Business Leadership Personal Reflective Essay

Introduction and Brief Background

Leadership is one of the major skill that helps a person to make an effective decision regarding his different stages of life. He is that kind of person who motivates a large number of followers to follows his path and way of life. A good leader must be that person who formed a good experience of life in front of his followers. He must be good communicator, decision maker, honest, passion, committed and integrated towards his work.

In this reflection paper, there is a brief description of the Personal Development Plan (PDP) for my professional life. In this paper, I discussed my different experiences in the course of MBA along with professional life, where I learned a lot of things regarding an effective leadership style. I also make an overview of my results outcomes in 360-degree leadership circle. I also explore some my weakness, skills and future planning regarding the leadership. This reflection paper explores my whole personality and leadership traits in my student and professional life.

Life stages based experiences

In my student life, I was such a type of student who only focused on the study and did not make any interaction with other students. Most of my teachers tried a lot to involve me in different curriculum activities. At that time, I learned that if you are interactive, confident, intellectual power and good communicator, then you can become an effective leader.

In my psychological perspective, I need to further work on my self-esteem factor as most of the time; I feel proud of my level of achievement that I am working in a well-known company along with MBA studies. This factor can create a major barrier to effective communication with the surrounding people. As in my personality perspective, I am a good and developing nature person and love to work with others to better the situation. This approach will help me to upgrade my communication, knowledge and leadership skills that will help me to become a successful person in my life.

MBA Degree and job life-based experience
Peak Times In the last year of my post Graduate diploma, I decided to get admission in MBA Program. So in 2018, I got admission in MBA in one of the most recognized universities and in this way, my MBA journey started.  From the day of orientation, my life became changed as I was younger than my classmates, so I learned a lot of things from them. It’s true that I was anxious and nervous, but I was much excited that I would become a business graduate.  This thought gave me much confidence level that I started participating in a different seminar based presentations, projects and other management related activities.  
Tough Times As I had an engineering background, and most of the MBA course terms were new for me. But I decided to fight with my fear and defeat it with the broad vision. I untapped my passion in the field of accounting and finance. As it is quite a difficult field, but I love to take some challenges in life. After starting a part-time job, it was quite difficult for me to follow the way of working and communication but with the passage of time, when I passed through different tough situations, then I realized to make some changes. Now I decide to adopt an effective leadership style in my personal and professional life. In my part-time job in Toyota motors, I faced different situations that are sometimes challenging for me. Like at the beginning of the year, I was requested to join the lecturers for two weeks at the USB Camp and at that time.  I was also worked with the Toyota suppliers in order to localize the new parts. When I was not in my office, the suppliers supplied his mechanical parts in the wrong level and parts to our production control department.  It was not my mistake because this incident occurred due to the irresponsible behaviour of the supplier, but at that time, I was called to assist this problem. In my recent promotion, the situation is become quite challenging in front of me to tackle a new project of 2020 in an effective way and handle a large number of employees in an effective way.  Now my working schedule is become tight but still studying in MBA course and a lot of work regarding its assignment, project completion, lectures and other such related factors create problem in front of me to carry on this job. So this issue can be resolved by conducting a meeting with the VP of the company and disclose all of my circumstances in a more effective and convincing way.
Mentors The study of Master Business Administration was quite tough and challenging for me, but I think that this is the first one who develops the communication and management skills within my personality. It is because, in this degree, I learned a variety of attitudes that how to behave others, how to handle an adverse situation, how to make an effective decision, how to manage time and many others. During the duration of my MBA course, I started work at Toyota SA, where I learned new things in term of work structure. I worked under the supervision of Peter Brown, who taught me a lot of things regarding how to manage things in the workplace.  I mostly observed the behaviour of my supervisor, Peter, towards his client, staff, upper management and the other one. There were many situations in the workplace where the suppliers stopped working with our company due to the machine breakdown. At that time, the leadership of Peter guides me on how to tackle an adverse situation. I learned a lot of things from this company’s activities. The personality of Peter was quite attractive and inspirational for me because he gives a free hand to people rather than giving them continuous instructions and order.
Critics When I compare my personality with Peter than I comes to realize that there is a quite difference between our personalities like I am introvert, he is extrovert. I feel some hesitation in effective communication while he loves to communicate and motivate other people to participate in the organization effectively. In this case, my major problem is my introvert behaviour towards others that creates miscommunication between me and the upper management of the Toyota Company. Now I realized that I have to work on these factors in a more efficient way.
Turning Points In this improvement based course, I improved my language capability skills by reading different author’s books in order to make improvement in the sustainability of my weakness. This is an ongoing process, and till now, I learned a lot of things because, in this field, we communicate with others, sell our products and services, convince others or doing other such economic activities, so it has a waste perspective.  At that time, there were many thoughts developed in my mind regarding my future life. But I am so much determinant towards my decision and approach towards goal.
Ordinary Times Most of the time, I spent my time with my own self and made some planes regarding my future goals.

