Impact of Leadership Styles On Motivation of Qatar Airways Employees

The Motivation Of Qatar Airways Employees

Analysis and Discussion


This study aimed at determining the impact of leadership styles on the motivation of Qatar Airways’ employees. To draw useful conclusions for the study, primary research was adopted where ten different respondents, all employees at the airline were interviewed using the same set of questions, and had their responses recorded in the form of a questionnaire. This analysis section would evaluate the findings from these interviews following the identification of key themes that stood out over the course of these interviews, along with the sub-themes that stood out as well. This section of the paper will further discuss how these themes and sub-themes relate to Qatar Airways and the role that they play when it comes to the motivation and satisfaction of Qatar Airways’ employees.

Key Themes

The key themes that stood out upon analysis of the raw data and information collected from the respondents were as follows:

  Theme Sub-theme
1. Managing Employees –        Maximizing productivity

–        Understanding employee behavior

2. Employee Performance improvement –        Rewarding employees

–        Employee coaching and training

3. Employer-Employee Relationships –        Leader-employee communication

–        Manager empathy

–        Respect towards employees

4. Management attitude –        Employee supervision

–        Employee work evaluation

5. Employee duty delegation –        Employer involvement in duty execution

–        Employee acknowledgement


Table 1: The key themes and sub-themes that were identified following the evaluation of data collected from Qatar Airways respondents

The Motivation Of Qatar Airways Employees
The Motivation Of Qatar Airways Employees

Theme 1: Managing Employees

This theme tool into consideration how Qatar Airways’ management went about maximizing the productivity of employees therein. It also evaluated the steps that these managers underwent or embraced when it came to understanding how their employees worked, the way they functioned, what motivated them and what got them to perform the way the management wanted them to. From the feedback from respondents, it was established that a bulk of Qatar Airways’ management was, indeed, passionate about the performance and even the overall wellbeing of their employees. These is further highlighted in the sub-themes discussed below.

Sub-Theme 1: Maximizing Productivity

From the respondents’ feedback, it was established that Qatar Airways’ management was keen on monitoring their employees’ performance and maximized their productivity through setting daily, weekly or monthly goals, which were evaluated using their respective KPIs. Managers were also keen on keeping their employees motivated, mainly through offering prices or rewards in the form of work-related perks or tokens of appreciation that give employees a sense of belonging. Qatar Airways’ management understands that through rewarding employees and setting goals for them, the organization itself can manage to realize its short-term goals and targets. It can also maintain employee motivation, and seeing as employees are the heart and soul of any enterprise, the progress of Qatar Airways can be guaranteed.

Sub-Theme 2: Understanding Employee Behavior

Qatar Airways’ management came out strong from a collaboration perspective. It was established from the study that managers were always open to working with their employees, and that the latter never felt pressured ot looked down on in any way. This, in turn, significantly improved the employees’ overall motivation, which allowed them to push even harder in achieving both their personal goals, as well as the overall organizational goals. Involvement in employees work is an excellent avenue for learning how employees function, reason and make decisions and Qatar Airways’ management exercises this, not just to ensure that work is done correctly, but also to learn how their employees function. These has made management a lot easier and more effective, and has played a key role in motivating Qatar Airways employees.

Theme 2: Employee Performance Improvement

Employee performance improvement is usually an integral aspect of any organization that wishes to succeed. Qatar Airways and its management understand this, which is why they have embarked on various approaches that are geared towards improving the employees’ effectiveness and performance in the workplace.

Sub-Theme 1: Rewarding employees

As mentioned earlier, there are prices awarded for good performance within the organization. These can be work-related perks or simple rewards such as trophies or what some respondents referred to as “shines.” Most of the respondents noted that such forms of employee rewarding go a long way in motivating them to perform as well as they ought to. They become encouraged to push harder and go the extra mile while at the workplace. They remain motivated, which is a tremendous advantage to the organization.

Sub-Theme 2: Employee Coaching and Training

Some respondents pointed out that to improve their poor performance, their managers often coached them to deliver on their targets. This is often pained with highlighting what is expected from the employee and then coaching him or her on how the goal can be achieved. It is an excellent way that significantly improves employee motivation and performance as the respondents pointed out.

Theme 3: Employee-Employer Relationship

The relationship that an employer has with his or her employee plays a significant role in their motivation within the workplace. At Qatar Airways, this is not any different. From the study conducted, respondents cited that a close and healthy relationship with their employers motivated them a lot and allowed them to perform as was expected of them

Sub-Theme 1: Communication Between The Managers and Employees

Communication is an essential part of any relationship, and Qatar Airlines’ employees cited it as a critical aspect that determines their motivation to work. Respondents noted that in the event where they perform poorly, their managers were there to not only coach them, but also communicate to them the expectations at work, the targets along with the performance improvement plans that need to be adopted for the employee. This is often done without anger, as some respondents noted, and they cited that it plays an integral role in helping them to improve their performance at work and stay motivated in the workplace.

Sub-Theme 2: Manager Empathy

Qatar Airlines’ employees who took part in this study highlighted that managers within the organization empathize with them and do their best to not only understand the situation that employees are in at any given time, but to also offer encouragement on how to improve the situation. Some of the respondents cited empathy as a critical driver of overall performance in the workplace and just the act of listening and treating employees nicely goes a long way in keeping them motivated and pumped to not only show up to work the following day, but to also do their best at work.

Sub-Theme 3: Respect Towards Employees

Employees at Qatar Airways noted that the airline’s managers accord employees the respect that they deserve. Everyone on the Qatar Airways’ team feels value and on the same level, which plays a significant role in keeping them motivated at the workplace. Some respondents noted that while managers still behaved like managers, they never belittled their employees or made them feel inferior and this allowed them or even motivated them to work hard to possibly even attain a managerial position in the future.

Theme 4: Management Attitude

As hinted above, the attitude that managers have plays an integral role in influencing employee motivation. At Qatar Airways, managers had an attitude that made it conducive for employees to execute their mandate and work as was expected of them. Many respondents noted that work was a big part of their lives and that the manager’s attitude would, therefore, have a significant impact in their lives. The right attitude would make their lives less stressful and a lot more productive as well.

Sub-Theme 1: Employee Supervision

For starters, respondents noted that an act of trust from the manager went a long way in making them feel motivated to work even harder within the organization. Such acts of trust included minimal supervision, and delegation of duties without the active involvement of the manager in overseeing its execution. At Qatar Airways, respondents noted that while they would like to be given more responsibility, the few tasks that were assigned to them came with minimum supervision, which gave them a sense of responsibility within the firm, a sense of knowing that they were trusted, which motivated them significantly.

Sub-Theme 2: Employee Work Evaluation

Qatar Airways’ managers are keen on monitoring employee performance and evaluating it. This Is why they have a reward program that is designed to appreciate hard workers and the diligent employees within the firm. Every employee’s performance is assessed individually before entire departments are evaluated as a while. This personalized approach allows employees to feel like they are valued by the organization, and it allows managers to take on a more personalized approach towards improving employee performance, something that greatly improves employee performance as time progresses.

Theme 5: Employee Duty Delegation

This theme goes in tandem with the type of management that an organization chooses to embrace. With Qatar Airways, delegation of duties is the order of the day and employees who took part in the study cited its significance in making them feel appreciated and valued within the company, along with keeping them motivated to work and push themselves even further.

Sub-Theme 1: Employer Involvement In Duty Execution

Respondents in the study pointed out that they value being involved in the delegation process.

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