Coca Cola 600ml Bottle Marketing Analysis Case Study

Coca Cola 600ml Bottle Marketing Analysis Case Study

Coca Cola Case Study

Question 1

Describe and explain the organization’s name and head office address, its mission statement, corporate vision & values plus a summary of the organization’s position on ONE (1) of the following aspects – diversity; sustainability or corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Answer to Task 1

The 600 ml Coca Cola beverage is a product of the Coca-Cola company that has been in operation since the year 1892. The organization has been able to diversify to the various nations in the world with its head office being in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States of America.  To be positioned in the current position in the world, the organization has been driven by many ideas. One of the issues has been the mission of the organization, which is anchored at ensuring that there is the creation of value as well as differences in the products (Dhar et al., 2005).

Additionally, it aims at refreshing the world both in spirit, mind as well as the body. A view at the vision of the organization, they are anchored around people, partners, planet and lastly, on the portfolio.

The coca cola organization has some set of values that which include integrity ans accountability. The brand has passion hence the commitment in mind as well as in the hearts of individuals (Dhar et al., 2005). Under the concept of sustainability, the organization has been in the forefront towards ensuring this process. It houses some core issues in ensuring sustainability, which includes the promotion of health as well as wellbeing. It can be shown through the use of the diet coke, which is also available in the 600 ml.

Through the use of the plastic bottles in the coca cola 600 ml, the organization ensures that it can encourage the recycling of the containers. Through recycling, people will pollute the environment minimally (Walsh & Dowding, 2012).

Question 2

Describe and explain the market(s) that your product or service occupies

Answer to Task 2

The marketing of the product will ensure the capturing of the various markets that the business operates. For the marketing of the 600 ml coca cola, there has been the use of different marketing strategies.

The organization has been able to look at the customer needs through the use of its products. In the New Zealand market, the organization has seen that the use of the 600 ml coca cola is to satisfy the pleasure of the individuals with the consumption of the cold drink of the organization. Additionally, the consumption of the 600 ml coca cola creates some form of social esteem as the brand is identified with quality (Slater, 2000).

There has been the need for the consideration of the various competitors that offer soft drinks in the country. Some of the direct competitors include the Foxton Fizz that has multiple flavors that it provides to its customers. Additionally, there is the Hopt that offers various drinks such as the carbonated drink, the non- alcoholic soda that comes in multiple flavors. There is also the Wests soft drink, which is the equivalent of the Schweppes that is mainly stocked in the Southern Island (Harper et al., 2002). It is one of the oldest producers of soft drinks in the nation. The V is also able to offer drinks which are made by the Frucor Beverages in the country. Other notable mentions include the Lemon and Paeroa as well as the Petes Lemonade. The most notable indirect competitor is Schweppes with offers the Wests soft drink in the nation (Slater, 2001)

The customers can buy the product from the various outlets in the nation. The drink is mostly bought during the various festivities such as family gathering, celebrations such as graduation parties as well as end year parties.

The market growth trend of the beverage in the nation has increased at various times. It has been seen that the carbonated drinks are the most consumed brand of soft drink. It has been able to account for about seventeen percent of the market (Slater, 2001). With this trend, there is the possibility of the increase in consumption.

One of the other trend that has graced the market has been whether there is a need to increase in the sugar tax. This debate has been propelled by the health as well as the dental organization.

Question 3

Describe and explain the major segments of the market(s) that your product or service occupies.

Answer to Task 3

A look at the market segmentation of Coca-Cola in New Zealand shows there is the division of the market in two ways, namely the geographical look as well as the demographical look. The consumption of the brand has been seen to be distributed in the various geographic segment such as the cities as well as the less urban regions. It has been observed that there are high levels of consumption in the urban as well as the suburban areas (Slater, 2001). The rural regions register less level of sales. In this, there is the look at the age in which it has been seen that the young individuals are the primary consumers.

It has been seen that gender is also a vital issue in the consumption of the drink in the New Zealand market. The brand has been able to target the various levels of genders both the female as well as male individuals.

