Glossier’s Marketing Plan

Glossier’s Marketing Plan

 1.0 Executive Summary

This study aims to provide a marketing strategy for Glossier Inc.’s Mask-Proof Lipsticks as they prepare to enter the New York beauty industry. First and foremost, the cosmetics and skincare sector in the United States is the fastest-growing in the world. Glossier Inc. is one of the most rapidly expanding beauty companies in the United States. The SWOT analysis results revealed that, even though Glassier Inc. faces a few entrants to the American market, like checking facial masks on animals, the American industry’s trend summary and market growth provide a possibility for the company to make a profit shortly. Second, we choose girls and men between the ages of 20 and 35 for our target market. This target group has much discretionary money, and their way of life and behavior indicate that they need goods of high quality and expensive. Besides them, Glossier Inc. will be a good fit due to its high Mask-proof nature, which allows for more maintenance of their lipstick and their well-decorated faces by keeping their lipstick intact. According to the detailed framework, Glossier Inc. will present itself as a niche player to obtain a competitive edge. Third, marketing goals will change over time as new information becomes available. In the near term, it is expected to generate a 30 percent increase in brand recognition. It is anticipated that profit margins of 6 to 9 percent and a customer base of 5 percent will be reached in the medium and long term. Fourth, market strategies will be established, including brand or product approaches, service strategies, pricing strategies, distribution strategies, and promotional tactics. To obtain efficient access to local expertise, a joint venture will be established as an entrance method. Glossier Inc. must commit to providing consumers with high-quality products and services. The pricing strategy of Glossier Inc. recommends that the price of its face masks in the United States be reduced. This allows Glossier Inc. to attract more consumers as a result of the partnership.

Moreover, plans for Glossier Inc.’s execution, management, and monitoring are created to effectively execute marketing strategies and react to changes. Ultimately, this marketing strategy will enable Glossier Inc.’s Mask-Proof Lipsticks to effectively penetrate the American market. As a result, Glossier Inc. must maintain its market positioning and commit to implementing strategies to accomplish its marketing goals while also delivering high-quality products and services to increase consumer value.

2.0 General Introduction

New York is regarded to be one of the most rapidly developing cities in the world. Between 1999 and 2009, the state of New York had a high decadal growth rate of 10.5 percent (Plunz, 2018). A strong pace of economic development has attracted a large number of international investors. Furthermore, New York is the most important developing beauty market in the United States (Plunz, 2018). Facial masks are the most popular skincare and cosmetic items in New York, outpacing all other categories. Because of this, the mask-proof lipstick created by Glossier has not been selected as the first product to be released in New York.

Glossier is a New York-based beauty goods company that provides various product lines, ranging from hair clips to glossier indoor sandals. However, the company has room to expand its operating scope and capitalize on more and better prospects marketplace. Glossier has been in business in New York for quite some time. It is one of the most rapidly expanding beauty companies in New York. Consequently, Glossier sees this as an excellent chance to introduce Mask-proof lipstick and waterproof mask to the American market by opening its first shop in New York. The scope of this research is based on an investigation into the beauty business and face mask sector in the U.S.A.

3.0 Situation Analysis

3.1 Product

For a long time, lipstick has been available on the market, but the new commodity that has just been presented is unique. The mask-proof lipstick will be added to the Glossier sales point and is expected to be very marketable at this time when the COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the world and individuals are being advised by health officials to wear masks to avoid the spread of the virus. When the face masks continuously contacting the lipstick and removing its brightness from the mouth, it is a lot more light condition, and it is a state that most people find irritating. Most people believe that they want any lipstick since it will allow them to maintain their well-decorated faces by keeping their lipstick intact.

The lipstick will be created from various colors and sizes to accommodate everyone interested—making them will not be a complicated procedure because the mask-proofing agent has been put to the lipstick will take just a little time to become effective. Since the epidemic is continuing, Glossier is most likely to see increased sales, as many women who wear lipstick will choose these mask-proof lipsticks over the conventional ones. Meanwhile, there are no similar masks available for purchase on the market, and Glossier’s early entry into the market positions the company in a stronger position to perform well. The practicality of these mask-proof masks is determined by the fact that just the sticking ingredient that prevents masks from adhering to the lipstick will be included in the formula.