Before getting the admission in MBA, I was appointed as a Youth leader for my local community church. At that time, I learned a lot of things regarding how to manage things and makes effective decisions. This was one of my great experience because, in this experience, I made many mistakes and learned a lot of things regarding how to collaborate the things in an effective way.

I studied on different articles, books and other information sources regarding social and youth development because I was working as a couch of that people. My learning skill was developed during that scenario because I also pass the new information to the followers. I learned how to become impatient and motivate people to work effectively. My time of such effective leadership was a short span because, after it, I had to get admission in MBA Program. This was my student life experience, which I learned from this leadership tenure. After this, it becomes quite easy for me to adjust to the MBA program based education.

In my professional life experience, I learned that most of the people would become motivated to actively participate in the workplace when they realize that they are not threatened by the management. In this way, a healthy environment within the organization is also become develop because in this most of the people become engaged with one another and positive word of mouth regarding the management of leader will be developed in the workplace.

Before I believed on technical advancement and learning requirements for effective leadership, but now I changed my definition of leadership that an effective leader must be that type of person who creates a friendly relationship with his team members. A technically skilled person can be a good manager but not an effective leader, but an effective leader can be a good manager. This minor difference between both personalities is becoming understandable in front of me when I see the response of the team members towards their leader that an adverse situation in the workplace can be effectively managed through friendly leadership skill.

 In my daily life experiences, I learned a lot of things from the people’s behaviour that helps me to make a decision regarding how to communicate with them in an effective and convincing way. My personal choice to change my way of communication and leader allows me to get more rather than any other manager in my own function.

In the case of bad supplier performance, I did defend my case in front of the Toyota Management who wants to make blame on my unperformed negligence. At that time, I felt the self-realization concept that a good leader should be able to face any adverse situation in a lighter mood. After this task, it is concluded that being a manager; I handled all the adverse situation in a more effective way because, in that situation, I display the clear picture of all the documents which shows that I was nor liable for such negligence. At that time, I realized that the backup plan and authentic evidence is one of the effective ways to clarify all the important points in front of upper management.

At that time of my professional life, the routine of regular activities like lectures and managing activities in Toyota was so much busy, and I was unable to complete the work in an effective. But that time, gave me a lot of lessons regarding how to manage the workload in an effective and efficient way. I decided that I would never give up in a tough situation. I handled the stress of workload and unethical blame from the upper management and concluded that if a person runs away from any place, then it becomes quite difficult for him to achieve his goal and reach his destination. After that adverse situation, it became easy for me to make an effective decision in any regular tasks.

Future In the future, I would like to develop a good relationship with each employee on a personal level because in this way the people’s feeling and perception regarding the organization and its management can be analyzed effectively. In term of future perspectives, I decided to develop a deeper relationship with other people around me and not tends to spend time in the enjoyment of my achievements. I will have to move towards another goal after the completion of the first one. In my future life, I will have to become modest on my achievements because this posture helps me to guide and motivate other people to achieve their goals of life, and also I become able to create an effective relationship with other people.

In the future perspective, I will try to boost my future communication skills and become more socialize.  There may be a chance that in the future, the company can give workload compensation in front of other regular employees. In this situation also, I learned a lot of things regarding the importance of extrovert personality in the workplace through this way, a person becomes aware regarding how to communicate with people in the right way.

In my students and professional life, I will follow the best approach of effective leadership in order to create a good relationship with others. Like my major weakness is that I do not want to make more interaction with others that may impact on my reputation in the workplace and also in the class. So in the future perspective, I must work on this factor. In the future perspective, I will focus on developing an effective and friendly leadership skill in which I become able to create an attractive and long-lasting relationship with others.

Personal Analysis

There are many events in my life that completely change my way of thinking, talking and learning related perception values. I am an introvert personality type person in front of others where I mostly do no talk with a large number of people at the same time. I majorly focus on my internal feelings, thoughts and moods rather than seeking the external stimulation. There may be a chance that in the future, the company can give workload compensation in front of other regular employees. In this situation also, I learned a lot of things regarding the importance of extrovert personality in the workplace through this way, a person becomes aware regarding how to communicate with people in the right way.

