Medical Mobile Application: DrChrono

Medical Mobile Application: DrChrono

            Information technology (IT) plays an essential role in improving the quality of care and health outcomes (Kim et al., 2017). The use of IT in healthcare settings allows healthcare professionals to instantly share patient information, facilitate storage and retrieval of data. The use of technology also helps in reducing medication errors leading to increased patient safety (Kim et al., 2017). In this paper, a discussion relating to DrChrono mobile application is presented.


DrChrono is an electronic health record (EHR) that facilitates seamless integration of clinical workflow, patient scheduling, and medical billing (DrChrono, 2020). The technology enables healthcare professionals to use technology to enter patient information. Recorded data is automatically transferred to clinical charting, lab orders, e-prescription, and medical billing to reduce information entry errors and multiple entries of details (DrChrono, 2020a).

Purpose of DrChrono

The main purpose of DrChrono is to offer billing and HER solution for all sizes of healthcare organizations (DrChrono, 2020). The technology facilitates easy communication between healthcare providers and patients. DrChrono automatically sends texts, emails, and phone appointment reminders to patients. The technology enables patients to check and view their own records. All communication through DrChrono is secure and meets the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) standards.

DrChrono has other features, including a revenue cycle and medical billing management module (DrChrono, 2020b). The features allow the billing to be done once the chart is complete. The technology also helps healthcare professionals to customize clinical workflow and efficiently order and view labs and prescriptions.

DrChrono Platform

The DrChrono application is supported by two operating systems, including Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows (Crunchbase Inc., 2021). A device must be running a supported version of an operating system to facilitate the use of DrChrono. Additionally, the device must meet the specific hardware requirements (Crunchbase Inc., 2021).

Application of DrChrono

DrChrono is a suitable application for the management of chronic conditions such as diabetes (Converted Media Ltd, 2021; DrChrono, 2020c). A suitable approach of the management of diabetes involves controlling blood glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure. DrChrono supports the collection of patient information, storage, and retrieval of data to facilitate the management of diabetes. The collected data can be used to show historical trends for circumference, weight, Body mass index (BMI), AC1 levels, and blood pressure to help in treating and managing diabetes (DrChrono, 2020c).

The use of DrChrono helps to accelerate charting through customizable medical forms. Healthcare professionals can use the application to provide patient care on iPad, iPhone, or computer anytime anywhere (DrChrono Inc., 2019). DrChrono helps to promote patient education materials, send secure messages and treatment plans. The technology is suitable for creating different types of appointments. For instance, suitable profiles can be used in creating or a 45-minute appointment for first-time visits and a 30-minute session for diabetes follow-ups (DrChrono, 2020c). Additionally, the use of the technology supports advanced lab functionality allowing healthcare professionals to regularly monitor patients’ weight, weight, BMI, and A1C levels. The lab reports can be used in making clinical decisions relating to the application of a suitable intervention to deal with diabetes. For instance, available data can be used to support the application of educational intervention to effectively control weight, monitor BMI, and assess A1C levels to manage diabetes (DrChrono, 2020c).


The use of IT in healthcare helps to improve the quality of care. The use of technology facilitates increased patient safety and reduction of medication errors. DrChrono facilitates the integration of medical billing, and clinical workflow, patient scheduling. The technology helps to customize clinical workflow and facilitate the ordering of drugs and support prescriptions. DrChrono can be used to support the collection of patient information, storage, and retrieval of data in the decision-making process to improve the management of diabetes. The technology is suitable for creating appointments to enable healthcare professionals to organize visits and follow-up of patients.