The Future of International Tourism in Victoria / New South Wales / Australia

The Future of International Tourism in Victoria / New South Wales / Australia

Executive Summary

The topic of the report is to find out the development of international tourism which is suffering due to the Victoria to tourism industry. The Victoria tourism industry has created various types of attraction related to the different racing, gaming events and campaigning. Therefore various types of historical places like United Kingdom and united starts are suffers from economical and socially degradation. World tourism industry has to maintain the strategy of Victoria tourism if they are willing to increase the development of their own industry. Various graphs and chart related to the amount of tourists are present here. The amount of tourists is identified related to the uses of internet and any other online bookings of that particular place. This database helps to detect the amount of tourism and the reason of attraction of the tourism.

1. Introduction

Victoria tourism industry is a council which represents the associations of industry; operators related to corporate and provide voice over industry unity. This association is an under the government of Australia. This organization makes some policy which developed tourist industry of Australia. A government of country works with this organization and invested money in this industry. Here this report contains future of International tourist industry according to this organization. Various data report and statistical analysis will be done in this report.

2. Data collected according to Victoria tourism industry

Victoria tourist is made such types influencing factors so that every country citizens are coming to visit place. This place is famous for various types of events. Therefore, various events play a significant role over attraction of tourist in this country especially in Melbourn and  region of state. Various types of events are organized here such as Grace Kelly Style Icon Exhibition, falls festivals, Australian motorcycle Prix and so on. This all events are organized in various cities like Lorne, Bendigo, and Philip islands (, 2018).

Tourism is such kind of sectors in which traditional shadow of economic development is existed such as any types of manufacturing company. Therefore tourism industry is, as usual, an important economic growth keyword of Victoria. In year of 2011-2012,  economic growth rate of Victoria over the tourist industry is $19.1 billion, and number of tourists which are come to this place is 200,000 in number (, 2018).

Therefore, Australian tourist industry gains 5.8 per cent from tourist industry of Victoria. In Victoria, there exists a vast scope of another job because of presence of such kind of popular tourist industry. Various types of cafes, restaurant, hotels and food service industry also grow due to this tourist industry. Among total other industry, 27 per cent is from food industry, and 13 per cent is from hotel industry. Therefore it is seen that the Victoria makes the economic development of Australia very much (, 2018).

The expenditure of industry related to Australian tourist industry is increased day by day. In year 2018, March according to the report, it is seen that expenditure is increased in 10.3 % and reached amount of $8.0 billion (Airey et al. 2015). Therefore it is seen that increasing rate is crossed national growth rate of the general tourist industry and competitors are very far from the company. International visitors are generally come to this place and inbred socio-economic condition of that particular place. Visitors who are come to place is 9.0 % whereas average growth rate of this industry is 7.5 %. Other cities like Queensland and South Wales number of tourists is 5.5 % and 8.5% respectively (, 2018).

3. Data analysis and Graphic Representation

Data analysis of international visitors in Australia

Countries Amount of visitors
United State 30
United Kingdom 35
Japan 15
China 10
India 15
Singapore 10

Table 1: Data analysis of international visitors in Australia


Figure 1: Graphic of Data analysis of international visitors in Australia

Every year there comes a million visitors into the country. Various continental citizens are

came to visit the Australian cities and regional areas. However, the visitors come from Asian country particularly China, India, and Singapore, are not very much preferred by visiting of regional areas. They prefer to visit main cities like Melbourne, east coast region of Australia and so on. The attraction of Victoria is mainly very much funky and mind-blowing, and that is why the popularity of various historical places is decreased. Historical places like united state, United Kingdom and Japan very much suffer for this situation. The economic condition is also decreased for that reasons. Therefore, the tourist industry is hampered. The tourists from various countries although like to visit regional areas related to place of other historical places. According to report of Australian tourism research, it is seen that local places of Australia there is some declination for the preference of visitors. In year 2006 to 2014 declination rate is about 5 percent point .from data source it is said that overall declination of Australian local places is 20 percent. The area which is responsible for these types of degradation in tropical areas like North queens land area. 

Analysis of data related to the short-term international visitors

Year Amount of tourists
1992 500
1995 600
2001 800
2013 1000

Table 2: data related to the short-term international visitors

Figure 2: Graphic related to the short-term international visitors

The number of visitors is gradually increased in regions of Australia. Citizens from country like Asian countries are very much found to visit area of Australia. Therefore number of international visitors is increased. These all visitors are come to visit primarily in Victoria area because there exist attractive events like a bike race very much. The old place countries like New Zealand, United Kingdom, and United States are gradually decreased their values because of the low attraction of international visitors. One of most international visitor’s sources of country is China after international visitor’s source country New Zealand. The economic growth rate is very much increased, and that is why real price rate is also increased in Australia.

