The Impact of Cultural Aspects on Leadership Skills: a Detailed Analysis of Virgin Atlantic

Literature review


This report of the dissertation examines the impact of the cultural aspect of Virgin Atlantic on the leadership skills. A detailed discussion on the groundwork on the cultural prospect and its importance of an airline company is examined. This analysis is being conducted through the classical theory where the impact of the culture on the people is analyzed.

Cultural impact

Culture has a strong impact on the way people behave and set put the values, meanings, and attitudes learned from the community members. These values highly influence the way people think collectively or individually. It compromises of global, regional, national, personal and community layers. As stated by Wilderom et al., (2004) culture is different layers. The first layer is about the behavior where different cultural practices and environmental acceptability is examined. In the second layer, the norms and values are set out in accordance to the national cultural aspect. The last layer is the core where the given cultural practices are examined on the basis of the beliefs and assumptions (Storr, 2004).

Cultural behavior and attitude highly influence the way a leader think to influence the workforce and get the tasks done. This is not an easy task, especially when people management becomes a challenge in a cross-cultural aspect.

Workplace culture and beliefs

A leader is responsible to set out the standards and processes that have to be followed for accomplishing the operational goals. This enables the leaders to get integrated with the team members and get the tasks done on time. Virgin Airlines is one of the reputed companies that have hired people from different cultural backgrounds and the values are quite an important part of the business strategic preparation and it is properly implemented at the workplace.

A lucrative workplace culture helps in setting the long-term goals and in stabilizing the business conduct and in achieving the operational goals. The company could create a successful, trustful, and properly scheduled workplace where the staffs are aware about the business objectives and the goal achievement process. Leaders role in defining the cultural values are quite important as they act as a better co-coordinators and task organizers. An effective minded leader could easily introduce a proper culture that can be conducive to the people belonging to different cultural background and working together.

Organizational styles are completely based on the competition level, competiveness of the staffs, and the ability to achieve the focused tasks. This means that the staffs have to be self-motivated and work together the goal that is decided by the management. Leaders define the workplace culture that is based on the values about respecting people, viewing the opinions in a positive manner, and in smoothly achieving the team goals (Wright, 2010).

A structured format for the work conduct are planned and implemented by the management, which is an integral part of the long-term business success goals. Staffs contribute towards the improvement of the market share, profitability improvement, and goal achievement and in improving the business goals. By creating a friendly work culture, it is possible for the leaders to positively motivate the people and ensure that the tasks are done in a positive manner.

In a work atmosphere, the culture is associated with the beliefs and valise that influences an individual and the national level. Value of the workplace summarizes an individual’s belief to behave in a specified manner and examines the outcomes of the characteristics. A standardized method or value determination and beliefs are adopted and followed at the workplace. Values define the organizational goals, work atmosphere, and the rights to protect the privilege of the people.

A standardized process defines the strategies that could be adopted or not accepted in a closed and challenging work culture. With a defined process the cultural norms can be redefined to meet the expectations of the cross-cultural people. Under cross-cultural pattern people belonging to different cultural conditions, need to work together. Thus a need to apprehend the internal dynamics prevailing within the community has to be defined and communicated with the team members (Jones, 2018).

==== emphasized on the organizational change needed within the required value-attitude system approach. This approach is used to examine the individual goals and the instrumental values that are associated with the cheerfulness, live, ambition, self-control, courage, capability, and others. It was stated that the value concept was above the concept of attitude; although both of them are an important determinate of the social behavioral pattern. The study of the attitudes and values examine the fundament factors that prevail in the cross-cultural factor.

Relationship between the workplace culture and the staffs

There is a direct relationship between the workplace culture and the employees working for the company. A good work culture and atmosphere motivates the members to work collectively and overcome the barriers that affect the goal achievement process. The management could develop and introduce the long-term business goals of providing the better with a better workfare culture, the leaders could motivate the staffs to work together for the goal achievement and overcome the challenges that impact the staff performances (Kearney E, Gebert, 2009).

In a transparent work culture, the management values the staff performances and promotes the best working staffs regardless of the cultural background they belong to. Staffs are treated as a valuable asset and thus it is necessary to create an environment that would encourage the workforce to do the right things for the goal achievement. Leaders communicate the staffs, set the performance parameters and provide the resources needed for improving the performances.

