HRM and Organisational Behaviour: Paul A. Young Case Study

HRM and Organisational Behaviour: Paul A. Young Case Study


This research paper focuses on aspects related to human resource management and organisational behaviour. The paper evaluates the scope related to the exact organisation of Paul A Young. The scarcity of talent and effective use of social media will be discussed. Organisational behaviour will include employee motivation and social perception.

HRM Part

The importance of Scarcity of Talent

The scarcity of talent is important at certain periods. In this particular case scenario, it can be easily seen that human resource management will be acquired and certain great talent will be recruited and attracted to work as chocolate used in new stores of Paul. The people who are needed for this organisation have to be extremely talented and propose love for chocolate. Paul builds a reputation for an incredible flavour aspect by creating different types of combinations by doing something experimental and sometimes something daring (Michael, 2019).

In this factor the people who will be recruited to be the chocolate tears in his organisation when he is expanding his business they have to be daring, and they also have to possess the idea and knowledge about the flavours of chocolate so that a proper enthusiastic aspect can be found in an artisan way. The talent can be understood through several aspects by which the people will be chosen as the chocolate makers. The four steps will include the company’s missions and visions, which will be the aspects through which the people will be attracted to work in the organisation. Identifying the organisation’s important skills and valuing the company can attract chocolate tears for knowing the company (Delery & Roumpi, 2017).

Building an employee-focused culture and giving career opportunities to the employees can also help to attract and manage their talents. After that, it is extremely important for knowing that what exactly is a talent, in this case, the scenario being highly potent and also loving the work will be understood as talent, because those particular individuals will make a difference in the performance in the organisation and contribute to the highest levels of betterment and potential for the company. The people will be attracted by managing the talent through identification attraction and development (Nankervis et al. 2019). After that in the recruitment and talent management process, it has to be understood that if the people have a proper potential and the capacity to look into the future success and usefulness of the organisation.

After that, the talented people will be hired because they will be showing the potential refers to the possibility of becoming an aspect through which the organisation faces success in future. The employees who will also be hired have to possess the strong link with the team because communication and creativity and honesty and learning, are extremely important for motivation and determination in an organisation (Kianto et al. 2017). Paul is an individual who is building standing of a staggering flavour perspective by making various kinds of blends by accomplishing something trial and now and then something trying. In this factor, the individuals who will be enlisted to be the chocolate tears in his association when he is extending his business they must be trying. They also need to have the thought and information about the kinds of chocolate, so legitimately excited angles can be found in a craftsman way.


Effective use of Social Media in Recruitment

In this case scenario, the effective use of social media in recruitment can be seen in a wide spectrum. It is easily seen that Paul is acknowledging communicating with the industries and engages the consumers for expanding the business. In this factor, it has to be included that recruiting through social media is unique and factors related to several opportunities. The people interested in the business of chocolate and want to work with passion and love, and innovation can be understood by looking into the social media of a particular person (Stewart & Brown, 2019).

Social media always allows the recruiter and the people. They want to look into people’s lives to spread particular information about different types of job openings and organisations. These organisations have active candidates who receive certain types of messages, so the traditional recruitment methods change when social media takes place in the recruitment aspect. But there are certain types of advantages which can be seen in this case scenario if social media is used in an effective way to recruit the people who will be interested in Paul’s business idea (Guest, 2017). By looking into social media aspects, it can be understood what the interests of that particular person are and if they can give their total effort and passion to the organisation. The effective use of social media can also reduce costs and opened the door to aspects of engagement.

The people have to acknowledge the passion of chocolate and constitute love and motivation to work with all the industry elements. These particular aspects can be understood if the effective use of social media in recruitment is done (Buchanan & Huczynski, 2019). Better employee brand awareness is also done if recruitment through social media in an effective way is performed.

Various social networking sites such as Instagram or Facebook have certain information about the organisation that will help the candidates build an idea and inspiration. The online media consistently permits the spotter and the individuals. They need to investigate individuals’ existence to spread specific data about various sorts of employment opportunities and associations (Kondalkar, 2020). These sorts of associations have dynamic up-and-comers who get specific messages, so the conventional enrollment strategies change when online media happens in the enlistment perspective. Yet, there are particular sorts of preferences which can be found for this situation if the online media is utilised successfully to select the individuals who will be keen on Paul’s business thought (Wilson, 2018).

By investigating the parts of online media, it tends to be perceived as the interests of that specific individual and whether they can give their complete exertion and enthusiasm to the association. The successful utilisation of web-based media can likewise be believed to lessen the expenses and made way for parts of commitment.