On the other side, the rise in respiratory illnesses, which has resulted in the COVID 19 pandemic, is a significant factor contributing to the growth of the Medical Mask Market, according to industry analysts. Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are substantial public health burdens that affect millions of people. There are specific techniques of diagnosis, intervention, and therapy that may be used to help people lose weight and become more health-conscious. Asthma affects more than 25 million individuals in the United States at any one time. COPD has been diagnosed in 14.8 million adult patients worldwide. There have been 7993 659 new cases reported to COVID 19 (1 432 326). The increase in demand for Waterproof N95 respirators is fuelling the market’s expansion.

A few examples of personal protection equipment are N95 respirators and surgical masks, which are both made of water-resistant N95 material. The use of N95 respirators is also regulated by the Health and Safety Executive (Forouzandeh et al., 2020). The N95 masks are critical because they adhere to U.S. standards and norms and are capable of filtering out 95 percent of tiny particles that comprise droplets containing the coronavirus from the air. These are frequently worn by medical professionals as well as factory employees.

The scarcity of medical masks is the most significant market constraint, limiting the industry’s expansion. Due to a shortage of N95 masks, Home Depot has halted all sales of the protective gear. Since the COVID 19 virus outbreak began, there has been a severe scarcity of medical masks and respirators in the United States. Due to the rise in demand and pricing, sales have decreased due to limiting the market’s ability to expand further. The market’s expansion has also been hampered by the fact that the economy suffers from a significant effect due to the epidemic’s length.

In this light, a standard and licensed waterproof lipstick and face mask manufacturing business, Glossier Inc. Waterproof Lipstick and Mask Manufacturing organization, will be established in New York City, with goods marketed not only in New York but also across the rest of the U.S.A. However, to earn a profit, we are in the beauty business, but we also want to provide our clients with good value for their money.

3.2 Value Proposition

As a marketing manager at Glossier Inc., a New York-based beauty business, I’ve researched the beauty industry and identified certain items that the company might include in its product line. It would be preferable to offer fresh goods that would attract consumer attention while also promoting improved success for the business. The majority of beauty companies in the region all deal with comparable products. Many businesses in the beauty sector have strategized about the body and associated accessories, only to utilize their original ideas to offer the goods as the primary focus. However, according to studies, customers would want to see more from the beauty products connected with Glossier. Many people are concerned with personal and physical beauty, but they are also interested in exceptional beauty, as I have discovered. As a beauty business, Glossier has the authority to determine and execute the creation of various goods to broaden its coverage of the whole beauty process. Consequently, it has expanded its product line to include anything from hair clips to glossier indoor shoes. However, it still has room to expand its operating scope to include more and greater market penetration.

Furthermore, COVID-19 is mostly transmitted from person to person via the exchange of droplets of mucus emitted when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or speaks. Nevertheless, there is no method to determine who should be avoided since some individuals with COVID-19 never show symptoms. Others who may ultimately develop symptoms are infectious even until they get ill with the virus. We must thus behave as though we are all infected with COVID-19 to safeguard ourselves and others. That includes wearing a mask while you are out in public and can’t ensure enough physical space between you and others to keep your germs contained inside the mask, as described above.

In this context, unlike many masks on the market, the Glossier Inc. waterproof mask is washable. This allows it to be reused up to 25 times and makes it perfect for any sporting activity. In addition to being ergonomic and comfortable to wear, Glossier Waterproof mask is reusable up to 25 washes and offers a high degree of protection against UV, allergens, dust mites, pollen, and atmospheric pollution. In addition, they provide an optimal balance between breathability and protection and block even the smallest particles in the air allowing individuals to breathe easily. It is a comfortable, adjustable and lightweight mask, perfect for any type of face, and it complies with regulations. This is fine fabric, which perfectly suited to an individuals’ face. The elastic bands can be adjusted, thus avoiding discomfort in the ears. In short, it is a mask with good design, good fabric and approved.

When it comes to sports masks, more is demanded of them than other kinds of masks. They must not only serve to protect, but they must also be compatible with exercise. Glossier’s Waterproof mask is a mask that allows facial mobility and comfort far superior to other masks, as it adapts easily to the nose and has adjustable, elastic earpieces. This makes it the best option to practice any kind of sport or to use it on a daily basis. The 200GR/M2 double fabric is breathable and waterproof, and easily adapts to the face thanks to the elastic bands that adjust behind the ears. The Glossier Inc. Waterproof Lipstick and Mask Production Company is very comfortable for sports practice thanks to its breathability and also has a wide variety of colors and designs to combine it with everything.