In the perspective of my emotional mood, I am passionate to achieve my goal through any way like I am working hard in both sides, i.e. education and job. But I am also very emotional towards other people. The success factor is mostly energized me. In case of anxiety, I become silent and critically analyze the things to drive solution. I do not want to show harsh behaviour towards others, but sometimes due to workload, my behavioural become change.

After considering my last two-year life experiences and the resultant outcomes of the leadership circle, it becomes clear that I am that kind of person, who is passionate and loyal towards his goal. A person who is having an introvert personality, but he is capable of observing the behaviours of others and effectively communicate with a small number of people. In the case of introvert leadership, the major norm of a person is to become alone in order to recharge the brain and making some effective decision. The norm of my leadership style is to practice and experience humility, treat every person with dignity and due respect, listen to understand, be genuine with others about feelings, ideas and challenges, respect the times and convince others and support other people.

In the future perspective, my major assumptions are based on driving effective communication skills with others so that confusion regarding behavioural approach can be resolved. As leadership is a journey, not a destination that consists of continuously building and refining a set of skills that allow me to guide, inspire and effectively work with others (Nawaz & Khan_ PhD, 2016). My leadership edge is based on my competencies to perform my work well on time by using the competency-based approach. In my personality perspective, the lack of effective communication is one of the major factors of ignorance that may create an alarming situation in future dealings.

This is the personality barrier that sometimes creates misunderstandings just like my workplace experience with a supplier where he sends wrong goods to the company’s warehouse, and in result, upper management starts involving me in this case. In the current situation of my promotion where the upper management promotes me in a complicated and tough project of 2020, due to a lack of communication between me and them, creates problem in front of me.

From my past experiences, I learned a lot of things regarding how to handle an adverse situation with the calm mood, how to transfer the urgent information to the management, how to follows the legal requirements and how to creates a friendly environment in the workplace. I learned a lot of things from my supervisor, before joining the Toyota Company, I had only a student life experience and did not know how to communicate with suppliers professionally. But from Peter, I learned how to convince the team members to work efficiently and creates a positive word of mouth among other people. I am a learner because I learned a lot of things from people’s behaviour, their moods, likeness, dislikes and other ones. So, in that case, I have the ability to make an effective decision for the betterment of an organization.

When I critically analyzed my behavioural patterns in last two year experiences, then I come to realize that I have just personality traits in which a person is mostly engaged in listening, having focused and deep conversation with others, taking quiet time and have a structural way of thinking. This concept is similar to the trait theory of leadership in which the leaders are born, and due to their belief, they possess correct traits and qualities that are best suited to the leadership. It is because a habitual pattern of thoughts, behaviour and emotions are formed. This theory may vary from culture to culture (Fleeson & Jayawickreme, 2015).

Shaping myself as a leader

In my life cycle experiences, I learnt a lot of things regarding how to manage things, synchronized the timings, communicate with people, setting my goals regarding things and how to control temperament in an adverse situation. This situation polished my leadership skills and learned a lot of things about how the lack of effective communication directly impact the good dealing between the manager and his client. After this, I became confident regarding my professional approach, and my problem-solving capabilities was developed after this event. And now, in any adverse situation, I firstly analyze the situation to the best of my ability, developed the valid arguments and then deliver it in a more structural manner and form.

Before I was unable to defend my position in front of others in a critical situation, but this incident breaks my chain of nervousness and anxiety, and I learned how to speak on the spot. Now I only take a few minutes to compile myself and become able to adopt people by focusing on facts. My confidence is boosted at a higher rate rather than in the past situation. Before I was quite shy and a little bit reserved, but now I meet with different people in a more friendly way and learn a lot of things.

Due to lack of negotiation and consultation from the upper management with me makes the situation more awkward because in my final semesters, the workload becomes high and I think that it is the wrong timing to get a promotion. I want administration and paperwork rather than field work so that it becomes easy for me to complete my study timing in proper timings. The introvert personality helps me to become less blamed towards any action and helps me to develop a growth mindset in the community. I am more active in listening to others and make a critical analysis of the situation. That’s the reason; I have a greater sense of self-awareness regarding things. This theory becomes clearer when my self-assessment test is critically analyzed through 360-degree leadership circle. In the case of my leadership circle profile report, there are a different number of respondents in my self-assessment.

