Discrimination on Human Services Provisions for LGBTQ College Students 

Thesis Statement: The government should make sure that the LGBT students are not discriminated in employment, education, and by violent people, since the country has been experiencing high rate of discrimination in these sectors.

Introduction: LGBT college students face several types of discrimination which adversely affect their lives. Such discrimination has been associated with a lack of support and guidance (Zamani‐Gallaher & Choudhuri, 2016). That is because everyone has a role to play including parents in making sure that the discrimination against the LGBT youths is minimized. One of the ways to achieve that is by instructing learning institutions and guardians to accept and provide support to LGBT students. For instance, about 28% of LGBT youths drop out of school because of discomfort in the school environment (Baams, De Luca, & Brownson, 2018).

Discrimination in employment against LGBT college students in the United States. More people are requesting for the need to respect the rights of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people in the United States. LGBT activists are emphasizing on the importance of implementing anti-discrimination laws, especially in education, health, employment, family matters, and political issues (Gates, 2017).

Gloria D. Steele, Director of U.S. Embassy Manila`s USAID, insisted on the necessity of making sure that the rights of LGBT individuals are respected under all circumstances (Garvey, Taylor, & Rankin, 2015). There is adequate evidence that LGBT individuals are discriminated in employment sectors. Previous studies show that approximately 25% of LGBT employees have experienced mistreatment in the workplace over the past five years (Hood, Sherrell, Pfeffer, & Mann, 2019).

A considerable number of LGBT workers are usually subjected to employment discrimination because of the absence of federal laws to protect them (Hood et al., 2019). Discrimination in education against LGBT college students in the country. Students are endeavoring to make sure that anti-discrimination policies are implemented by the government to protect LGBT students (Martin, Broadhurst, Hoffshire, & Takewell, 2018). The Youth and Schools program puts efforts to ensure that the public institutions have an environment conducive for LGBT individuals and bias-free. The union of American Civil Liberties work together with students in fighting for their free expression rights and ensure that LGBT kids are allowed to engage in normal activities with other children (Taylor, 2015).

Discrimination against LGBT college students in the United States from the violent community. Some reports identify the actual problem facing the LGBT community in the United States. Activists for human rights have submitted the violations of human rights facing LGBT individuals to the United Nations (Nguyen, Brazelton, Renn, & Woodford, 2018). There have been reports on the violations of human rights based on sexual orientation and gender identity in the United Nations (Schmitz & Tyler, 2019). LGBT are often faced by numerous sexually-oriented crimes (Zamani‐Gallaher, & Choudhuri, 2016). Although the United States strives to make sure that the rights of all individuals are protected, there has often been prejudice against the LGBT community because of inadequate sensitivity and recognition of the LGBT Discrimination Regarding Human Services Provisions for LGBTQ College Students rights (Adams, 2018).

Conclusion: The issues highlighted in this paper shows the discrimination being experienced by the LGBT students and the need to enact laws and policies that minimize such violation of human rights.

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