Fluvoxamine Effectively Treats Depression


Fluvoxamine is a selective serotonin inhibitor which is used to treat depression. The efficacy and medicine administration has not been in use since clinicians have been using an alternative of the drug. The method which will beused to conduct the study is prospective open study where a common centers will be established. The study group will be divided into three categories each consisting of 50 people and drug administered in different levels  while monitoring the trend for 6 weeks to identify the changes in the health improvement. Safety measures will also be taken into consideration to avert the side effects of the drug. At day 42, about 85% of the patients is expected to report improved health condition. The result will be used to conclude whether Fluvoxamine mark improvement in treatment of depression and if it can be employed to tame the problems which bothers a considerable number of patients.

Fluvoxamine Effectively Treats Depression


Depression is a complex problem affecting more than 350 million per year (Dalery, 1998).  The disorder is contributed by various factors in the society and has negative impact to the people. The prevalence of the cases are speculated to project to higher values in the year 2020(Rossini et al., 2002). The primary reason is increased social problems in the wake of hard economic times. Dalery (1998) affirms that factors that necessitate stress in human beings are the basics needs such as shelter, food and water. They impart a lot of pressure to individuals and ends up thinking too much on how to survive in the challenging market. The report released by Dalery (1998) records that women are more prevalent to the disorder and accounts for 44 %( Smulevich et al., 2015). On the other hand men stands at 23%. Social upheal has been the major point of concern in contributing to depression. Stringent measures are needed to mitigate the propagation of this since it lowers the productivity and social functioning. Use of fluvoxamine has suitable pharmokinetics and has been proved to have better efficacy compared to others like imipramine. Additionally, it is identified with ability to improve sleep quality hence recommended for use.

Literature Review

About 14% of the global burden disease has been linked to depression (Rossini et al., 2002). Dalery(1998) affirms that the number of people who are living in depressive condition are not aware until the condition presents itself in a different form such as headache. Rossini et al. (2002) indicates mental health is a low priority for the developing nations. There is little efforts to improve the psychological health of the citizens since the respective nation focuses on other tropical diseases. This is one of the problem which is causing linear increase of depressive condition as the time goes by. The condition is seen to be more severe to people aged above 65 years. However, the analogy does not hold since even teenagers are diagnosed with the same.

Fluvoxamine is effective to children and adolescent. A study conducted by Dalery (1998) involving 128 children respondents indicated a positive improvement to the usage of the drug. The research was carried alongside placebo, which is another class of antidepressant in use. Half of the group was treated with placebo while the other half administered fluvoxamine. The anxiety among the group which was treated with placebo had reduced by 52% while for the group treated with Fluvoxamine reduced by 72%. It was also noted that placebo had bad side effects like prolonged nausea which lacked in Fluvoxamine. Rossini et al. (2002) indicate that medication alone is not enough to treat mental problems. A combination of psychotherapy and the drugs yield more positive results than purely relying on chemical which might not work. Optimism is core to gaining mental health. Smulevich et al. (2015) also notes that the depressed people need motivation to psyche them up. Ideally association of moral support and regaining of mental health has been well related. The more one is mentally peaceful, the lesser the cases of depressions and other mind complication. Although this relationship has not been researched for authentication, it has worked for people in the society. This has been witnessed by an increased number of counsellors in the city trying to safe the lives of the people.

According to Dalery (1998), two main problems arise when treating depression with antidepressants. One, the condition sets back when the medication is discontinued.  He further confirms that cases have been reported where individual have to stay in medication for the entire of their life. Life of medication is not pleasing to anyone. The danger of continued use is development of resistance and hence the patients get more complications than anticipated. The second problem is lack of knowledge of the exact condition of the patient. Rossini et al. (2002)notes that most of the patients undergoing medication by antidepressant are treated for the wrong disease. There is lack of proper analysis by combination of various experts in the field of medicine. The trend is scaring since fatalities could result when a patient is put into wrong medication. A disconnect in mental knowledge renders the clinicians and other medical practitioners to miss the exact condition one is suffering from. Dalery (1998) affirms that psychological therapies are by far beneficial than pharmacotherapy.