The leadership style is integrated with the motivational factors of the workers, which helps to yield the expected results. This process is quite complicated and needs time to apprehend the overall process. The leader’s role to encourage the people belonging to different cultural background is always different. It depends upon the moral values that are defined by the management and in executing the objective plan that is being decided by the company.

Workplace culture and change management

In a competitive workplace changes are a part of the regular business activities. A common platform is created for the staffs from different background through proper communication and by goal setting. Leaders influence the group of capable workforce values, attitudes, beliefs and behavior. With a strong leadership skill a leader can motivate or influence the staffs and easily apply the effectiveness of the changes into the organizational structure. -==== stated that there is no effective method of leadership skills that could be used to lead the team with different cultural background, thinking process, and analysis method.

By setting a clear organizational target, the leader ensures to execute the tasks and get the expected results on time. Leaders shape good cultural values, which is built on trusts and transparency. An artist exists between the staffs and leaders and this attributes to the shaping of a positive work and organizational culture. By inspiring trust, leaders are able to shape the cultural background and facilities the challenges involved in the change management process. Staffs are motivated to adopt innovative measures to improve their performances. With a communicative process the attitude of the employees are apprehend and resources are provided to increase the performance(Lim , Ployhart, 2004).  

Workplace culture and learning process

A workplace culture creates a medium to improve the staff learning process where the employees are motivated by the reward and incentive process. Virgin Airlines faces huge competition from the rival companies and thus adopt innovative measures to increase the learning process where the client requirements are properly handled by the management. Training programs are an important part of the learning process where the staffs are tough to improve the skills needed to handle the client queries and answer them on time.

Leaders integrate the training programs to strength the skills, ability, and knowledge of the workforce to improve the quality of works. This is also done as an important part of the strategic plan and task execution process, where the relevant changes are introduced to acquire the plan. A continuous learning process will improve the ability of the workforce to do their jobs and assist in implementing the desired changes. This is needed to increase the operational productivity and staff performances.

Leaders also have to introduce a program for continuous improvement strategy, where employees are assisted to improve their skills to improve their self-performances. A feedback session could be introduced that would be basically concentrate on communicating the strengths and weakness of the workplace. The system needs to be unbiased as then it will yield the expected result. Based on the performance analysis and improvement strategies the leaders could develop plans to improve the staff skills and recommend the changes that will be needed to meet the market needs. This assists in building the brand name and creates goodwill which is the key requirement for the successful conduct of   the operational works (Stedman NLP, Rudd, 2005).

Work culture leaders to team building

A good leader is foresighted and knows the value and relevance of retaining staffs that are cooperative and innovative. Regular communication and teamwork helps in creating innovative ideas to get the best outcome that is expected by the company. By respecting people from different cultural background and recognizing them based on the performances, leaders pave way for the development of a good teamwork. This would help in creating new ideas, where the leaders cultivate the attitude of positive culture.

In a positive work culture, staffs trust each other and apprehend the relevance of group work. They are permitted to do their own works without being interfered by the others. This freedom will allow establishing a positive dialogue with each other and is used as a medium to find a solution to deal with the issue. Staffs communicating with each on different platforms (meetings, team meetings, and others) are positive to accept the change and implement them in the best way. People work together to find the challenges and create new ways to think about doing the works (Martin, 2002).

This leads to a better outcome where people do their works, learn from their mistakes and help each other in improving the performances. Leader ensures to integrate these factors and identifies the barriers that could affect the goal achievement process for the workforce. This is needed for improving the team skills collectively and in knowing or selecting the better way to do the works. Leaders ensure to follow this method as it is one of the recommended methods to gain the trust of the others and create a bond between the staffs and the organization.

Leaders and bonding between the team

In a work culture the character of the leader is analyzed by the workforce to find how the problem could be identified and it could be resolved. This helps in getting the tasks done from the staffs with different skill sets. The issue related to conflicts is resolved and a positive work culture is created which is needed to handle the challenging works that exists at the workplace. Every staff performing good is provided with an opportunity that will pave way for their growth and development (Henri, 2010).

This is one of the key requirements that help in getting the better results that are needed for positively conducting the tasks. Leaders through an unbiased system that is free from the any negative impact of the chloral practices motivate the people or the workgroup to integrate their personal work objective with the organizational one. This would certainly help in yielding the expected result that would benefit the people and the company (Giberson et al., 2010).