While in case of goal achieving based capabilities, my strategic focus, achievement-oriented approach, decisiveness, purposeful and visionary are critically considered. In the controlling perspective, my personality is perfect, autocratic, ambition and driven, while in considering complying factor, a sense of belonging, passive, pleasing and conservative is my major behavioural approach towards others. On the other hand, in case of protecting based personality perspective, my personality has a minimum characteristic of distance, critical and arrogance are considered.

In the perspective of my dealing with surrounding ones, I believe that a leader must be kind and affectionate toward his team like he must focus on human nature and dealing with reasoning. I believe that a rational leader should never be so emotional towards his dealing because sometimes emotions impact the performance level. While there is only one factor which I think that I must focus on its development like there is lack of effective communication that creates a barrier in my professional life.

In my personal life

In my personal life experiences, I mostly learned from my personal life experiences and have the power to handle the situation in a more effective and efficient way. I am a personal learner because I observed the behaviour of people and learn how to communicate them in a more effective and efficient way. According to my professional life experience, I learn from my mistake and investigate anything in a deeper way. I am a good investigator in my personality point of view.

In my work life

Most of the time, I negotiate for the best interest of both the parties because I majorly focus on collaboration factor and creates a common ground for interest. In the case of self-awareness factor, I act with the concept of humility, and I only get my job to fulfil my needs rather than to attract a large number of people. I am such a selfless leader who is uninterested in his self-interest. I know very well how to make a balance between work and personal life. I have enough time to make an effective interaction with others.

In the case of an integral part of the authenticity, my behavioural patterns show my interaction level with other people. I mostly exhibit positive personal behaviour towards people. I have some problems in courageous authenticity factor in my personality factor like I faced some little bit barrier in the effective communication with other people. In the perspective of community concern, sustainable productivity and systematic thinker based capabilities help me to tackle any adverse situation in a more effective and efficient way.

In the case of organizational work perspective, I have a firm belief of creating a creative social interactive environment that motivates team members to perform their tasks effectively. In case of creating effective communication in the workplace, I majorly focus on clarity of context, the correctness of data, conciseness of message, completeness of information, concreteness and the courtesy factor. I mostly prefer simple message in communication.

Personal leadership theory

In the case of my personal experiences, the introvert personality-based leadership theory is applied to my behaviour. This related theory is given by Carl Jung when he saw universal types of human personality. According to him, an introvert is such type of person who mostly prefers his own world of dreams, fantasies, thoughts and feelings; and needs some private space (Schultz, 2016).

They mostly have a broad vision and have a good problem-solving skill because they in-depth analyze any situation and makes a valid argument to support their position. These people enjoy their own company and interaction drain their energy.  This type of leaders mostly follows the autocratic leadership skills in their working activities because they do not consider the suggestions of other surrounding people because they are much confident regarding their decision making results.

My personality completely with this theory because I mostly preferred to take my own decision regarding the workplace and other daily activities. I am more comfortable with my feelings and internal thoughts. This type of personality is effective in the small scale of an organization like the sole proprietorship where the autocratic leader can easily handle a small group of people rather than in large organization (FERGUSON, 2017).

While the dominance complementarity theory also resembles my balance personality trait where I majorly focus on maintaining my balance position in the workplace. The introvert personality helps to maintain the balance situation between the manager and employees (Hu & Judge, 2017). This theory is directly linked with my one variables of self-awareness characteristics in which it becomes easy for me to make an effective decision regarding the operating activities in the workplace. In the current era, I am performing well and continuously learning some new behavioural patterns that will help me in future.

Leadership identity and image

In the case of my personal inner scale, my personal narrative guides me to be an authoritative leader in the workplace. In the personal perspective, I think that I am performing well in both MBA studies and in Toyota Motors job because I am a focus on my goal and vision. But in a future perspective, I must work on my interaction based capabilities in order to attract a large number of followers. I think that I am more compatible with my observing and self-awareness based skills as compared to other leaders.

In the concept of my Gold and Shadow based leadership, I think that lack of interaction with a large number of people at the same and other communication barriers are my major weakness that creates a barrier in the organizational development. While in the case of my gold leadership style, I have the power to survive in any tough situation in the workplace with my smart and intellectual approach. I have a broad vision and good decision making the power that creates a major difference between me and other leaders in the workplace. In the case of outsider based interactions, I make a loyal relationship with peers that the reason that most of them are showing a positive response. While in the future perspective, I will work on creating an effective relationship with a large number of people by developing a team spirit.