Lastly, psychological segmentation, there is the focus on the lifestyle in which, the use of the coca cola brand brings about the modern, mobile as well as the busy lifestyle of the consumers. Lastly, it focuses on the benefit sought, which in most cases, leads to promotional strategies such as the prizes to the various users.

Coca Cola 600ml Bottle Marketing Analysis Case Study
Coca Cola 600ml Bottle Marketing Analysis Case Study

Question 4

Review and improve the SWOT Analysis previously prepared for your chosen product or service

Answer to Task 4

Some of the strengths that the brand has been able to register include the high level of brand identity. An individual who sees the introduction of any favor from the organization will highly consume and recommend it to other individuals. This has ensured there is a high level of increase in brand growth.

Additionally, individuals also enjoy the unique taste of the Coca Cola 600 ml. Other brands have not been able to capture the unique taste found in the brand. The utilization of social media as a platform that will ensure more young people know of the presence of the brand.

Some of the weaknesses of the organization are that there have not been able to branch away from only the soda only model to other business. A look at Pepsi, it has been seen to have introduced various snacks such as the Lays Chips.

Additionally, there has been a concern on the level at which carbonated drinks have a connection to the high level of health complications.

There are also some opportunities that the Coca Cola brand should utilize in the distribution of the brand in New Zealand. One of the ways include advancement in supply chain system that will ensure that there is the minimization of the transport cost. Additionally, the firm should ensure that there is the creation of more health beverage in the segment (Kant, Jacks & Aantjes, 2008). This process will ensure that the organization can ensure a healthier society.

A view at the threats to the organization has been on the use of the plastic bottle in the delivery of the product to the final consumers. The issue has been people do not feel the need to recycling of the bottle despite the effort made by the organization. This necessitates the use of more unique ways that will ensure there is less pollution of the environment. Moreover, there has been direct as well as the indirect competitors to the organization. Some of the key competitors include Pepsi.

Question 5

Review and improve the PESTLE Analysis previously prepared for your chosen product or service.

Answer to Task 5

The use of the PESTLE analysis is aimed in the exploration of the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, International, Legal as well as the Environmental consideration.

Over the years, the organization has been involved in the political way of lobbying in which various individuals will be involved in ensuring that the views of the organization are heard by the political class (Raman, 2007). In this way, they can be able to ensure the consideration of the organization in the various levels of administration.

Economically, there has been the need for the closure of the various distribution centers in New Zealand. This process is to pave the way to a more advanced and refined method of the supply chain. It will ensure there is a high level of distribution of the brand in the nation (Raman, 2007). It will ensure there is a high level of flexibility of the brands as well as more client satisfaction. Additionally, there is an increase in the amount of revenue from the sale of the brand, which will ensure there is an increase in the market segmentation.

In the socio-cultural view, there has been a concern about the increase in the number of individuals who are overweight in New Zealand. With this, there has been the need for the introduction of a more sugar-free beverage. With the use of this kind of strategy, it will ensure that there is a proactive way of curbing the epidemic of obesity.

Technologically, Coca Cola has ensured the introduction of the Bridge program that aims at ensuring that the firm can adjust as well as to adapt to a new form of technology before its competitors.

Environmentally, there has been the calls to the formation of strategies that will ensure responsible sustainability of the production. This process will ensure the recycling of all the factors that are involved in the packaging of the products. The organization has been of the thought of a fifty percent increase in the recycling of the single-use plastic bottles annually (Walsh & Dowding, 2012).

In the recent years, there has been an increase in the legal processes against coca cola. The legal issue has been the call to the regulation of the ingredients that are used in the preparation of the soft drink. It aims at ensuring there is the regulation in the product of the carbonated drinks as well as the reduction in the sugar sweeteners (Foster, 2014). This process will ensure there is a reduction of the health risk of the sale of the Coca Cola Brand.        

Question 6

Propose your product or service’s 2019 Marketing Objectives using the SMART criteria as a guide to ensure the quality and effectiveness of your written objectives.

Answer to Task 6

The utilization of the SMART analysis is aimed in the creation of the Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic as well as Timely issues. The organization has been on this and there is the need for the creation of the marketing objective that will have positive connotation on the organization.

