CV / Resume Writing Company Marketing Plan

1. Organisation Summary

Organisation Type: It is a private commercial organisation of India. The company representative is based on the UK.  

Organisation size: The Company is a startup organisation whose last year turnover was 60,000 approx. CV Talks operate from the previous three years. It has a medium organisation which has 15 full-time employees. Among 15 employees four is recruiting for the marketing department, and the rest of the employees are a recruit for the operating section.

Provided Services: The primary service which is provided by the company is a demonstration of Curriculum Vitae and writing the cover letter. They are set up the price of each CV is 85, and each cover letter is 45. They also provide a combo service of CV and the cover letter, and they earned 105 for each of the combo services.

The primary goal of the company is to provide a quality service, and they measure their performance over customer feedback or result. The employees are very much dedicated about their job role. They perform according to the requirement of the customers. The CV and the Cover letters which are created by them are targeting the position of the job. Therefore it is said that the CV and the cover letters are made as per the job role. The employees try their best to give attractive attributes to the CV and the cover letters. They also give assurance over the security of the job. However, it is said that the Cv and the cover letters which are provided by the company CV Talks are very much eye-catching, easy to understand and convincing.

Customer Base: The Company UK Talks recently started their business by dealing with the customers through online mode. They direct contact with customers or clients. Customers order their requirements through online mode also.

Competitors: There exist various companies who are considered as competitors by CV Talks. The competitor companies are CV Writers, City CV, Stand out CV and the CV Center. These companies are originated from the country UK.

Other information: The Company also deals with the prime CV writing companies who provide the Professional CV and cover letters. The company ties up with this type of freelancer who also provides the other services. The CV and the cover letters which are made by the less experienced employees are reviewed by this freelancer, so that top quality is provided to the customers. The company wants to introduce themselves through the brand name which is presented with the quality service. The company offers services to the senior professional who is in the working area and graduates whether it is from junior level or high level. The company not only bounded their functions in the CV and cover letter writing, but they also provide services in application form fill up and assist them. The company also offers telephonic interview coaching and profile writing in LinkedIn and Skype.

2. Strategic Audit

Analysis of external Macro and Micro Environment

Factors of Brand Resilience

Figure 1: Brand Resilience Factors

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PEST Analysis:

PEST Analysis demonstrates the external environment by the macro environment of any firm, and it is suitable for every type of organisation. It is an analyzing tool which consists of parameters like political, economic, social and technological factors. The factors which are present in this analyzing tool are beneficial over the control of the firm, and often it is helped to detect out the threats of the company. Sometimes as per the requirement of any firm the external factors are changed and new opportunities will also arise at the same time. That is why the sequence PEST is rearranged as STEP analysis. 

The company CV Talks also used this analysing tool for detecting out their challenges and risk factors (Ho, 2014). Some of the difficulties which are detected out by the PEST analysis are as follows:

Political In the industry when there is a lack of a good job then there create good competition, and the jobless candidates want high-quality professional CV by which they can win the interview and get a job.
Economic An economical declination has both the positive and the negative aspects on the demand of the service of the company. The adverse effect is when a corporate company is hired candidates in a reasonable amount then the economic declination has a bad influence. On the other hand, the positive results are arises when there is less job in the market and candidates are high demand for the excellent quality CV and the cover letters.
Social The customers of the company CV Talks are primarily under the age of 55 who are in the stage of the working environment. Fresh graduates and the student who already works for any small companies also demand about this company (, 2018).   
Technological Technology is gradually increased its scope, and the demand for the high-quality online resume is increased. New websites and various new tools are arising in the market.

Figure 2: PEST Analysis

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2.1 Customer analysis

Types of customer Characteristics Demand Require needs
Fresh graduates Candidates belong from this area has not any experiences over a job They demand such quality CV which helps them to get an internship or part-time job or any full-time graduate level job. Fresher’s do not have any types of experience or other degrees. Therefore CV Talks has to focus very carefully during the making of such CV. They have to add some such kind of eye-catching elements to the CV. They must keep the budget of the CV as per the fresh graduate’s budget.
Candidates who want to change their carries Candidates who are willing to change their job although they are working any other areas are required CV so that they can represent their less experience in a strategic way They demand to make such kind of CV which can reflect very logically about the reason for changing their jobs. The budget of these type of candidates is making a CV which represents the experience very much useful for them whether it is a short period or not.
Candidates who are already working These type of customers are from junior or mid-level who has a medium level of experience. They find the higher post. These type of candidates wants Cv which adequately reflects the past experiences and what they want into the nested job. The CV which they required must be very much useful and attractive to the company higher authority. They do not have any types of negotiation with the budget
Professional working level executive These kind of customers are from the senior level, who wants to get a job in the administrative department. These candidates want CV which is highly professional and represents all the experiences so that they get a higher post. Professionalism must represent all over the CV. Therefore budget will high for such kind Cv.

