Digital marketing Strategy of an SME



  Quantum technology marketing group limited.

This is a small medium enterprise based in Reading town in the United Kingdom. It was incorporated on the 6th November 24, 1998. Since then it has been in function. It has marked 22 years since its inception. Currently it is running by two directors. It is a private limited company; it was found by Jindy Dale. The businesses conducted by this SME include: Provision of marketing services to the customers, hence it is a service provider company, it also involves in offering credit reporting services, pest control services, carpet cleaning                   services and also acts as collection agency. Being a marketing service provider, it is hence involved also in the advertising, which help provide information about products offered to the customers. Quantum technology limited uses digital technology in the provision of its services, this is made possible because it has a very improved technology. The products produced are of high quality hence it attracts many customers globally. This has led to the company growing at a very high rate.

Objectives of the quantum technology marketing group limited from the digital marketing point of view

The company must be able to explore the current trends in the business environment. Digital trends are very important because they have led to digital marketing sprouting at very high rate. This helps the industry establish best practices and standards because they are prone to changes. This is the easiest way that helps the industry optimize its strategy. To make this a reality the industry must participate in forums and discussions about digital marketing.

Be able to define realistic goals in the changing digital technology. If the company is unable to measure its results or its results are far behind its goals, this means that they is something wrong with the industry goals. To make a digital marketing strategy optimistic, be objective when determining what you want to achieve and which means you will use to achieve it.

Be able to analyze digital marketing channels. The company must scrutinize the channels it is going to use to achieve its goals. The industry must take some time to analyze how its website is performing.

The company must be able to focus on creating content. Nowadays content is a very critical part in digital marketing. To achieve this, you start from new content ideas this will help in encouraging shares through social media, gaining links etc.

Lastly the company must be able to consider advertising and allocate budget for paid advertising. Paid advertising has become a very common this is because online users uses it as a way of earning. This is because when advertisement is made and the product is sold the advertiser will be paid a certain commission, which is beneficial to the existence of the company.

 Main digital platforms used by quantum technology limited in their marketing activities

The blockchain management systems, computing that is edge computing, telecommunication services, simulation enabling systems, internet of things, computerized security systems, imaging technology, big analytics technology, modelling systems technology, sensing enabled systems technology. All these systems are connected in a manner that they give a coordinated information that enables this company achieve its objective.

These systems are mostly has helped the company the company to be able to get good results every time it is carrying out its activities.

Computerized security systems have enhanced the security sector in that the company is able to detect insecurity in any sector and it is able to respond within a very short time to mitigate the possible risks. Telecommunication has enabled easy delivery of information to the workers in the company hence the procedures of the company goes as planned. Imaging and sensor technology have helped save time when performing the company’s tasks.

Contents of the three main digital platforms used by quantum technology marketing company

Computing, this is where processes being carried out by this SME are computerized, monitoring of stock, knowing sales made during the year, establishing the profits and loss are automatically determined by the company computer system. This system contains processes that can help compute intense problems that are difficult. The computer system has developed modeling equipment’s that help in computation. Have designed improved computing systems that help in development of new materials and predictable analytics for large interdependent system. Have also a quantum computer that beat the best classical computers being used. Its computing system can be used to render all existing encryptions useless and be expose to hacking and infiltration. Because of this developed computer system, it has also helped the company become a digital commerce company. Computing of data has become very easy due to developed computer system.


The second platform is the sensing enabled systems technology. This technology is used to reveal information that is unobtainable. It consists of images processing technology that is used to dramatically improve microscopy, this has enhanced the recognition of small objects that it is difficult to recognize them in real life situation. Quantum process enables detect images and sense details that would rather go unnoticed within the normal environment.

Sensing technology is closely related to imaging technology in the quantum company, this has systems that enables detect objects that would go unnoticed within low light levels and wavelength limitations. Sensing and imaging has helped this company in exploration, monitoring, safety e.g. glass image processing that help in detecting minute changes that would earlier lead to tanks failure or presence toxic chemicals. Advanced light detection and ranging systems may be used to identify the presence of aircraft based on the minutes changes occurring in the environment.

The last digital platform is the block chain management system. The components of this system include the following: a virtual machine, a consensus algorithm, a node application and a shared ledger. This digital platform differs from the typical database by the way it stores information. A node application is found on chrome it helps in building fast network applications this company uses this technology to be able to know the runtime of some of its programs. Node use event driven programs hence events of the organization are monitored easily. Block chain processes has helped the company support innovative payment models, also sovereignty of the data of the user and privacy has been enhanced through account and identity management. Use of block chain technology has led new opportunities for innovative content writers. A consensus algorithm has helped the company develop strategies to monitor how activities in the company are being carried out.