As a part of society, I am that kind of person who is restricted to his own work and do not bother any person for the irrelevant or useless purpose. My values towards the path of life are based on inspiration, health, love, family, success, fulfilment and creativity. My overarching personal goal is to become a successful manager because I have a broad vision, an effective decision-making power and an effective intellectual power regarding things. My personal aim is to become earn more money and become a successful manager in the business field.

I also majorly focus on developing a good relationship with a large number of people at the same time. In the case of my sandwich leadership, where I become a source of medium between employees and upper management, perform very well because in this case, people recognize me as that kind of person who is competent, hard worker and a good-natured person in the workplace. In the case of my eulogy in the workplace, the majority of the surrounding people think that I am performing well and very conscious about work, according to the leadership circle results.

Self-evaluation Tests

First one is my self-evaluation scale, the second one is the outside evaluators, the third one is my boss response, and the fifth one is my peer’s response regarding my personality and leadership qualities. The tools of personality characteristics that are asked from them are based on relating, complying, authenticity, controlling, self-awareness, system awareness, protecting, leadership effectiveness and achieving based characteristics. In the field of my creative dimension, I mostly connect with other people and have a warm relationship with them; it shows that I have a strong, caring connection. While in case of goal achieving based capabilities, my strategic focus, achievement-oriented approach, decisiveness, purposeful and visionary are critically considered. In the controlling perspective, my personality is perfect, autocratic, ambition and driven, while in considering complying factor, a sense of belonging, passive, pleasing and conservative is my major behavioural approach towards others. On the other hand, in case of protecting based personality perspective, my personality has a minimum characteristic of distance, critical and arrogance are considered.

360-degree feedback

My 360-degree feedback shows the dimension of my personality in Me-We-Work level of perspective. According to the leadership circle; my identity is considered through different parameters, as I mentioned above. Now I would like to make a critical analysis of each response percentile. This is the 360 degrees based evaluation circle where the authenticity, system awareness, achieving, controlling, complying relating, self-awareness and protecting factors are further divided into sub-sections. While in the broader perspective, my personality is critically analyzed through four major factors like creative, task seeker, relationship-oriented and reactive.

Like in case of understanding a relationship between the task-oriented and relationship-oriented, the achieving, controlling, relating and complying factors are considered. According to the result outcomes, the other assessment rate in my capability of achieving based parameter is 88% means that majority of people thinks that I am a good decision maker, have the ability to drive the result, have a strategic focus and have a purposeful visionary in my working activities.

The majority of the people are showing their positive response regarding this factor. While 20% of them do not show a positive result regarding my personality. But I give me a rate of 75% in the field of achieving because I feel that there is a need to make some development in my learning outcome. While this achieving personality parameter is considered, then it is further divided into four major parts. In the case of the decisiveness, the range of other assessment is reached up to 95% means only 5% of people do not believe in this factor.

 In the case of the second subheading like archives results, there are 72% of the respondents believe that I am having that personality while I rank myself 87% indecisiveness and 89% in achieves results in the case of other subheadings like strategic focus and systematic thinker. The response rate of other assessment is somehow resembled with one another like in case of purposeful visionary, 89% are showing their positive response while remaining do not believe in this factor.

In case of strategic focus, there are 80% respondents showing their positive regarding this factor because they believe that introvert personality based person is a good thinker and strategic maker in the organization because they have a broad vision. But I give myself 47% in purposeful visionary factor and 70% in strategic focus factor. All the results of this responding parameter are above than 50%, which means that the majority of people are showing their positive response regarding my leadership approach. 

In the perspective of system awareness, the majority of the respondent shows a positive response regarding this characteristic in my leadership style. There are 90% of the respondents highly agreed on this factor because they think that I am a system thinker and have a good community concern. I also give me a high rate in the case of system awareness because I believe that I have a good understanding and observing the skill of a person. I give me a 90% rate in this perspective. When their subheadings are considered, then it comes to know that the rate of sustainable productivity range is relatively lower in my personality as compared to other variables.

That’s the reason that majority of the respondent give me a 70% positive response rate in case of sustainable productivity, and I also give myself a 53% rate in this case. It is because I think that there are some deficiencies in my personality that creates a barrier in the advancement of productivity. While in the system thinker variable, the majority of the respondent give me a 99% rating because it thinks that I have a broad vision and have the power to make an effective decision for the organization. And in the community concern perspective, 88% are agreeing on this factor that I can effectively communicate with a small group of people in the workplace.