The first key objective is to ensure that the brand can appeal to the significant market segment it targets. These are the younger generation that has a high liking for the product. Through the use of the television adverts in the nation, it will be the best way that will kill the geographic difficulty through the airing of the advert in both urban as well as the rural areas (Taylor, 2000).  Use of creative campaign themes such as the share a coke will seek to the personalization of the drink, which is a crucial component the younger generation craves for.

The second marketing objective will be ensuring that for any jobs available in the coca cola organization, about half of the jobs are given to the local community. This will be the best way that people will feel to have a personal feel of the organization (Taylor, 2000). Through employment, people will feel the high level of community building that the organization has offered. With this, it will ensure top recommendation by the employees on the benefits of buying from the Coca Cola organization.

Question 7

Identify and describe your product or service’s main target market(s)/segment(s) using as many of the recognized segmentation bases or variables as you have data for.

Answer to Task 7

The main target for the coca cola 600 ml are most the younger individuals who are the main individuals who are in constant need for refreshment. The best targeting strategies that will be used through the utilization of undifferentiated targeting, which is the marketing that views the big way of entity will no division of the segments being targeted. This is the best way as it will ensure there is the capture of all individuals of all ages and there is no level of discrimination that is displayed by the individuals (Taylor, 2000). The best base of the segmentation is the focus of the demographic look as it aims in the look at the age, gender and the view of the various background.

There are various advantages for the use of the targeting strategies in the market. One of the benefits is that there is the idea that the potential of the market has been analyzed and some level of the predictable outcome can be presumed. In this way, it ensures that the organization will be on the lookout of any changes that may appeal to the target segment.

Coca Cola will be mindful of the services that express a high level of attraction to the individuals. High level of customer loyalty is maintained as individuals fill the need for the organization as it is always changing to cater to their individual needs (Slater, 2000).

Question 8

Analyze and compare your product or service with its closest competitor equivalent product or service.

Answer to Task 8

The closest competitor for the Coca Cola 600 ml is the Hopt drink that comes in various flavors such as the ElderBerry as well as the Herb Soda. The theme used in the soda is the drink that an individual should grab when he or she is not drinking. The packaging of the drink is a bit different from that of the single bottle 600 ml coca cola drink (Dhar et al., 2005). For the Hopt, it is packaged in a pack of six bottles whereby the individual will buy the whole set as opposed to the single drink as used in coca cola.  

A comparison between the two drink shows the idea that the Hopt drink has not been able to penetrate the market as Coca Cola. This process is because Coca-Cola has the most dynamic market strategies that ensure high levels of distribution amongst the individuals in the market (Kant, Jacks & Aantjes, 2008).

Hopt brand ensured that there was an exclusive taste of the ingredients before the setting of the various flavors. The drink is produced in New Zealand but has a high level of the team that ensures the progress of the brand who are based in Tokyo, Auckland as well as in Melbourne. It aims to ensure the connection of individuals as the name Hopt suggest as it means ‘connected.’

Question 9

Describe your product or service’s current positioning strategy and the positioning base(s) used.

Answer to Task 9

A view at the positioning strategy of the Coca Cola 600 ml, it has been seen to have a high level of popularity amongst the younger generation. In this, it has ensured that individuals have some degree of high preference of the drink as they feel some level of touch in the brand.

Through the use of the customer based pricing of the product, it ensures that the prices charged can be achieved by various individuals. Additionally, the price is average to ensure that it is not that low to signify the low quality in the product (Slater, 2000). The price ensures that the individuals can easily recommend the product as it will adequately meet the taste of the majority of the users.

It ensures it has a high level of outreach in the market in that many people can access the product as it is readily available in any store in the nation as opposed to the competitors who have not emulated deep levels of marketing.

Question 10

Develop and describe (with rationales and explanations), FIVE (5) marketing strategies for your chosen product/service to address at least FOUR (4) of the following marketing mix elements.

