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Analytic Hierarchy Process in choice of television among World Tech, Sony, and L.G

Analytic Hierarchy Process in choice of television among World Tech, Sony, and L.G

Over, the years the television has been a significant source of entertainment to many livelihoods across the Globe. People get news updates through the various programs that the television stations offer. The television also is used to play video games as well as playing music from records and disc players. The television is one of the best tools that many people use for entertainment. For a reason, I want to buy a 32-inch television that can serve the above purposes that must contain a high definition display from following brands Sony, L.G Panasonic. The prices of the televisions are as follows Sony is £350, L.G is £250 and world tech is £400.This indicates that L.G is cheaper of the three. Word tech has 2 USB port and 2 HDMI ports suggests that one is for satellite connector while the other one id for a DVD player, Sony has 2 USB ports and one HDMI ports while L.G has one HDMI and one single USB port. World tech weighs 10 pounds; Sony weighs 7.5 pounds making it the best in case one is moving from a house to another while L.G weighs 9 pounds making it most substantial of the three. Sony is also efficient in this case as it is lighter and I can move it from my house to a friend’s house to play video games. Each of the three has a feature that is better than the other therefore I will utilize the Analytical hierarchy process (AHP) in order for me to arrive at my final decision. I use the criteria of performance, the weight and cost in the process. I will formulate a simple AHP as shown below.

Cost (0.3) performance(0.4)  




Total Score

World tech 1 3 3 2.4
Sony 3 2 2 2.3
L.G 2 1 1 1.3

The most appropriate option at the moment is world tech but this may lead to the making of an uninformed decision as each of the products has a feature that is unique and superior to the others. I will, therefore, be required to tabulate a 9 matrix AHP process for a precise result.

I will compare the most important among the three criteria: cost, weight and the performance.            Performance is moderately to strongly more preferto the weight,weight is equally to moderately more prefer to the cost, and a cost is reasonably more preferred to performance. Secondly is to construct a matrix.Through the matrix, I can figure out the best criteria to use in my decision making.








Row Average









(1/2.20 + 1/2.11 + 5/15)/3 =0.42








(1/2.20 + 1/2.11 + 9/15)/3=0.51








(0.20/2.20 + 0.11/2.11 + 1/15)=0.07
2.20 2.11 15.00 1


With the above results, I have noted I should consider performance in the selection as compared to the weight and the cost. At this time I will find the weight of the value of the matrix (λmax) by multiplying the column by the row average then add up over each other.

1                                  1                            5          1.28/0.42 = 3.05

0.42     x   1        +     0.51      x    1     +     0.07     x   9    =   1.56/0.51 = 3.06

1/5                               1/9                           1          0.21/0.07 = 3

Next, the means of the ratios is the λmax.


λmax = (0.35 + 3.06 + 3)/ 3 = 3.04

Then, the CI formula is CI = |λmax – n|/ (n – 1) = |3.04 – 3|/ 2 = 0.02

(0.02 < 0.05) is therefore the level of consistency that is allowed.

The next step is to find the weight ofcost,performance and,and the weight of the devices, I will then find the ratings of the alternatives available as illustrated below

Value:    cost(W1=0.42)
Alternative World tech Sony L.G Row Avg. (R1)  



λmax = 3.02


CI= 0.01

World tech 1.00 (0.08) 0.14 (0.09) 0.20 (0.06) 0.08
Sony 7.00 (0.54) 1.00 (0.61) 2.00 (0.63) 0.59
L.G 5.00 (0.38) 0.50 (0.30) 1.00 (0.31) 0.33



Value:   Perfomance (W2=0.51)
Alternative World tech Sony L.G Row Avg. (R1)  


λmax = 3.02


CI= 0.01

World tech 1.00 (0.75) 5.00 (0.77) 7.00 (0.70) 0.74
Sony 0.20 (0.15) 1.00 (0.15) 2.00 (0.20) 0.17
Acer Aspire 0.14 (0.11) 0.50 (0.08) 1.00 (0.10) 0.10



Value:   Weight(W3=0.07)
Alternative World tech Sony L.G Row Avg. (R1)  


λmax = 3.02


CI= 0.01

World tech 1.00 (0.74) 4.00 (0.75) 9.00 (0.69) 0.73
Song 0.25 (0.18) 1.00 (0.19) 3.00 (0.23) 0.20
L.G 0.11 (0.08) 0.33 (0.06) 1.00 (0.08) 0.07


After I got all these rating, I can calculate the sum of all the alternatives.


Alternative Total score
World tech 0.42 x  0.08  + 0.51 x 0.74  + 0.07 x 0.73 = 0.46
Sony 0.42 x  0.59  + 0.51 x 0.17  + 0.07  x 0.20= 0.35
L.G 0.42 x  0.33  + 0.51 x 0.10 + 0.07 x 0.07=0.19


From the above calculations, I found that word tech is the best television rating 0.46 to buy as compared to Sony and L.G.

In life one is required to make decisions often. Some decisions are major as they determine our future lives. These include working on our studies where one works hard to pass cats and result in a good career. Others may include the course which determines the professions that we finally land into at the end of our life in school. Poor career choices result in being full of regrets and even affect ones performance as they find themselves where they did not want.In the other hand, there are some other decisions that don’t affect our daily lives like choosing If to go or not to go for holidays, choosing if to take a nap or not as well as making choice of the friends to hang out with. In business structure, the manager is supposed to make very important decisions that may include while the company is selecting a new manager. The board of management must, therefore, choose the right person otherwise the company may experience poor management that results to massive losses in the company. In a business set up the management may also have a challenge of the making a product to introduce after they identify a market gap.

In conclusion, I would say that AHP is one of the best ways to evaluate the priorities in a situation with most criteria. The AHP, therefore, helps individual to finding the solution to a problem they may facing. Through the model, they can weigh the elements, and the details are linked to the goals they want to achieve as well as the solutions are available.

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