Microsoft’s Organization System from Performance Management Perspective

Microsoft’s Organization System from Performance Management Perspective


This research paper’s main aspect is to define several factors related to the analysis of an organizational performance management system in a consultancy case organization. The research paper focuses on different aspects related to the organization in this case scenario which is Microsoft. This report will describe the organization system through which the performance management is seen, and different characteristics of this performance management system will also be evaluated.

At first, high-level aspirations expressed their different types of outcomes, and outputs will be discussed by looking into the strategic plans of business and performance management techniques and tools. All the organizations have specific targets and implementation plans, which are extremely necessary for the performance management system. In this spectrum, Microsoft’s implementation targets and plans will be monitored, and the results will be measured as well. The aspects and results will be verified by looking into communication evaluation and the continuous commitment to sensitivity and betterment. The research paper will also include different aspects of communication performance to the stakeholders and performance measurement and look into the risk management systems and financial performance. The report will also consist of different types of perspectives in people’s behaviour and human resource management and the business ethics and corporate social responsibility which had tied with the improvement in the organizational performance management. Performance management in this particular case scenario looks into how the activities and outputs meet different types of goals of an organization by focusing on the organization’s activities and employees.

Analysis of the existing performance management system


Organizational performance management and performance measurement

Organizational performance management is affected that ensures different types of activity, and both submit correctly so that the organizations’ goals are completed effectively and properly. Microsoft is an organization that is famous for performance management. They have redefined the idea of performance management by incorporating different types of models and strategies. Also, by also implementing the different types of results found in the quality, Microsoft as a global organization looks into different types of tools and techniques of performance management that manage are particular types of tasks through the development of the organization and benefits as well (DeNisi & Murphy, 2017). Microsoft is an organization that is also looking into the performance measurement by evaluating the different types of success that have been coordinated by the employees. Microsoft is an association that is renowned for the execution of the board. They have re-imagined the possibility of execution the executives by consolidating various kinds of models and systems and by additionally actualizing the various sorts of results that are found in the quality can likewise be considered that to be like a worldwide association investigates various kinds of devices and strategies of execution (Schleicher et al., 2018).

Figure 1: Performance management of Microsoft

(Source: Franco‐Santos & Otley, 2018)

Communicating performance to stakeholders

The main stakeholders of Microsoft as an organization are the customers, after that the other stakeholders of the organization are employees, investors, shareholders of the company, communities, government, etc. The factor of communication is also made better with the actions which are taken forward with the stakeholders. Microsoft’s performances with stakeholders are essential because they are extremely important for the enterprise and take part in the major decision (Franco‐Santos & Otley, 2018). Communication with the customers and the employees is important as they are the company’s most important base. The management here is seen to improve the factor of communication and implementation with the stakeholders.

Figure 2: Stakeholder group

(Source: Glas et al., 2018)

Risk management

Risk management can be described as the type of identification and responding and assessing risk through which the management of certain types of risks is seen in a great form. Microsoft is an organization that designs risk management aspects to anticipate different types of new threats and provides the ongoing securities on the cloud system so that the consumers and the customers who use them can be free from any type of risk (Glas et al., 2018). The business risks and the non-business risk and financial risks are also mitigated in this organization. This organization also looks into assessing and controlling different types of threats that can directly influence Microsoft’s capital and earnings. Microsoft is an association that plans the parts of risk management to foresee various sorts of new dangers and gives continuous protections on the cloud framework. The purchasers and the clients who use them can be liberated from risks. The business changes and the non-business hazard just as monetary dangers are additionally moderated in this association (Richards et al., 2019). This association also investigates and controls various kinds of risks that can straightforwardly impact the capital and profit of Microsoft.