Incentives on digital platforms that will drive sales and revenues for quantum company

The first one is free shipping incentive. This is mainly charged on large orders so as to be able to motivate customers to buy many products. The company may determine the free shipping fee for a certain amount of order made e.g.  for orders above us dollars 150 is free will motivate customers to make big orders.

Secondly change in discounts. The company so as to lure customers must make promising discount arrangements. They may discount products at rates that may end up not giving them a loss but at a considerable rate so as to establish a win-win situation where the customers do not lose also the seller must not incur loses. The company can also increase discount based on behavior. Customers who visits the page without buying can be given a different discount arrangement so as to enable them make purchases.

The company can also introduce incentive based referral program, this help the company gain many customers. Referral works in that, the company can have policy that when their customer invites a new customer through his or her link, when the new customer makes his first purchase a certain percentage of the sales is given to the person who invited him or her. Also, the referral program may work in a customer who makes referrals get 10% discount when he makes his purchase.

Increase in email sign-ups for the virtual event that will lead to new customer motivation. The Quantum company may achieve this by introducing a new product on their website that may require people to sign up with their emails and hence be able to be sending those people updates on the company’s products, and enable them know there is a new product hence the company will increase it sale and in turn its revenues will be higher. Increase in email signups will also help popularize the company to a wide range of people.

The company to also to lure customers through may introduce free signup through website. This is by making their website to accessed even without mobile bundles and even offer first free welcome bonus to its new customers and when customers are many sales will increase hence there will be also an increase in the revenues of the company.

The company may also introduce relevant hard goods incentive, this increases revenue for the health, wellness, and fitness of the company. The only challenge with hard goods is that they increase cost of the incentive. Under this there can also free high margin items. Free high margin products help the company make very profits hence a boost in the revenue’s coffers of the company.

Success rate of digital marketing strategy employed by Quantum company

The development of technology in aviation, the technology used by quantum has influenced aviation because of the much more computer modelling like aeronautical scenarios. Aviation has benefited more from the technology employed by Quantum Company on large scale.

The computing technology being used by quantum limited has led to rise in computing, all the processes carried out by Quantum are computer enabled hence a rise in the level of computing. There is also development in computer systems due to continued development in computers, more sophisticated computers have been developed overtime.

The rate of success in digital strategy being employed by Quantum has led significant impacts on security e.g. touching everything from extremely secure communications to faster code breaking to better detection of aircraft.

Quantum company has successfully developed, quantum computers are predicted to be able to perform certain algorithms significantly faster than even the largest classical computers. There has been increase in optimization due to digital market strategy being used by this company.

The success of digital strategy that has been used by quantum limited has enabled thriving of online marketing by helping business connect with customers easily. Cryptography has increased due to digital business strategy; cryptography is the method of protecting information and communication through use of codes.

The success digital strategy employed by Quantum ltd can be measured by revolutionalisation it has done in the detection of diseases and treatment of diseases. Quantum ltd has also led to cost cutting in the production of goods and services due to improved technology.

Quantum success can be depicted by rise in profits it gets during different accounting periods that has helped the company increase the scale of operation hence it is able to produce goods and services on a large scale. This can easily be depicted from the company’s financial statements during all the years the company has been in operation.

Actions to be taken to enhance the performance of the digital strategy employed by Quantum

The company needs to try and improve its website so as to make it accessible to many people and hence it will easily be reached by everybody willing to acquire services from the company. More so the company must take advantage of new trend in the business world for increasing productivity. These trends are crucial in helping the company be able to compete on a global scale. The trends are either economic or demographic and they largely influence the existence of business.

The company must devise methods that will enable it cope up with changing content requirements. The quality required keeps on changing so Quantum must be able to adapt to changes in the content required. Also, the company must put in place actions to enable it to flexible to changing economic trends in the business cycles so as to ensure the industry does not collapse during downswings.

Quantum company must ensure easy accessibility of its products on the digital platforms so as to enhance the flexibility required in promotion of its brand. They can do by simplifying the way people can access it website.

The other important action to be taken is by enhancing increased productivity in the digital platforms used. When the productivity is increasing there is need for the company to ensure it is coping up with these changes to be able to withstand changing digital economy. Quantum has been able to achieve the successes it has because of its developed technology and this is the most important aspect that must be embraced by every business nowadays.