The overall response rate of myself and other assessment, the characteristic of self-awareness are present in a higher range in my personality. When the personality characteristic of authenticity is concerned, then I comes to realize that there are a minimum number of respondents thinks that I have such characteristics, and that’s the reason, they give me 57% of response, but internally, I think that I have a minimum level of such characteristic and I give myself 15% rating because I think that there is a need to make more work on this factor. In its subheading of integrity and courageous authenticity, the range of the other assessments is lower than other variables which shows that majority of the respondent do not think that I have such characteristics in my personality traits.

 Their perception is easily explored in the resulting outcome that there are 69% of respondent shows a positive respondent in the courageous authenticity based response variable and 45% of them agree in the integrity-based characteristic. I also give me a lower rate of 9% in courageous authenticity based person and 59% of my self-assessment is given to the integrity-based factor. In this personality trait, there is a need to majorly work on it because it majorly effects on the creative based factor in my personality.

When my self-awareness related perspective is critically analyzed from the response outcomes, then it comes to realize that majority of the respondents are showing their active response rate regarding the effective selfless leader, perfect balance based personality, personal learner, and composure. Majority of the respondent give 81% of the positive response regarding the effective self –awareness based characteristic in my personality while I give myself 60% of the positive response rate. In the future perspective, there is a need to make some further improvement in this factor.

The majority of the respondent are showing their positive response in case of balance requirement while I give myself 53% in my self-assessment. In the case of selfless leader based characteristics, all-around 79.5% of the respondents showing the effective positive response, but I give myself 50% in this sector.  While in the case of composure, there are 55% of the positive response from the other assessment and 30% of my self-assessment. While the comparative result outcome is totally different in case of personal learner where 80% of them believes that I am a personal learner. But in my perspective, I majorly focus on this factor in my personality trait, so that’s why I give myself 90% of this factor. 

In the region of an effective relationship with others, the results of both self and others are somehow interlinked with one another. In perspective relating based characteristics, there are 78% of the respondents shows the strongly agreed based response. While according to my assessment, I am 60% reliable on this factor. According to the other assessment based results, there are 73% of respondents show a positive result in caring connection perspective, 80% agree in fosters team-play, 90% of collaboration, 72% in developing mentoring rate and 51% in interpersonal intelligence level. While in my own self-assessment, I think that I am having 84% of caring connection based capabilities,75% in fosters team-play, 95% in case of effective collaborator, 69% in mentoring developing and only 6% interpersonal intelligence level. This shows that I have much better capabilities in effective communication with other employees.

In the case of complying based characteristic, the outsider assessments give us 77% of positive response in this factor while I give myself a 67% positive response in this factor. Both result outcomes are somehow interlinked with one another. This complying based perspective is further divided into four major portions like passive, belonging, pleasing and conservative. There are only 20% of respondents think that I am conservative in my approach, 71% believe that I have a pleasing personality, 79% believes on belonging based characteristic and 70% of them, shows the positive result in case of passive personality.

 Their range of positive response is within the range of 70% to 80% accept from a conservative approach, which shows that majority of the outsiders think, I have a good complying characteristic in my professional activity. While in my perspective, I am 10% conservative in my behavioural approach, 50% have a pleasing personality, 60% having the sense of belonging and 70% of passive personality. This shows that my surrounding people think that I am doing much better in the workplace as compared to another person.

In the second last perspective of protecting, there are 51% of respondent shows the positive result regarding the occurring of such characteristic in my personality but I think that I am 12% capable of having the protecting based characteristic. The response rate in case of distance, arrogance and critical is much lower than any other perspective like there are only 49% of the outsiders think that I maintain a distance between person, 42% critical behaviour and 69% of arrogance based personality factor.

While in my own assessment based outcomes, I am 34% of having distance personality, 15% of critical and 0% in arrogance. In this case, the great contradict is present in arrogance based variable in protecting based personality characteristic. Like the majority of my peers and other one think that I am arrogant in my attitude, but I think that I have a good relationship with others. This result shows the communication gap between other ones and me. 

In the last personality parameter of control, there are 68% of respondents’ shows that I have a good controlling power within my leadership while I think that I have less controlling based characteristic in my personality. That’s the reason; I give a 25% rate in this factor, which is further divided into four major factors. In their analysis, there are 31% of respondent think that I have an autocratic personality, 100% shows the positive response in ambition, 98% positive response in the driven case and 95% in perfect based characteristic. This personality parameter shows the highest positive response, which shows that I have a good controlling power in effective team management. But according to my response rate, I have 9% autocratic, 79% of driven and 69% of perfect based characteristic. 