Quality management and improvement

Quality management is a factor that can be considered the type of fact that oversees different sets of activities and tasks to accomplish a certain level of excellence desired. This excellence level also includes different sets of determination in implementing quality planning and creating quality policies in Microsoft. Specifically, Microsoft overlooks different quality improvement and quality control products in the products and services that have been managed for a long time (Tweedie et al., 2019). Microsoft also focuses on the customers and works on communication because with the help of communication and implementation of different types of strategic plans, proper quality management and quality improvement can be seen. Likewise, this degree of greatness remembers various arrangements of assurance for actualizing the quality arranging and making the quality strategies in Microsoft. Microsoft also centres on the clients and chips away at correspondence because with the assistance of correspondence and usage of various sorts of key plans legitimate quality administration and the improvement of value can be seen (Franco-Santos & Doherty, 2017). Explicitly Microsoft focuses on various kinds of value improvement and quality control in the items and administrations that have been overseen for quite a while.

Financial performance

Microsoft is an organization that looks into a big amount of profit in the years, and they have earned a lot of revenue every year. This particular organization has certain types of statements, and the year 2020 has been one of Microsoft’s greatest years. Revenue has been growing continuously for the last few years. In the fiscal year of 2020, Microsoft’s organization has achieved the recorded growth and revenue increased by 14% then the other years (Gorman et al., 2017). In this aspect, it can be understood that the results have been measured appropriately and the monitoring and verification of different types of activities with continuous sensitivity and the evaluation of the performances of the organization have been affected by the characteristics of organizational performance management and they have been working towards this factor as well. Microsoft’s organization has been increasing 20% from the commercial consumers and the customers they have all through the world, and certain long-term trends have been noticed (Pulakos et al., 2019). These long term trends are also helping the shares of revenue by the increasing premise of cloud-based services and products.

Figure 3: Financial performance of Microsoft

(Source: Kajava, 2018)

Customer and client perspectives

The customers and the clients of Microsoft travel with different perspectives on the whole organizational structure of this organization and the research that is given on the obsession of the customers. The customers are highly satisfied with the different types of efforts given by this organization for their betterment. The products and services given by Microsoft have been solving different types of problems for the customers (Kajava, 2018). These organizations also explore the unmet needs of their consumers and bring consumers the value they deserve. In this perspective, this organizational structure has oriented towards the viewpoint of the product, and the customers also believe the continuous projects of this organization blindly. Even the leaders and the managers and the clientele of Microsoft have faith in this organization because they have been proving themselves repeatedly. The clients are exceptionally fulfilled by the various sorts of endeavours that are given by this association for their advancement (Dubey & Satbhaiya, 2019). The items and administrations given by Microsoft have been taking care of various kinds of issues of the clients. These associations also investigate the neglected necessities of their purchasers and bring the buyers the worth they merit.

People’s perspectives and HRM

The perspective of human resource management in Microsoft is very interesting because there are certain types of standards and aspects of review and evaluation as well as the commitment that can be seen in the organization. The organization’s human resource management software or system is the dynamic 365 HR system. This particular human resource system has micro-services through which the outlook or any other Microsoft platform type can be easily used and accessed (Kamble & Vanakudari, 2018). There are also certain types of areas like staffing development, health, and safety and compensation related to the different types of cool functions and the wide variety of different types of activities through which Microsoft as an organization is evaluating the major activities. Microsoft’s human resources are also known for the selection of the employees and cultural inclusion in the organization that makes them much more unique than any other sector. The point of view of human assets in Microsoft is exceptionally fascinating on the grounds that there are specific sorts of guidelines and parts of audit and assessment just as a responsibility that can be found in the association (Kamble & Vanakudari, 2018). The Human resources of Microsoft are also known for the workers’ choice and social incorporation in the association that makes them substantially more one of a kind than some other areas.

