Value of Best Evidence in Nursing Care Delivery

Value of Best Evidence in Nursing Care Delivery

The effects of the best evidence practice nursing care have echoed in nursing education, practice, and science. Over the past decade, there have been massive changes in nursing practice and education (Bowers, 2018). Amongst the competences in the healthcare revolution are evidence-based practice. The need for evidence-based healthcare transformation and quality improvements emphasizes the importance of implementing effective, efficient, and safe care.

The evidence-based practice in nursing care gives nurses necessary scientific research, which helps them to make sound decisions during their practice. The nurses can be up to date and know patient care protocols which can increase the patient’s chances of recovery (Majid et al., 2011). Further, evidence-based care helps nurses to understand the effectiveness and risks of their diagnostic treatments, thus aiding them to put patients in their care plans.

Additionally, the evidence-based practice in nursing produces better patient outcomes such as accelerating recovery (Majid et al., 2011). It can reduce the demand for resources during the healthcare process. For instance, outdated practices and techniques in nursing may result in buying unnecessary and expensive equipment which may not be of help to their patients.

Best evidence rule in nursing also helps individualize the care of patients and enhance the knowledge of nurses (Bowers, 2018). This practice has advanced nursing care since decisions are made based on the best accurate evidence, thus leading to the making of sound and accurate decisions during patient care. Without the implementation of evidence-based practice, patients are at risk both receiving outdated and harmful health care advice.

The needs for transformation in nursing care has led to evidence-based practices which have standardized nursing care practices that reduce illogical decisions during patient care. The results of the best evidence practice have been safe and efficient care and individualized care.