In the overall perspective, it becomes clear that the majority of my surrounding people that I have good decision-making power, broad vision, perfect personality, ambitious systematic thinker, balance person and collaboration based personality. This response shows that I am more self-aware regarding things, having good complying and relationship characteristic. According to the response rate, I am having good system awareness and efficient achieving characteristic in my personality trait.

Suggestions from the respondent

According to the responses, most of the respondents giving some suggestions that play a major rule ineffective leadership practices. Like most of the respondent, majorly focus on doubting a factor. In my personality perspective, I mostly become disappointed regarding any adverse situation and become overexcited in a positive situation. My peers suggest that I must work to strengthen my emotional factors. I learned a lot of things regarding how to communicate with others in an efficient way. My boss suggests me to become more socialize in front of others because, in this way, I will become able to communicate and transfer the information from one person to another.

In this feedback review, there is a different perspective of learning in front of me like somebody likes my approach of leadership and decision making, but others are criticizing me for changing my way of working. This reflection from the surrounding people is helpful to analyze and evaluate the situation from a different perspective critically. Like in the reflection review, somebody says to be satisfied with your achievement while on the other hand, the other one said to work ward. Each review is important in front of me because they taught me how to polish myself in my professional life.

According to the responses, I lack passion and a wishy-washy in decision making. I need to accept by others because sometimes, it becomes quite difficult to remain alone and make a difficult decision. I am conservative and confirm my own way of doing and majorly focus on conforming rules. In my personality style, I must work on the other acceptance factors because if I want to suck in my professional life, then there is a need to make an effective decision by consulting with other people. In case of arrogance, I am self-centred because I don’t bother what people thing amount me. I think that I have to work on my arrogance based factor. I must work on minimizing the distance between people and myself. This reflection from myself and surrounding is quite informative for me because, after this, I become able to make certain changes in my personality and makes an effective decision in my leadership approach.

VISA to (W) hole Personal leadership

According to this test, there are majorly four major categories of analysis like vision, interdependence, action and structure factor. Out of the 4 major personalities based question, I scored high marks in the structural formatted of working where I got 29 marks and then in an effective action based factor; my performance level is 28. After these two variables, I got 24 marks in a vision-related factor. But I got the least marks in my interdependence related factors. These results show that I am a good structural based person who makes an effective decision, a person with a broad vision and an effective performer in any task. This results also show in the diagram of VISA to whole personality leadership in the appendix where the range of my personality is majorly between structural, action and broad vision. But in the case of interdependence, I got lower marks which means that I do not majorly follow on other people work. This type of personality shows my personality as an autocratic leadership who have a broad vision and is self-motivated to achieve his life goals.

Re-framing my personal leadership images and narratives

So, in the case of developing my leadership skills, I must focus on my integrity, composure, interpersonal intelligence, autocratic, critical and conservative based personality approach in the workplace. In case of future perspective, I will focus on these factors in my future life. According to test, the result regarding protecting and authenticity based characteristics are not based on reality because there is a difference between me and other assessments especially in arrogance variable in which I think that I am not arrogance, but a large number of people believe that I am arrogant in my attitude. My generative powers influence my behaviour towards others like I do not want to share my personal information towards others, highly committed towards my job and have the courage to handle any adverse situation.

Based on my life experience that I had discussed briefly throughout the paper, there are different aspects that need the consideration when it comes to the development of the leadership or more accurately, the future development of my leadership. There has been many ups and downs in my professional and academic life.  Due to my personality or style of personality and style of leadership, different challenges and problems were faced, which sometimes, as a result, affected me. The outcome of such challenges and problems led towards the consequences which may have affected my performance accordingly. Everyone has got different perspectives, and with their different perspectives come different kinds of personalities and approaches.

These approaches of people define them who they are, what they are, and why they are the way they used to be. In this case, as discussed thoroughly in this reflective essay. I possess a personality of an introvert, and this leads me towards the approaches that form a strong leadership style of an introvert with an introvert personality. It has played a stronger role in my life and proved as a significant one in my life due to the advantages and benefits that I have gained through such personality and leadership, which includes introvert personality traits.

However, this has led me towards some challenges and formed a single story about me, not just once but many times. This, as a result, formed some barriers between me and others. This can easily be reflected by the results of the respondents about my personality. This is a result that made me stronger enough to explore the edges even more, which, as claimed by people I lack in or am ignorant. It is necessary that I identify the areas of my ignorance and incompetency more deeply and clearly. This will help me learn more about my self being as a leader, which indeed I have done to some extent. The reviews and the results have shown me who really I am and in what areas of leadership I lack or am ignorant. I will effectively work on my weaker part, as a lack of effective communication and makes different strategies to create a good reputation in the workplace.