The patients who are counselled by a specialist respond more quickly than those who are subjected to use of chemical drugs (Rossini et al., 2002). However, the combination of the two is fatal and is discouraged. Monotherapy is efficient for the treatment of this disorder. It is important for physicians to encourage the patients to attend therapy sessions to improve their mental health. InSmulevich et al. (2015) study, patients with depression disorder were engaged into a 16 week randomized study. They were put under controlled placebo antidepressants and also home based activities. The changes in aerobic activity were measured. There was no significant difference between the group which was under medication and the one which was put into physical exercise. It therefore concluded physical exercise could replace the chemical medicines which have negative side effects on the user.

Several antidepressant dominates the market and choosing the right one require expertise advice from a physician (Rossini et al., 2002). Some of them that are widely found are tricyclic and monoamine inhibitors. The other class of selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) are like the fluvoxamine (Dalery, 1998). The mode of action of this drug is thought to be more effective than the tricyclic’s. SSRIs are widely recommended because they inhibit re-uptake of serotonin which improves neural transmission, hence improving the state of mind by reducing depression. Most nations such as Russia have accepted the use of fluvoxamine because of its best pharmokinetics properties.

To test the hypothesis, a select group of people with high depressive conditions will be selected randomly. The participants will constitute 150 people. The group will be divided into three groups each of 50 respondents. The first group (A), will be administered with controlled amount of Fluvoxamine. The second group (B) will be given a higher concentration. The third group which is the control will receive Placebo. The dosage will be administered on daily basis and the conditions monitored. The observations will be conducted for a span of six months and all experiences recorded to ascertain the effectiveness of Fluvoxamine in treatment of depression. Dalery (1998) indicates that manifestation of depression differs among the young people and the adults. Children are much more vulnerable to the side effects associated with depreresion while adults have the capability to manage it up to a certain level.  He noted that children who are affected are disinterested in playing and have a feeling of worthlessness.


The study design will be observational study. The participants will be divided into three groups and given varying dosage. The first group will be administered 30mg of fluvoxamine on daily basis, the second group 50mg, while the control administered with 50mg of placebo. The eligible groups will be studied for 6 weeks, with daily visit to record the performance. The study conducted should adhere to the ethical clinical standards and complying with the protocol. The participants includes male and female who are above 18 years and fulfill the diagnostic criteria. The exclusion criteria to be used include those who are hypersensitive to drugs and also the pregnant and lactating mothers. Anyone who had been treated with any irreversible antidepressant for the past two week in regards to the baseline time of study will also beexcluded. Besides,withdrawal from the participation will be allowed any time. Efficacy assessment will be based on the improvement of the state of the mind using the predetermined scale from the time of the study. Second, sleep quality is the second end point of consideration. Safety assessment will be conducted by evaluating the adverse reactions of the drug and the ability to tolerate. Furthermore, systolic and diastolic blood pressure shall be constantly checked to ensure the participants are not impacted negatively by the study.

Based on feasibity, a total of 150 participants is viewed enough to carry out the analysis. Safety will be observed for every participant by ensuring each member receive a single dose on daily basis. Variables will be analyzed using descriptive statistics and information tabulated in a summary form for consumption.


Fluvoxamine is the best option for the treatment of depressions as compared to other depressants. There exist few studies concerning the efficacy of the drug but the evidence from the conducted research indicate high hope in the usage of this medicine. One of its advantage is quick onset of action. The moment the drug is administered, it takes few minutes to begin its therapeutic action. This is advantageous to the user because it prevents occurrence of drug discontinuation. Similarly, it exhibited safety. Side effects such as nausea concurs with other studies hence a patient can be able to tolerate such. The drug showed marked improvement in the setting it was applied. It is therefore an option to counter depression cases.

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