Business ethics and corporate social responsibility

Microsoft’s business ethics is very important because this organization is the owner to receive different sets of recognitions positively for their work in proper ethics and ethically to conduct their business. Also, it can be seen that there is certain compliance with corporate social responsibility through which Microsoft has been recognized and ranked among the world’s most ethical companies (Kamble & Vanakudari, 2018). For looking into the different types of values and ethics in Microsoft’s code and conduct, there are certain aspects of honesty and integrity that are found with the products and services of the company and the overall behaviour. Microsoft’s corporate social responsibility is also great because they are looking into the company’s citizenship mission and want to help the needs of the consumers of communities and fulfil different types of responsibilities (Dubey & Satbhaiya, 2019). Microsoft’s business morals are significant because this association is proprietor to get various arrangements of acknowledgements in a positive way for their work in appropriate morals and morally to direct their business.

Recommendations for improvement

Microsoft is an organization that is redefining the different types of aspects related to performance management and performance measurement as well. However, it can be seen that certain aspects can be improved in this organization as well, and those recommendations will be given for better performance management. There are certain ways through which performance management in this organization can be improved, and the most important factor is looking into the performance reviews traditionally and effectively. Microsoft is a huge organization, and in this factor, the feedback should not be ignored, and they should be evaluated for increasing the betterment of performance of the employees (Dubey & Satbhaiya, 2019). Another aspect that Microsoft should include in its performance management system is identifying and also praising different types of exceptional talents across the organization.

The performance can be managed if the proper appraisal is given to the people who really deserve it, and the employees will also work harder, and their performance will be managed in a proper manner as well (Franco‐Santos & Otley, 2018). This factor has another aspect which will be improved with this step which is communication. After that, for better performance management aspects, Microsoft has to make the goals and objectives of the organization extremely clear to the employees and all the people who were working there. The employees themselves need to understand and make an impact on the organization and also the process of the goal so that the performance can be managed in a proper manner and results can be seen successfully by the managers and the team leaders. There are all certain recommendations that will be extremely helpful for Microsoft for increasing performance management optimization, and those are by developing feedback loops and also promoting the managers as coaches for the employees (Franco‐Santos & Otley, 2018). For better performance management, another way should be included in the system of Microsoft, which can be known as an effective way to measure different types of success that are reached by the employees of the organization.

The employees need to get praised for the work they do, and if they see that the organization is looking into the effort better given by them, they will work harder for achieving the goals and mission of the organization. Microsoft is an association that is re-classifying the various sorts of perspectives related to execution and execution estimation too (DeNisi & Murphy, 2017). Even though it tends to be seen that there are sure angles which can be improved in this association also and those proposals will be given for better execution of the board in performance management, there are sure routes through which execution on the board in this association can be improved, and the main factor is investigating the presentation surveys conventionally and powerfully (DeNisi & Murphy, 2017). It is significant for the representatives themselves to comprehend and have an effect on the association and the cycle of the objective with the goal that the presentation can be overseen in an appropriate way and results can be seen as a better route by the supervisors.


The primary part of this examination paper is to characterize a few variables identified with the investigation of an authoritative exhibition of the performance management framework in consultancy case association.  These specific reports have depicted the association framework through which the presentation of the board is seen, and various qualities of this exhibition, the performance management framework has likewise been assessed. From the start, significant level desires communicated their various kinds of results and yields had been talked about by investigating the essential plans of business and execution of the board methods and devices. All the associations have explicit targets, and management plans for performance which is incredibly fundamental for looking into the performance management framework and in this range Microsoft’s usage targets and plans have been checked, and the outcomes will also be estimated.

The viewpoints and results have been confirmed by investigating correspondence assessment and the persistent obligation to affectability and improvement. The exploration paper has likewise incorporated various parts of correspondence execution to the partners and furthermore execution estimation just as investigating the executives’ frameworks and monetary execution. The report will likewise comprise various kinds of viewpoint in individuals’ conduct and human asset the executives just as the upper business rooms and corporate social obligation which had attached with the improvement in the authoritative exhibition the board. Looking at this specific case situation, investigate the cycle through which the exercises and yields meet various sorts of objectives of an association by focusing on the association’s exercises and workers.