Data analysis of the number of visitors according to online booking

Year Amount of tourists
2008 38
2009 40
2010 45
2011 50
2012 51  

Table 3: The number of visitors according to online booking

Figure 3: Graphic Data the number of visitors according to online booking

Amount of Australian international tourists are judged by the user of internet and online booking for accommodation and the various other places. Using internet and booking schedule is one of witnesses of number of tourists came to Australia. They used social media for various purposes like booking accommodation and gaming purpose. In year of 2012 there 71 % of international visitors are detected by using internet for research purpose and 53% of tourists are detected for online booking purpose. Therefore, it is seen that user of internet amount is very much high and that is why any survey detects number of tourists. Companies who are dealing with the consumer channels are played a significant role over marketing and planning of visitors of Victoria places. They influence very much to visitors who are willing to come to visit this place (Gardiner, Grace  & King, 2014). Various types of mobile application are helpful to detect number of visitors who share their experiences with their close ones. Therefore from social media, it is also detected amount of tourist’s visitors. There exists more information about this using of mobile internet. It is seen that 45% of visitors using their mobile data for reaching navigation and 34 % of people used mobile data for recommendation of places to visit their near and dear ones. Official websites are very much helpful to find out visitors who are willing to visit these places. The number of visitors to official websites is 4314. However, there is a problem into their websites, only 48% of visitors are capable of booking places of victories through online (Appendix 2).

Data analysis of the number of visitors according to the domestic market of Australia

Year Amount
2008 10000
2009 11000
2010 10000
2011 12000

Table 4: Number of visitors according to the domestic market of Australia


Figure 4: Graphic of the number of visitors according to the domestic market of Australia


In Victoria, tourism industry intrastate and interstate market is very much crucial for growing economic status. Melbourne is one of central attraction city of Australian tourist industry. This city is gateway to Victoria. This place consists of various authentic and creative places which attracts visitors very much. Various types of domestic campaign are principal attraction of Victoria. The successful Jigsaw campaign plays a vital role in attraction of domestic visitors and regional visitors of Melbourne and Victoria respectively. In year 1990, Jigsaw campaign is one of brand attraction for city. It is one of longest running events. In year 2011, there exists there occurs a campaign named phase 10 (Hong, 2015).

Therefore it is seen that country named Australia affects world tourism very much. According to analysis of above data, it is clear that visitors who come to visit place Victoria are generally from Asian countries. They have to prefer to visit capital cities of Australia and avoid visiting the regional area of the country. The number of visitors is judges as per the using of the internet and online booking during to stay in the city Victoria. Therefore it is said that the city which is the main attraction of the country Australia is Victoria and the gaming sessions and campaigning is the key attraction of the place. Gradually increasing level of that particular place can affect the other visiting places like United Kingdom, United States, and Japan which are famous for the historical value (Appendix1).

4. Findings

The findings over the situation occurred by the Victoria tourism industry is very much effective to the other tourism industry in the world. Traditional tourism spot like Europe and North America has faced uncertainty in their economic development. However, there exist some advantages over this situation. The Victoria tourism industry has kept a good competition in this particular industry, and another industry becomes developed for sustainability. There exist various types of crisis, and the amount of crisis is developed day by day (Steffen et al. 2015). Due to this crisis, the socio-economic condition is also hampered, and the development of the economic condition of the tourist industry is damaged. However, the international tourist industry took the initiative to grow the industry and developed also, and that is why tourist experienced various types of new things. The new things which are experienced by the tourists are from the tourists of Victoria, who promote various new things in front of the international and domestic market. Various types of domestic festivals are hampered by this situation because there create a decreasing level of economic condition. Tourist’s preferred short trip rather than a long trip. Tourists who are come to visit this place or tourists who still not visit this place but willing to visit are preferred such kind of application by which they can contact and communicate with this tourists industry (, 2018).   

5. Future recommendation

It is recommended that the other cities of another country and Australia also have to organize such kind events which increase the attraction elements of those particular places. Regional areas are also suffered for this sustainable condition. Victoria Tourism strategy describes the clear increasing way of development of the economic and social situation. It is also recommended that Victoria tourism is one of the leading tourism companies of Asia Pacific region. Therefore industry which is already in a growing position has to influenced by the seeing the development of Victoria and maintain their strategy of development.