OB Part

Social Perception

The social perception in organisations and especially in this scenario is extremely important to look into. The main outcomes generated in the social perception for hiring the proper chocolate makers that have the perfect motivation and enthusiasm for the organisation of Paul will understand and signify the workplace’s perceptions. Critically reflecting on your own perception and demonstrating the ability to work as a part of a team is extremely important as a social perception in the organisation (Singh, 2020). The social perception in this case scenario will increase the organisation’s strength, and this will also help to fight the challenges that the organisation will face, which is why the weaknesses can also be improved with the time frame kept in mind. Social perception refers to the different abilities to interpret that will be extremely accurate. In this case scenario, the interference about different types of people about their verbal and normal non-verbal communication and the patterns related to it also gives an aspect of social perception in the organisation (Singh, 2020).

With a proper social perception in a positive manner in the organisation, certain internal and external effects will increase this particular aspect’s strengths. The weaknesses that will be seen in the organisation can also be distorted and demonstrated so they can be improved with a proper understanding of the behaviour in the organisational setting. The challenges that will come can be modified by desirably modifying the behaviour and looking into the insights so that the causes and effects of human behaviour can be changed through organisational settings (Singh, 2020). In social perception, there are also different types of interferences related, which gives attribution to different types of theories. The famous theories are related to the two-step process of attributions, Jones correspondence interference theory etc.

With the help of social perceptions, emotional behaviour will be significantly affected. The job satisfaction will increase through which the strength of the organisation and the people working as employees in the Pauls Company will be affected positively (Wilson, 2018). This organisation’s weaknesses might look into occupational performance and decision-making in the careerist way but with the help of teamwork; the social perception will also defeat the different types of weaknesses and work on several challenges. Individuals need to recognise the energy of chocolate and likewise establish love and inspiration to work with all the business components. The social insight in associations and particularly in this situation is critical to investigate (Wilson, 2018). The fundamental results that will be created in the social insight for recruiting the legitimate chocolate ears that have the ideal inspiration and excitement for Paul’s association will comprehend a likewise imply the discernments in the working environment. Fundamentally thinking about the impression of your own and exhibiting the capacity to fill in as a group is critical as a social discernment in the association.


Employee Motivation and Engagement

Employee motivation is different from employee engagement, but both can contribute to the organisation’s strength. Employee engagement and employee motivation can be considered as the type of agreement to do something with the people with the home of work is being conducted. Motivation and engagement can create several types of high performing teams that are needed in this case scenario. That will give a lot of strength to the organisation and especially to the passion and honesty (Kondalkar, 2020). After that, employee motivation and engagement can build a great team, and they can also reduce different types of challenges and weaknesses that are faced. Employee motivation and employee engagement are important, and they increase productivity and help the organisation reach different types of goals and missions.

The strength of the organisation will increase because the increased employee motivation can be found by rewarding the employees and making them understand the organisation’s culture and the important missions and visions (Kondalkar, 2020). After that, employee motivation can also act as a strength for the company because it provides a critical aspect of the performance and motivates the employees’ needs. The employee’s motivation and engagement can look into the weaknesses that the organisation will face at a certain point of time. With the perspective of teamwork, they can be improved. After that, certain types of challenges will be seen in the organisation, such as communication error and people who are not performing in a proper manner after being hired as a chocolate maker in the organisation. Employee motivation and employee engagement will look into this particular challenge and also identify those by giving them a proper reason to work in a focused and concentrated way (Buchanan & Huczynski, 2019).

The strengths, weaknesses, and challenges are identified in this case scenario. It has involved several aspects of talent in this industry, and the acknowledgement of communication with the consumers and the industry is done. Employee engagement and employee motivation will address the strengths, weaknesses, and challenges properly (Buchanan & Huczynski, 2019). Worker inspiration is unique in relation to representative commitment; however, the two of them can contribute to the strength of the association. Representative commitment and worker inspiration can be considered the sorts of consent to accomplish something with the individuals with the work being directed. Inspiration and commitment can make a few kinds of high performing groups required for this situation, giving a ton of solidarity to the association and particularly to the energy and genuineness (Stewart & Brown, 2019). The worker’s inspiration and representative commitment are significant, and they increment the profitability, and furthermore, it causes the association to arrive at various sorts of objectives and mission. After that, worker inspiration can likewise go about as is strength for the organisation since it gives a basic part of the presentation and persuades the representatives’ requirements (Stewart & Brown, 2019).


This examination paper centres on the viewpoints identified with the human asset the board and hierarchical conduct. The paper assesses the extension identified with the specific association of Paul A Young. The shortage of ability and compelling utilisation of web-based media have been talked about. The authoritative conduct has incorporated worker inspiration and social discernment.