online marketing strategies are enlisted as

  • Personal Branding: Personal branding which includes branding the water filtration and RO plants to the market.
  • Affiliate and Associate Programs Strategy: This will improve the marketing of your business. It will answer towards the requirement of the product.
  • Contest and Giveaways strategy: This strategy will keep the customer interest for the product.
  • Super remarketing strategy: This will help you reach towards many potential customers in Bahrain.

5 Operational Plan

5.1.1 Production

The production will be carried out in the separate divisions. These divisions were not located in Bahrain. The advertisement will be made for the business products.

5.1.2 Business Location

The business location will be Bahrain.

5.1.3 Legal Environment

The legal environment is regulated for the foreign entry. This area will be sorted out from the Bahrain water treatment industry (Alalwan, Mandeel, Al-Laith, & Alkhuzai, 2017).

5.1.4 Business Suppliers

Business suppliers will be the only factory that has certified filters & trusted spare parts in Taiwan ,  . They can also provide a primary asset to this business.

6 Management and Organization

6.1 Organization structure

There will be two employers present in the company. One will post and follow orders for the business products. The second will have a duty of storekeeper in the company.

6.2 Another HR plan

The organization structure is proposed at the beginning. This will remain as the first the first priority. It will be a one-man role and will progress.

7 Financial Plan:

7.1 Sales forecast

The start-up investment for the business is 25000-30000$. It would be more than the required cost. The sales will be forecasted in Bahrain.

7.2 Projected Profit &Loss

The projected profit will be money accounted from the initial investment. The business should make about 20 to 25 percent profit from the sales of products. The business profit and loss are assumed from the profit and loss analysis. The initial investment is planned to be in the range of 30000 dollars. The cost for the spare parts will rise as the projected cost will increase up to the factor of ten percent. The profit and loss are accounted as the earning for the business will be estimated as two million for the one significant year. The annual contribution will be also in good amount. The operating expense will be higher for the business. There is a profit present for about thirty to forty thousand US dollars.

We couldn’t base the all below numbers on any solid source, can you clarify? Please try to send me excel sheet that I can fill to show real figures please?

  Projected Cash Flow 
  Cash Inflows Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
  Cash from operations 40000 70000 100000
  cash from receivable 27752 52768 87820
  Operating Cash Inflow 67,752 122,768 187,820
  Other Cash Inflows      
  Equity Investment 5000 7000 9000
  Borrowing 4000 5000 5000
  Sales of Business Assets 5000 6000 10000
  Increases of A/P 2000 3000 5000
  Total Other Cash Inflows 16000 21000 29000
  Total Cash inflows from operations and others 83,752 143,768 216,820
  Cash Outflows      
  Salaries 10000 20000 22000
  Sales and Marketing and other Expenses 5000 3500 3000
  Web site development and management 5000 500 500
  Premises Costs 300 300 500
  General Expenses 1000 1000 1200
  Business travel 850 850 850
  Miscellaneous 100 100 120
  Total Cash Outflows 22250 26250 28170
  Net Cash flow 61,502 117,518 188,650
  Cash Balance 61,502 117,518 188,650
Projected Income Statement  
Periods Year1 Year 2 Year 3  
Sales Revenue 67,752 122768 187820  
CGS 43700 79185 122082  
Gross Profit 24,052 43583 65738  
Operating Expenses        
Salaries 10000 20000 22000  
Sales and Marketing and other Expenses 5000 3500 3500  
Web site development and management 5000 500 500  
Premises Costs 300 500 500  
wages 10000 10000 10000  
General Expenses 1000 1000 1200  
Insurance 500 300 200  
Utilities 200 300 500  
Business travel 850 850 850  
Miscellaneous 100 100 120  
 Operating Expenses 32950 37050 39370  
Net Profit -8,898 6533 148450  
Profit Margin        
Projected Income Statement  
Periods Year1 Year 2 Year 3  
Sales Revenue 67,752 122768 187820  
CGS 43700 79185 122082  
Gross Profit 24,052 43583 65738  
Operating Expenses        
Salaries 10000 20000 22000  
Sales and Marketing and other Expenses 5000 3500 3500  
Web site development and management 5000 500 500  
Premises Costs 300 500 500  
wages 10000 10000 10000  
General Expenses 1000 1000 1200  
Insurance 500 300 200  
Utilities 200 300 500  
Business travel 850 850 850  
Miscellaneous 100 100 120  
Operating Expenses 32950 37050 39370  
Net Profit -8,898 6533 148450  
Profit Margin        
Projected Balance Sheet          
Years Year 1 Year 2 Year3    
Assets 20000 21000 22000    
Current Assets 10000 30000 30000    
Cash 5000 7000 9000    
Inventory 6000 8000 10000    
Current Assets Others 2000 3000 4000    
Total Current Assets 43000 69000 75000    
Long Run Assets 4000 6000 6000    
Accum Depreciation 1000 1000 1000    
Total Long Run Assets 3000 5000 5000    
Total Assets 46000 74000 80000    
Liabilities & Capital 14000 29000 15000    
Current Liabilities 1000 1000 1000    
Account Payable/Loan 3000 3000 4000    
Current Borrowings 4000 5000 5000    
Total Current Liabilities 22000 9000 25000    
Long Term Liabilities 5000 7000 9000    
Total Liabilities 27000 54000 59000    
Paid In Capital 10000 10000 10000    
Net Profit -8,898 6,533 148,850    
Total Capital 19000 20000 21000    
Total Liabilities and Capital 46000 74000 80000    

7.3 Projected Cash flows

Cash flows will be regarded as employee figures. This figure is accounted towards 10000$. The startup expense for the filters and little parts of the water filtration will cost more. The delivery charges would also be an additional cost to the business (, 2018). Therefore, the cash flows will be higher than the initial investment. If must be in between 40 to 50 thousand US dollars.

The projected amount is closer to approximation for the real budgeted figures. First is the initial amount of the project. Second is the area where expense will account. First of the expense will the employee which will count as 10000 dollars. The expenses for the transport and spare parts will also will be a liability for the project. The project has 1.9 factor for liquidity. The supply will account for 1500 Us dollars.

7.4 Projected balance sheet

This will be based on the data of sales

 8 Quality management, Risk management, and Environment

8.1 Quality Management

It would be made with the help of a team of experts for quality assurance

8.2 Risk Management

This would be made from the analysis of risky area for the business

8.3 Environment

Bahrain environment will be studied for any changes in the business plan.