Personal Statement for Master’s in Management at LSE

Reading the publications done by Henry Mintzberg about management inspired me a lot in relations to this field. His theory. The five forces, taught me how to analyse the potential aspects that may influence a company. This also made me understand that every decision that a manager makes is not influenced by the same thing and this inspired the more to advance my knowledge in this field. Also, having a role model, Jeff Bezos, has motivated me to set my mind into understanding the dynamic ways of this field. Taking my undergraduate programme at the University of York in Business and Management, I have learnt of the significant change in the structure of businesses. This is from the traditional one to the modern which is more digitalised. This is being influenced by the ever changing environment and as an aspiring manager, I know my main role is to create value of a company by utilizing the resources available. However, all these knowledge is not found in the undergraduate programme that I am taking and I need to advance through a master’s programme related to this field. I find this Masters in Management at the London School of Economics and Political Science to be the most ideal one for me. The programme is tailored to help the learner know about the international management concepts and how to pull resources from far and wide in order to bring about the smooth running of any firm. Important also to note is the fact that the programme is structured in a way to ensure that the learner gains knowledge of how the real world of business operates, the different management theories that are modern and in which context they can be used, how to create practical managerial solutions, how to gain in-depth analytical skills enough to sustain a management career throughout and how to be an insightful manager in real time activities. This is done through different approaches such as class work and an international field trip.

Over the couple of years I have been studying, I have anchored myself through different undergraduate modules such as ‘Quantitative Methods’, ‘Management Accounting’, ‘Financial Accounting’ of which I have performed exemplary well. Through these I learnt about different methods to analyse situations so as to make a valuable and relevant decision. I have also been able to derive important information from data analysis in order to make the required move, learn about accounting in order to know the financial operations in a company so as to weigh where the company is and also how to organise different resources for the benefit of a company. Also, I believe that this is important also as it will help me pursue some of the modules provided under this programme such as ‘Marketing Management’, ‘Strategy and Innovation in a Global Context’ and ‘Business in the Global Environment’ among many others. Looking forward to my final year, I will study modules such as ‘Corporate Governance & Social Accountability’, ‘International Business Environment’, whose knowledge is transferable to this Master’s in Management programme.

Other than my academic credentials, I have broadened my practical skills through working with several organisations and on different projects. I worked at Google partner Linkjoint as an intern-Google Adwords operator in the Marketing Department. Here, my main work was to create ads, operate social media accounts for the company, analyse the weaknesses of the company and suggest ways to improve. Here I learnt much about cooperation, team management and good communication skills of which all these combined make a manager to be effective and competent. At the same time, at the university, I joined the Chinese society’s Public Relations Department. I am mainly responsible for doing communication and cooperating with the different stakeholders, to solicit sponsorship for the activities organized by our association. I am confident that these opportunities have polished my management skills needed to take on such a challenging programme at this prestigious university. Also, these have given me a glimpse of how the real world looks like therefore giving an opportunity to prepare prior. They have opened my mind to learn of the different knowledge gaps that exist in me. This will help me know where to focus my energy during the course of my master’s programme so as to fill them in advance before stepping out into the real world of business.

Apart from the above, I have also polished my knowledge in this field through reading relevant journals and magazines. I am a passionate follower of the TED talk which brings on board many experienced entrepreneurs that have changed my view on the business world. The talks here have enlightened me on the different topics that keeps a firm running, how to manage, how to run a successful business and so on. Also, I read the BBC News Daily to get to understand the way the outside world is affecting the corporate world that I am preparing for. I am a firm believer also that the knowledge that I have gained from these activities will aid me in understanding different concepts taught at the master’s level and ultimately in the corporate world.  My aim is to work for an international company that would aid me in knowing how to do management at an international level. Afterwards, I desire to channel this into doing business that will help me improve the current state of our country China.

It is my great hope that I will be accepted for this Master’s in Management at the London School of Economics and Political Science. I am eager to learn more about this field from this famous faculty led by Dr. Ricardo Alonso. This prestigious learning institution prides itself on being among the best in the world. I am looking forward to leaning from the world class management system that his institution has. Also, among the best in the world, the school attracts international students that I am willing to learn from them as I believe that this, coalesced with the management programme will make me a more competent manager.

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