Leader establishes a strong bond with the staffs by communicating about the challenges and by implementing a process that will be useful in dealing with the business-related challenges. The feedback should be based on the performances and not on the cultural background of the people.

Research Methodology

3.1. Introduction     

This chapter explains the research process and the methodology that will be used for conducting the research method. With a defined procedure, the information on the workplace culture and leadership factors is being examined for Virgin Airline Company. The analysis examines how the cultural aspects are closely associated with the leadership style and process.

3.2. Research methodology

In a research methodology the process that will be followed to collect the needed information are systematically planned and implemented. Research method outlines the overall process that will be used for collecting the needed facts and uses it for concluding the facts. A defined research methodology helps in avoiding any confusion that could affect the quality of the fact collection. This would assist in carrying out the analysis of the information in the defined manner. A resonating analysis process is used to identify the issues existing with the research method and in resolving the same.

3.3. Research design

Research design outlines the framework that is needed for collecting the facts about how leadership impact the workforce culture that is needed to get the expected results to improve the business performances. A properly formatted design would help in following the procedure that is needed for collecting the information and using it for the research purposes. The layers or the method that will be followed for the fact collection is included in the analysis part.

3.4. Descriptive method

In the descriptive data collection method, the facts are collected through the prediction that is decided while planning for the information collection. Through this research process, the issues involved with the fact collection are properly collected and analyzed. This research method helps in collecting the research information through the observational, survey, and cast study method. Through an organized method the answers collected by the researcher could be yes for concluding the research process.

3.5. Explanatory research method

This is another process followed for the collection of the reach information that will be used for the fact analysis and its usage for the conduct of the works. With this research method, the researcher could easily find or collect the ideas and methods to highlight the research issue and surd to resolve the same on time. This method allows the researcher to censer the personal views that would be used to identify the issue and solve it on time.

The research could use the fact exploration method to identity the issue and recommend a solution to deal with the same. However, this method doesn’t need to examine the hypothesis that is included in the research problem evaluation.

3.6. Diagnostic method

Diagnostic research method allows the researcher to highlight the problem that is expected to be faced at the time of conducting the research work. The problem is diagnosed and this makes the fact finding quite simple, fast, and reliable. In order to find the answer, the researcher would use the methods like analysis and questioning which directly enables the finder to analyse the question and find the answer. This is an effective method that would allow the researcher to use the scientific method to use the propel process to conduct the research task.

3.7. Experimental research process

In the experimental research process, the researcher ensures to find the answers to the question by including the participants. This is an integral and important part of the research conduct, where the questions are properly organized and it is circulated amongst the team members. The purpose to do so is to effectively conduct the research work, and to analyse how the facts wood be used for properly organizing and conducting the tasks. A systematic method is used by establishing the relationship between the dependent and independent variables that are used for the fact collection process. It is an essential part of the research method where the method that will be followed for the fact analysis would be planned and implemented.

3.8. Research method

The research will be based on the descriptive method that will be used for identifying the process that will be followed for the fact collection and its analysis. With this method the researcher will be able to analyse how the facts would be collected and used for the research method. This method is being selected to make the right decision and to conclude the process that is being followed for the fact analysis. The research information and processes will be properly used for the collecting the information by including the diagrams, charts and other method that will be used for collecting the facts and present in an understandable manner.

3.9. Research philosophy

In the research philosophy the researcher will choose the right information that will help in concluding the research work and the facts. This method is used for collecting quality information that is needed for the conduct of the task. With a defined method, the necessary information is used for evaluating the knowledge that is needed to find how the leadership aspects are related with the improvement of the improvement of the cultural background.

This method defines the right way of collecting the information and uses it for the conduct of the research work. The philosophy is defined and the types of facts that are used for the collection of the research method are included in the presentation process. In the research philosophy the method that will be used for the collection of the knowledge to ensure that the relevant facts are collected and used for the fact analysis.

Questions included in the hypothesis would be properly included in the research analysis method. The process helps in collecting the useful information that would be used for the research purposes. This process for the research is needed to collect the information as per the time decided. Researcher can use the positivism method where the research analysis could be conducted in the decided manner.

