Globalization: and the Changes Affecting Human Geography

Globalization the Most Important Change or Set of Changes Currently Affecting Human Geography

Globalization is real and impacts the immediate lives of the individuals. The assertion reiterated by Norton and Mercier notes that “globalization is the most important change or set of changes currently affecting human geography.” The pragmatic changes extend from the individual boundaries to exploring new arenas, with the quest of experiencing a new environment. In the wake of modern technology, the world has been turned into a global village. I relate this phenomenon to my daily activities, stretching from communication, eating, among others. Activity space is, therefore, defined as the engagements that a person get involved in within a day. As a way to remain globalized, I ensure my day is filled with meaningful involvements as described in the following paragraphs.


The speed at which information moves across the countries is sure evidence that the world is transitioning at a rapid rate. A normal day in my diary starts with scrolling through the various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to get a glimpse of the happenings in the world. I actualize this at the comfort of my blankets while structuring the day’s program. The most important news that attracts me is the performance of forex trade. I take time to read the interpretation of the trading currencies from different people. It becomes so easy for me, to make the judgment on which pairs to trade during the day. Furthermore, I check the local news to remain aware of the happenings regarding security, and any other striking information. Moreover, I normally download the daily business paper to supplement my quest to understand the stock market. While in the house, I acquaint myself with enormous knowledge, by connecting with various sources available in social platforms. Norton and Mercier affirm that “today, we are not only connected with the people around us, but we can also communicate with people on the opposite side of the world instantly, such as through the click of a mouse or the tapping of a touch screen on our cell phones.” The assertion is true because I practice it on a daily basis.


My shopping list comprises of foods, books, clothes among other finite luxury products. I enjoy buying the foodstuff at Atlantic Superstore, which is headquartered in Canada. I resolved always to be buying foods that I could see and touch before making an order. The move has compelled me to embrace the local stores, where I can travel to select what I love. Atlantic Superstore has been such an awesome place, which offers curated products of high quality. Nevertheless, I purchase my reading materials from Amazon, headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The company has a huge collection of literature from different authors, which gives me an opportunity to embrace diversity. Far and above, I embrace shopping my clothes at Gucci, headquartered in Florence, Italy. I receive the purchases without visiting the respective retailers since they are delivered to my place of stay. The services I get from the said companies go along with the definition of quality of place as “an aggregate measure of the factors and the external environment that contribute to the quality of life” (Andrews, 2001, 201). International shopping is of more importance to me because I enjoy differentiated products with unique characteristics.


In a day, I drive more than eighty kilometers from my residence. The morning hours are filled with activities of meeting new clients and established customers. My business involves teaching people the concepts of Forex trading; therefore, I hold workshops across the cities in Canada. In a busy day, I make close to one hundred kilometers. I traverse in cities such as Calgary, Kingston, Barrie and Saint John. In the same vein, I make international flights twice in a month, and some of my usual places are United States, Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland. This is a trend that I have adapted to excel in my line of profession. I learn more outside the sphere of my operation, thus embraces regular foreign trips. The way globalization is unfolding is a clear illustration that it’s here to stay. It satisfies three components: brings happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction. This is very similar to the definition of quality of life by Dale Anderson and Andre Langlois as “the result of the convergence between the resources offered by the environment and the needs expressed by individuals” (Anderson and Langlois, 2002, 507).