Background of Ritz Hotel and Restaurant

Background of Ritz Hotel and Restaurant

This report aims to provide a detailed sequence of event- Fashion show, that will take place at Ritz Hotel and Restaurant. The paper gives a succinct discussion of the target market, and the possible marketing strategies that would be applied to attract the clients to this super event. This will allow proper arrangement and budgeting based on the projected numbers, which is the primary point of consideration before holding any event. In the same vein, the risk management cannot be avoided when dealing with people from diverse backgrounds, and the ways of mitigating them would be highlighted, among them being proper planning. The report will therefore conclude by giving appropriate recommendations on how to make the expected affair successful, both in form of marketing and logistics.


Quickly observable as a standalone building with the touch of traditional design, Ritz Hotel and Restaurant is located at Piccadilly in London and is adorable for its quality services and impeccable spaces for holding huge events.  The facility has organized a fashion show, that aims to attract designers and clients from diverse backgrounds, and consolidate them in one venue-Ritz Hotel. The main reason for holding the event is to sell and market the Ritz’s brand, to both the locals and internationals, who will be attracted by this mega occasion. To secure the space to showcase the products, the business people in the fashion industry will be offered a space on the compound and others in the halls, at a subsidized package, to enhance participation.  To facilitate the affair, the cost of hosting and managing the huge number of people will ideally double, for the one week that the exhibition will be running. However, it is projected thatthere will be an improved brand image and tremendous returns from the people who will attend the event.  Such, the facility will offer accommodation and catering services at normal prices. Nevertheless, the major risk is the lack of enormous attendance, which will limit the expected earnings.


Fashion show event aims to bring both locals and internationals into a common place, where they can enjoy the elegance and beauty of Ritz Hotel and Restaurant and consequently improve the brand image.


To promote the brand image of Ritz Hotel and Restaurant.

To attract potential customers by familiarising their services to new clients.

Background of Ritz Hotel and Restaurant

The hotel is a high-end facility, that is a symbol of high society and luxury. Opened in the year 1906, it has continued to exist, with a major objective of offering quality services to the people, who are perceived to be well up in its vicinity. Among the notable individual who visited this hotel during that time were politicians, socialite, writers and other influential people in London. The hotel has morphed into a more serious facility in the present time, contributed to by the changing needs of the customers (Marzuki et al.,2012). Although the initial architectural design remains, a lot of internal changes involving management and what is offered has continually been varying. It is also important to note that the Ritz Hotel and Restaurant is a member of the international consortium, hence plays a significant contribution to the hospitality industry.

The hotel was owned until 1976 by Bracewell-Smith family, after which it was purchased by Ellerman group of companies. The new management spent a considerable amount of money, which is estimated close to £40 million to restore the structure into the previous grandeur. The efforts resulted in an award of Royal Warrant, for its best catering services, and became the first hotel to receive such an honor(Bhushan,2017).  These series of events happened in the year 2002, and since then, the facility has continued to receive the accolade from society. To give an overview of the hotel, its exterior and interior are done in a style of Franco-American, with the high depiction of the tradition of Paris(Bayer & Emir,2017). Also, it has 111 rooms and twenty-five suites, all of which are done with a taste of modern design, and suited to accommodate high-end society members.

According to Bhushan(2017), the design and the appearance of the structure has a strong effect on the perception of the services offered in a hotel. In his argument, he asserted that the blend of colors, lighting, and even the pictures pinned on the wall contribute to either liking or disliking the services. In this regard, the Ritz Hotel and Restaurant portrays a special atmosphere, by the design of the interior, which was done by designers from Paris and London. The amalgamation of the different skills brings out a cool environment, that can be observed from the way the rooms and seminar halls are painted. The Ritz’s widely recognized facility is the palm court that is lavish and attracts the visitors. The architects designed this place, by considering the furniture design of the late 1760s, hence bringing out the expected tradition aspect, within a high-class hotel(O’Farrel,1992). The different ideas employed in furnishing the interiors brings a completely new picture, as opposed to what is seen from outside. Ritz Hotel and Restaurant stand as an enigma in the society, offering not only the catering services but also reconnecting the customer with the past. It is more of a learning center, rather than a place to eat and drink.

The event that will be happening here is a fashion show, which is ideally suited to attract a consierable number of people from diverse backgrounds. With the state of art facilities and packages offered atRitz Hotel and Restaurant, the event is meant to expose the offers and searchfor prospect customers. The design of this activity is in line with the business’s mandate to continually disrupts its marketing strategies to improve the services. The management has a projection of holding more than ten thousand delegates in various fashion companies, who will impact the brand image positively.