3.10. Realism method

The research process will use this method to collect the facts as per the objectives that has been decided in the research process. This research method is used for properly collecting the information that uses the social science method that integrates the finding with the research philosophy. It is needed to make the analysis in the decided manner, and to complement the task faster.

3.11. Interpretive method

The research method also uses the intrprevnisim method for collecting the facts from the members included in the analysis process. Researchers don’t collect the information from any websites or journals as it is normally done.  Logical fact analysis method is considered to the best option for the collection of the information. Collected facts are used to ensure that any sort of unnecessary information collection is avoided. Researchers could also use the positivism method to analyse the research problem and to consider the facts that is needed for concluding the research method.

3.12. Research approach

In a research approach, the researcher plans or outlines the frameworks to collect the needed facts and include in a systematic manner. This method is quite reliable as it is considered to be effective and helps the researchers to collect the facts and choose the best approach that is adopted to collect the information.

3.13. Inductive reach approach

In the inductive research method, the research would use the reasoning method to collect the needed information. This would help in analyzing the problem and in solving the research issue on time. This means that the researcher doesn’t need to use the hypothesis that is required to identify the sea and resolve the problem. The fact collation method uses the observation method that helps to indent the research issue and solve the challenges in the right manner.

3.14. Deductive research method

Deductive research method the researcher uses the hypothetical method to collect the information and to check its reliability. A proper method and strategies are adopted to plan the fact collection process and to effectively conduct the research process. The researcher could use the information to examine how the facts could affect the information that is needed for concluding the research process. Realistic method is one of the recommended options that are used evaluating the information that will be included in the research process.

For this research method, the researcher would use inductive process where the facts are collected through the qualitative data evaluation method. The needed information will be collected to find the answers included in the hypothesis and to overcome the challenges faced while collecting the facts.

3.15. Research strategy

The research strategy defines the way the researcher will collect the required information and use it for the evaluation of the information. Quantitative research process alone with qualitative research process is the two methods that are use for analyzing the process that would be used for the collection and its evaluation.

The research strategies define the method that will be used for valuing the facts that are needed in the process of the fact collection. Primary research method will be used for the collection of the research process would include the survey method. Here the information is collected by forming the survey questions and circulating it amongst the participants. Secondary data collection process is the other method that is being used for the fact analysis and the information are collected from the websites and journals.

Qualitative method collects the opinions of the writers and present in the right manner for the purpose of concluding the research work. This is an effective method that would be used for the fact evaluation that is beige used for the information collection and analysis process.

3.16. Research method

The research method will be the facts that would be used for analyzing the information that is the key need for the research work conduct. This research usually uses the quantitative, mixed, or qualitative method for the fact analyses. The qualitative method will include the information that is collected from different humans and it is based on the questions that are circulated amongst the members. Through the qualitative method, the format for the fact collection is properly planned and it is used for the analysis of the information.

3.17. Data collection method

In the data collection method, the facts are collected as per the questions included in the hypothesis statement. This is one of the essential factors that are used for the fact analysis, where the needed changes are implemented to collect and analyse the needed information. The analysis is conducted for the fact collection and to plan for the analysis of the information that will be used for the analysis of the information that would be included in the research method

3.18. Primary data collection

In the primary data collection method, the researcher will use the fact collection process that will be based on the questionnaire and survey method. Sampling method is also used for the fact analysis, where the needed information is collected from the group of the participants that are randomly selected. This is a systematic approach that is used for the fact analysis and to collect the needed information.

3.19. Secondary data collection

This is the other method that is used for the fact collection and analysis process. The views of the members are collected from the journals and websites that are used for the evaluation of the needed facts. This is a conclusive method, where the needed information are poorly planned and executed by the members.

This research method will use the primary data collection method, where the needed facts wall be collected from the participants included in the survey process.

3.20. Data analysis

A data analysis method is a process where the researcher will concentrate on selecting a method that is suitable for the collection of the data. This forms an important part of the analysis where the needed information are properly collected and used for the conduct of the research work. It is an important part of the fact collection method where the needed facts would be collected by selecting the better method for the research process.

3.21. Sampling method

In the sampling method, the research chooses a sample size and uses it for the conduct of the research work. For this research work, a random sampling method would be used where the sample size is decided to be around 45 in numbers. These members would be staffs working for different airline companies and it also include the managers. The members are included so that the right information collection process is followed for analyzing the facts and use it for the conduct of the research work.


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