Contemporary Technology’s Psychological Impact on Children

Contemporary Technology’s Psychological Impact on Children

Currently, technology has surpassed print media as the primary source of information and is utilized extensively in our everyday lives for various reasons. Individuals cannot imagine surviving a day without their phones (Landers & Marin, 2021). Children born during the digital era and are capable of using electronic devices often get exposed to today’s technology. However, how does it impact their psychological well-being?

Some argue that the utilization of technology has a negative impact on children because it isolates them from the outside world, making them narrow-minded and antisocial.  Long periods of time spent gaming on a computer may lead to addiction and other psychological issues including neurosis, and depression (Domingues‐Montanari, 2017). In this instance, the answer would be to limit children’s use of technology and offer them other activities.

On the other side, using technology as the primary source of knowledge may benefit children. Numerous applications and tools are available to aid in the development of various talents (McDool et al., 2020). Educational games and films, as well as tests, may have a positive effect on youngsters. Additionally, contemporary technology is critical for some children who cannot go outdoors due to various barriers to developing communication skills or getting adequate education on par with their peers. Children can interact, learn, and improve their brains with the aid of technology (McDool et al., 2020). Today, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, kids are confined to their homes, unable to interact with classmates or attend school. That said, modern technology may address these issues and protect youngsters from degradation and asociality with remote schooling and messengers.

In summary, contemporary technology may have a variety of effects on children’s development, based on the purpose for which it is used and the level of parental engagement in the kid’s life. A balanced and fair environment must be created for technology usage to benefit children’s growth. However, permanent repercussions may occur for children and their families.

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