Significance of Leadership Development Plan

As being a learner, I learned that it is necessary for me to cultivate any required areas and cover the edges of my personality and leadership that affect the overall progress and holds an impact. It holds significant importance for the future as it is necessary to enhance my traits of personality and leadership styles accordingly. It will also help me in eliminating any barriers that keep me and my progress away from growth and increase the overall productivity and way of engagement with others. As a result, a change of perception and integration of personality and leadership style will occur. This is my mission and vision, and as being a leader are now infused in my leadership. The goal is that the necessary or required areas will be cultivated in order to ensure the growth of personal leadership.

It is necessary to keep the evaluation up as it already helped me in identifying the current progress and status of my personality traits and leadership. Taking in the account of the current evaluation that is conducted by the use of the 360 charts as it provided significant information which is reliable and helpful. It helped in identifying the underlying factors causes of the current status of my personality. The responses that people provided on the basis of the traits and areas that were categorized accordingly had helped me in learning more about my personal leadership. This evaluation, however, holds a significant value which identifies the importance of the evaluation.

Therefore, the future development of leadership will also include an evaluation. For this purpose, I will include response based evaluation as different people around me or in the firm where I am working will be provided relevant data about my personality and the grading or marking will do on the basis of the identified factors or underlying causes in some cases. This evaluation of mine as about personal development as a leader will help me to learn more and more about myself in a way and perspectives of others. This will help me in keeping enhancing my leadership and lead towards a more developed approach and perspective accordingly.

On the basis of the responses that are provided in the 360 charts, it helped in identifying the overall effectiveness of my leadership. However, the overall effectiveness of my leadership was about 83% to 84%, which is quite effective. But, there are some personality and leadership factors and traits that are marked positively. But, this is not the case for every factor that is included. Beginning with the term arrogance, according to my own evaluation, arrogance wasn’t the case by any means.  But, the respondents rated the arrogance to almost 78%. This identified that my personality and leadership include arrogance, which affects the overall leadership style.

Being a person of introvert personality and leadership, courageous Authenticity is not really for me as I like to focus on the goals alone and draw the pattern internally without including ideas and concepts of others. Even this is what makes my leadership effective, but the reason for 68 per cent grading of this trait does not reflect the actual cause. However, this would be my leadership style and progress that copes with the goals and objectives, and this is why the effectiveness is that much for this factor. If that is the case, I will keep my focus on the same path to integrate and cultivate the factor even more so that overall effectiveness will be improved.

What is more threatening is the rating of integrity. If honesty is not included among the strong moral and its principle, the outcomes can be challenging and bad. The current evaluation shows that the integrity area of my leadership is not effective and good as it lies on the scale of 50. This indeed affects my overall productivity and holds an impact on my overall leadership effectiveness. Therefore, the focus for future personal development will include integrity as well. This will help in providing clearer and deeper.

Focusing on ethical aspects and factors will increase the integrity as well. However, cultivating the authenticity will affect both integrity and courageous authenticity in a positive way and will help in developing personal leadership. This cultivation of the terms and factors will be done accordingly, which is dependent on the nature of the factors. The proposed actions and steps to be taken accordingly will help in the development of future leaders. This is completely based on the personal experiences that I had in my professional life and the challenges that I faced as consistently working for my future while carrying academic and professional life responsibilities accordingly at the same time.


The personality changing experience which I learned is from my study course of MBA along with the challenging professional life shows that I have an introvert personality with a broad vision, intellectual and decision-making power. My personal theory regarding my life journey to become smart, patience and have a broad vision based personality person. According to my introvert theory, introverted leaders are excel in its effective communication in person to person or through a small group. The introverted leader is stronger in the case of a mentoring point of view because he has the power to establish a genuine and deep connection.

I want to be a good and corporate leader in my workplace. I have learned from my experiences, especially in my professional life, that integrity holds significant value in performance and progress. Further areas like conservative, belonging, autocratic, interpersonal intelligence, passive and belonging will be taken into account for the focus to be cultivated for my future development. My core leadership believes based on respect, wisdom, integrity, courage and humility because I think that if every person does not know each other than a collaboration will never occur. In future, I will focus on cultivating this trait towards lower value in future. I will focus on improving my listening skills and communication skills.

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