Answer to Task 10

The use of the Coca Cola 600 ml has ensured the high level of outreach to the client which is supported by the use of the various components such as the pricing, distribution, promotion, people, processes and product

A view at the pricing of the commodity, it has been seen that there is the high level of the average price that ensures that the individual will focus on the drink. The pricing is moderate as it can ensure that the brand is of high quality to the users. The use of the low pricing would have sent an alarm to the user that the product is of low quality.

On the distribution, there is the development of the various chain from the bottler done to the retailer in the convenient local store (Adeyemi & Salami, 2010). The bottler can sell the product to the wholesaler who gets the goods at a lower (Kant, Jacks & Aantjes, 2008). With this, he or she will then source the goods to the various retail outlet who will ensure the good gets to the final user or consumer.

On the promotion, there has been the use of the various social media concepts such as the Share a coke campaign that aims at ensuring individuals can share the experience with friends and families. Moreover, there is the consideration of the television advertisement

The process of the product of the commodity is in such a way that there is the distribution of the syrup to the various bottlers in the nation. The bottlers have the responsibility of the manufacturing of the product, bottling it and ensuring the distribution to the various outlets in the countries (Adeyemi & Salami, 2010).

The younger generation is the main target for the product. In this way, the use of self-possession scheme such as the share a coke campaign will ensure that younger generations can have a high level of attraction towards the brand than any other.

Question 11

Suggest and explain TWO (2) marketing metrics for one of the marketing strategies for your chosen product or service.

Answer to Task 11

Various marketing metrics will lead to a high level of clients buying from the organization. One of the vital metrics includes customer retention (Slater, 2000). Through the use of high-quality drink to the users, there is a high likelihood that more clients will come back to buy the product from the organization. In this way, it ensures the number of clients is increasing day in day out.

The other metrics are brand awareness, which is aimed at ensuring that the clients have a high level of attraction towards the brand. This process can be encouraged by the use of the various merchandise that bears the name of the brand. Some of the best merchandise will include t-shirts as well as the caps. With this, a high level of knowledge of the product will be enhanced at the end of the process.

Question 12

Produce a basic annual marketing implementation plan for 2019, using the template in Appendix 1.

Appendix 1

Template for Annual Tactical, Implementational or Operational Marketing Plan

Objectives: ensuring a high level of customer loyalty and retention for the Coca Cola brand
Strategy 1: the use of the various Coca Cola merchandise such as t-shirts and caps
Strategy 2: utilization of outsourcing as a strategy of ensuring a high level of distribution all over the nation
Strategy 3: high levels of customer engagement to ensure the finding out of factors that affect them
Strategy 4: offering the various discounts for the goods purchased in bulk
Strategy 5: the use of the various gifts in the product to ensure increases purchases.
Strategy 6: high levels of market research to identify what clients need
Strategy 7: high use of social media to reach the target market
Strategy 8: use of brand ambassadors to advertise the commodities
Strategy 9: high level of tours in the various locations in the nation                                                                                                       
Strategy # Tactic/Answer to Task Task/action J F M A M J J A S O N D Budgeted Expenditure Actual $
1 Creation of various merchandise $1000 $1000 $1000 $1000 $1000 $1000 $1000 $1000 $1000 $1000 $1000 $1000 $ 12,000 $11000
2 Employment of the various distribution agents country wide $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $6000 $6000
3 Carrying out of surveys through the use of questionnaire $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $1200 $1200
4 Reduction of the price of the commodity through offers $550 $550 $550 $550 $550 $550 $550 $550 $550 $550$550 $550 $550 $16500 $16000
5 Offering gifts to customers who buy high volumes $800 $800 $800 $800 $800 $800 $800 $800 $800 $800 $800 $800 $9600 $10000
6 Market research through the use of phone calls and messages $1500 $1500 $1500 $1500 $1500 $1500 $1500 $1500 $1500$1500 $1500 $1500 $1500 $18000 $18500
7 Use of social media to interact with the clients $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $6000 $6000
8 Appointment of brand ambassadors all over the country to promote the brand $2000 $2000 $2000 $2000 $2000 $2000 $2000 $2000 $200 $2000 $2000 $2000 $24000 $24000

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