Healthcare Management Values

Core values are the basis in which our choices and behavior are found. Some of my important core values are compassion, creativity, determination, optimism, and learning. From the above list, my most important core value is compassion. Compassion can be defined as a strong feeling of sadness and empathy for the bad luck or suffering of other people (Zulueta 87). Compassion is very important because it motivates people to put an extra effort towards helping people suffering from emotional, spiritual, and physical pain. A compassionate person allows him or herself to be moved by the suffering of another person, where the experience motivates him or her to help alleviate the suffering (Zulueta 87). The distinguishing character of a compassionate person is his or her ability to respond to another person’s suffering with care and warmth.

The most important core values, as stated above, are compassion, creativity, determination, optimism, and learning. These values relate to my decision to study health care management. The most important among the values is compassion. The reason behind this is that with compassion, I can be in a position to deeply and actively imagine the pain and suffering of a patient. The compassion value would, thus, mean focusing attention on the patient. As a health care manager, I can use compassion to improve the well-being of the patient at the facility. For instance, listening and talking to the patient would create comfort in the patient since it would imply that the health care practitioner is concerned about him or her (Zulueta 88).

Another important core value in health care is creativity. In the health care field, creativity means new and different ways of looking at things. As such, creativity would involve re-looking at some practices in a health care setting and developing new methods to improve the services. In this field, creativity can help in addressing and breaking artificial barriers that health care practitioners face (Falan 62). Practitioners in different specialties can be disconnected due to the challenges that they face in their lines of work. The disconnection between the practitioners creates artificial barriers that hinder the provision of quality care at the facility. Creativity can be used to break down these barriers and improve the provision of care at the facilities.

In the health care management field, the top three possible research topics are patient safety and quality in healthcare, patient satisfaction, and health communication in healthcare facilities. Health communication is of interest because it would help in understanding the communication practices in promoting health information, such as health education. Moreover, this would help understand how the dissemination of health information helps in improving health literacy. The patient safety and quality of health care is an important research topic because it can help in understanding how health care quality results in patient’s safety. Quality health care influences patient safety practices. In this case, the patient safety practices are the practices that reduce the risk of exposing patients to conditions or diagnosis during medical care. The other topic of interest, patient satisfaction, is an indicator used to measure health care quality. It usually influences clinical outcomes; medical malpractice claims, and patient retention. Moreover, it also affects the efficiency and timely delivery of quality health care.