2.2 Competitor Analysis

Direct competitors Services Strength Weakness Advantages / Disadvantages Others
City CV 1.Professional CV and cover letter provider 2. Writing Linkedin profile. 3. Coaching for interview   It is the first prize award-winning organisation. International experts are provided high-quality job assuring CV. Budget is high. They provide services in all kind of job profile platform. But their budget is high as per other companies. They provide interview coaching and offer every kind of sample to the customer.
The CV Center 1.Provide professional CV and Cover letters 2. Editing of business photo and create application form. 3.Translation, various types of profile writing. They provide the business photo editing and professional CV. They provide all kind of CV. Budget is high. An advantage is all type budget of CV is available. Premium, professional and standard all kind of CV is available.
Purple CV Professional CV provider. Affordable budget and write the CV by experts. The company does not provide multiple services. Budget is very much affordable They provide Career coaching.
CV Writers They provide various types of Cv. They want to know about customer satisfaction by telephone or Skype Multiple types of services are not provided There is a scope to express the review of a customer to the professional CV writer. There is a scope to express the review of a customer.
Indirect Competitors           
LinkedIn CV writing place, Cover letter writing, Social media attachment with the profile. Communicate with the Company higher authority. They do not provide professional CV. Lots of human resource manager are present here and has a scope to communicate with them. Various job vacancies are available here.
Indeed Job provider They have itself a form which is called CV form. Candidates do not provide the individual CV They do not create professional CV. Various job vacancies are available here. Job vacancies in every area are provided.

2.3 SWOT Analysis

  Strength-S 1. The company has a strong point that they focus on the quality of the job. 2.they tie up with a freelancer who makes professional and excellent quality CV. Weakness-W 1. The customer of the company is generally from the UK, and in UK old age old-age dependency ratio is increased. Therefore the demand for such company is decreased. 2. When the corporate world has a high market for employees, then this type of company loss their orders because then good quality CV is not required.  
Opportunities-O 1.When the market has an excellent opportunity for a job but lots of unemployed then there is an opportunity for CV Talks 2. They have a scope to recheck the weak quality CV through the freelancer who is very much experienced. Strength-Opportunity 1. The company has to focus on the excellent opportunity, and they utilise this opportunity to provide the best quality 2. CV Talks use the freelancer to ensure top-notch quality in their service over CV and Cover letters.  Weakness-Opportunity 1. The company has to adapt upgraded technology to develop their strategy so that more customer attract to their service. 2. The company has started another scope for the candidates. They provide telephonically and skype interview training, so that when there is no demand for creating CV, then this service will provide economic support.
Threats-T 1. There is a threat over a new market entry. Various websites are present who provides service as CV Talks in cheap rate. 2. There exist warnings about the presence of substitutes. Multiple types of extraordinary techniques are present in the market. But in the current situation, the company doesn’t use any kinds of technology. Strength-Threat 1. The company has to adopt new methods to survive in the market with new entities. 2. CV Talks must be adapting right technology and software so that they can upgrade themselves. Otherwise, CV Talks cannot survive into the market.  They also built up an online website to introduce themselves worldwide. Weakness- Threat 1. CV Talks must upgrade their system to avoid threats and bring some new and attractive opportunities to develop their economic condition. 

2.4 Five Forces Model

Figure 3: Five Force Model

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2.5 STEEP Analysis

Factors of influencing Threat or opportunity Timeframe Impact Service implication
Social Risk: According to the information given by the company the customers of CV Talks are basically from under the age of 55. But as per the report of national statistics, the old age dependency is gradually increased in-country UK. Therefore the demand for CV is decreased. Long-term impact High There is no exact implication of service of that particular threat. The company has to make a good advertisement for attracting more customers.
Technological Opportunity: Nowadays technology is increased very fast. There exist various types of websites and software which can make CV and cover letters in very cheap rate. The company CV Talks must use such kind of software for better development. Long-Term Impact High CV Talks has to implement new technologies and software to upgrade the working strategy of the company
Economic Both the treat and opportunity: Economic status of the company CV Talks are both in the platform of threat and opportunity. When there is no requirement of a job, the company faced a warning about an economic condition and when there requires position but lack of a job is exists then company faced opportunity. Because in this situation candidates need a good quality CV which can help them to win an interview. Short-Term Impact Low The company has to be aware of the situation of threat and the opportunity. Because the job market up down is not in their hand. Therefore they have to ready for every case whether it is loss or profit.
Environmental Opportunity: At the present condition of the world market of a job, it is seen that there exist a vast number of unemployed and that is why demand for good CV is always present  Short-term impact High The company has to grab the situation of current market condition job. Huge amount freshers are still unemployed .therefore if company provide excellent quality service, then they can earn more profit.
Political Opportunity: Political views of the job market are not so good in the present situation, and it is seen worldwide. Therefore chance is must present for CV Talks. Long-Term Impact Low The political impact must be looked after my company. The company has to follow the present trends of the job market.

3. Objectives

  • To provide the current status of the company CV Talks
  • To make a marketing audit for further development
  • To create an upgraded marketing plan
  • To detect out the competitors and the risk factors.

4. Strategic Option

Figure 4: Various strategic Options

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5. Tactics

Figure 5: Tactics adopted by Company

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6. Measurement and control

There exist three main areas which can give the company a success zone.

Employee Engagement: Every employee has to provide their best to the company development. The excellent quality leader must be present in the company.

Relationship management: The relationship with the clients of the company must be handled very much patiently. Because as per the previous discussion it is seen the economic condition is not so much static for CV Talks.

Collaboration: Communication and every project and marketing plan must be very much transparent to all the employees of the company.