Focus on a Better Skilled Workforce – Talent Plus Case Study

Focus on a Better Skilled Workforce – Talent Plus Case Study

Talent Plus is the talent identification company that aims to place the right candidates with the perfect skills for a particular job. The organization has been in operation since 1989 and is classified by the Forbes as one of the best performing medium businesses to work for. It structures online interviews, built on scientific rigor to explicitly find the right candidate to fill the required job post. The company has an estimated 116 employees.

Talent Plus is the company of focus because it specializes in one of the most pressuring scenarios in the job market. With the sophistication of economic dynamics, various companies are struggling with the issue of human labor. The productivity of employees in most cases does not match their potential, which has contributed to the slow growth and globalization of the organizations (Bayraktar 2015, p.26). Sourcing talents is an essential stage that can either improve or lower the performance. Due to this reason, analysis of Talent Plus will shed more light on the role of HR companies in placing the skilled candidates in the workplaces.

Succession Planning of Talent Plus

Succession is defined as the ability of the company to continue with its activities in the future dates while maintaining or improving the quality standards. It’s an executive responsibility for the company that has a long-term plan to provide services or goods that meet the demands of the time (Mizuno 2011, p.505). Although organizations perceive that succession planning is important, few make it a reality. The documented strategies and methods to achieve the market command remains as papers, with little input to propagate the plans forward. According to Ogendo (2017, p.78) a firm should be well postured in order to benefit from the future growth. Talent Plus has capitalized on improving the human capital, to remain unique in the market environment. Though small, it has continually grown while embracing the fact that sourcing the right workers is the best strategy to win the rivals in the same sector of operation. The reasoning behind this is pegged on the grounds that the output defines the business. Recruiting firms, like Talent Plus, measures the emotional and technical skills of the individual before forwarding them to the respective companies. The process requires the employment of high level of psychological understanding, to accurately judge the capabilities of the people.

Furthermore, the company predicts the potential of the individuals, for the roles that they have never been before. Talent Plus uses predictive tool to ascertain the strength of the potential employee to withstand pressure, work in the diverse environment, and maintain work ethics among others (Chen and Shapiro 2012, p.79). The tests that they administer through the online platforms enable to segment the candidates, and finally settle on the best, based on the outcome. The company is positioning itself to principally grow by placing the right talents in their right positions. Furthermore, performance measurement is viewed by Talent Plus as one way to advance the quality service goal. To achieve this, the selected candidates are undertaken through coordinated interviews, both aptitude tests and oral, which enables to learn more about their skills.

Ownership and Leadership

Founded in the year 1989, Talent Plus has continued to expand its boundaries across the world, with a globalpartnership in various countries such as USA, Singapore among others. It was started by William E. Hall, Doug Rath, Kimberly Rath and Sandy Maxwell. The four had a common strategy of solving the deteriorating human labor in the market (Lee et al. 2014, p.87). There existed a huge gap between the productivity and the talents that were readily disposable in the economy.  As a family business, it has been able to solve the most disturbing issue of mismatch of skills. The company has tenured in filtering the candidates by use of scientifically designed questions, which are administered in the highest level of proficiency.

In order to accelerate growth, Talent Plus has engaged various leadership programs. The management encourages personal development, to increase the productivity of the employees, consequently improving the growth. In the quest to motivate the workers, Talent Plus has embraced the input of every person in making decisions. The strategy has eliminated the bureaucracy, hence allowing all people to discuss common themes irrespective of the rank.  Additionally, team dynamics are greatly appreciated (Lewinsohn-Zamir 2015, p.78). Instead of working independently, the management enforces the need of solving problems as a group. Due to this, it has enabled the recruiter to absorb the right people, who eventually translate their expertise in new companies where they are placed.  In the same vein, the management is opined to branding the legacy of the company. The various departmental heads work to sustain the productivity, with a projection of increased output in the future (Rossi 2012, p.355).  They continually expose the workers to training programmers and to improve their knowledge. Essentially, the workers become more active in their roles.

The company is headed by two strong top positions. The directors oversee all the activities that happen within the firm. Their duties are administering policies, setting strategies and structure, establishing mission and vision, among others. The team has enabled Talent Plus to grow from the humble beginning to a point of securing contracts with large corporations. The second phase constitutesthe executiveteam (Tsuruta 2016, p.405).  The experts head different sections such as communication officer, information officer, financial controller, growth officers and research officer.  The leader in very section maintains the standards and achievement projections that are set to propagate the mission of the company.However, all areas are integrated and none works in solitary. From the inception of Talent Plus up to now, the leadership styles change depending on the demands of the market. The new sections areintroduced, to cater for the cyclical changes in different professions. For example, the research officer docket didn’t exist at early stages of operation. With time, the need to understand the demands for different careers necessitated the move to invoke the right leadership to guide in establishing opportunities.

The success of Talent Plus

The theoretical definition of success is pegged to the profits that a company receives after offering goods or services. It’s inherently perceived as the contribution of the employees in assisting towards achievements of the set objectives (Wijeyaratne 2015, p.122). According to Rossi (2012, p.364)Talent Plus, success is viewed differently, from what most of the organizations believe in. Based on the structure and mode of operation of the company, it’s considered successful when the following are achieved: right skills placed to the right company, increased retention rate and improved productivity of the respective businesses. The management understands that the growth of the client’s business is equated to the profit of Talent Plus. The vision of Talent Plus is ‘To be the Leading Talent Assessment Partner with Organizations Committed to growth. ‘The statement affirms that the company is focused on looking for the qualified candidates, who will assist any business to achieve the desired productivity.  As a way to give chance to all people, the mission statement confirms that the company believes every person has talent. This way, the management searches for talents globally, irrespective of the geographic location. The employees are allowed to express their skills.

The purpose of Talent Plus is to offer standard services in sourcing the right candidates that help various organizations to achieve their main goals. The company has managed to achieve this through the use of core values and aims which are: compelling place for associates to work, to attract more talented workforce for clients to do business and enhancing the relationship between the employee and employers. Despite the facts  that have been detailed, Talent Plus is considerate of the immediate environment in places where it operates. The management measures the success of the company, based on how well it integrates with the people, by the creation of employment and participation in corporate social responsibilities. The feedback received from the citizens is highly used, to make right decisions on which areas to improve. According to Zhang and Liu(2017,p.95), a happy customer is an indicator of good services from the provider. Therefore, Talent Plus determines its success, by the productivity that is witnessed by the clients it serves.


Human capital is an essential aspect of any organization. The speed, at which a company grows, is strongly dependent on the skills that employees possess. In order to determine whether the knowledge of the worker matches the available work, a thorough measurement of the capabilities is needed. It can be achieved by use of predictive tools that project the future needs of the certain knowledge. Talent Plus has excelled in this field for quite some time. Though a small business, it has gained the trust of the various companies due to the use of rigorous assessment procedures. The scientific approach to interview the candidates allows the company to absorb the employees who are highly qualified. The succession plan of Talent Plus is based on improving the human capital, with the sole intention to heighten the access to labor. Furthermore, the leadership is organized into the board of directors and executives, who serve to propagate the core objective of the business. The company measures success in regards to the clients served per a given period of time.

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