3.3 The Company

A licensed face mask manufacturing business, Glossier Inc. Mask Production and Mask-proof Lipstick Company will be based in New York and will be known as Mask-proof Lipstick and Mask Production Company. It has been possible for us to obtain an extended lease for a facility in a key position, with the option of renewing the lease under terms and circumstances that are advantageous to us. The government has approved the facility for the kind of manufacturing company that we intend to operate, and it is readily accessible from anywhere in the world.

Founded in 2021, Glossier Inc. is a Mas-proof Lipstick and Mask Production Company that manufactures generally recognized face masks. It also produces hair clips and glossier indoor sandals that are popular in the cosmetics industry. Additionally, we are working on creating face shields, healthcare goggles, and some other safety equipment that is commonly used in combination with face masks. As a company, we are in business to earn a profit while simultaneously providing our clients with good value for their money.

We have a well-established process for determining which Mask-proof lipstick and face mask producers have inventory located worldwide. This is why we spent resources and money to complete our risk assessments and identify a market where we can offer our beauty supplements.

We have ensured that our facility is easily accessible, and we have laid out plans to establish a wide-ranging supply chain for distributors of face masks across New York, and the rest of the U.S.A in the future.

In addition to manufacturing high-quality face masks, we want to provide unparalleled customer service. Given that our clients are the reason we exist, we will go above and beyond to ensure that they are completely pleased with their purchase of our face masks.

Whenever clients (wholesale distributors) come to our facility, Glossier Inc. Waterproof Mask Production Company will make every effort to provide them with the first-class service. Researchers have a customer relationship management that would allow us to maintain a one-on-one connection with our clients, despite how big they may develop to be.

We will make sure that our clients are consulted whenever taking business decisions that will impact them either directly or indirectly in the future. Founded by Mrs. Jade Johnson and her relatives, Glossier Inc. Waterproof Mask Production Company is a leading and operated company.

Mrs. Mark Donald, the corporation’s General Manager, graduated from the University of Texas with a master’s degree in business administration (MBA). Before founding Glossier Inc., he had more than 15 years of experience as a senior manager in a similar sector before launching the mask-proof lipstick production company.

3.4 Our Mission & Vision Statement    

  • To accomplish our objective, we intend to establish a Mask-proof Lipstick and Face Mask Manufacturing Corporation whose products will be distributed across New York, the U.S.A., and Canada.
  • We aim to develop a Mask-proof lipstick and a world-class face mask production organization capable of competing effectively with the sector’s top trademarks in our own right.
  • By 2022, our objective is to create a business that is rated among the top three lipstick and face mask manufacturers in the U.S.A.

3.5 Competition & Collaborators

To boost overall sales in beauty salons, spas, and health centers, alliances or collaborations with agencies are necessary for the United States. Selling face masks in these places will provide a valuable chance to increase the company’s distribution network of customers.

3.6 Business Climate:

3.6.1 PESTEL/Microenvironments

Performing a PESTEL analysis on an institution’s legal environment, political environment, technological environment, social environment, economic environment, and environmental environment is a commonly used method for identifying external factors or difficulties that may impact the institution’s operations (Shatskaya et al., 2016). It offers various perspectives on a large area, allowing for checking and screening while considering a new concept. Businesses that can successfully monitor and respond to changes in the broad span of their operations may be able to break free and acquire an advantage. Considering external factors is essential in the beauty and face masks business in the United States. The following is a PESTEL study of Glossier Inc., a company that manufactures waterproof masks. Political/Legal Forces

First and foremost, the United States has established an administrative licensing system for imported cosmetic goods. Second, the United States has imposed a 5 percent duty on imported beauty goods and a 17 percent value-added tax on them. This implies that the market for mask-proof lipstick and face masks in the United States is closed. The United States, on the other hand, has signed a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China (Flach et al., 2021). The growth of the economic and trade partnership has maintained an upbeat pace. Economic Force

In recent years, the United States’ economic development has seen smooth and fast expansion. The average American is now spending more money and enjoying a higher quality of life than they were before, in addition to meeting their fundamental necessities. Socio-Cultural Forces

Appearance and Beauty have been more critical to the American people, particularly women. Not only can having a beautiful appearance be appealing, but it may also boost one’s personality. Technological Forces

The fast growth of internet shopping has had a significant effect on the lives of many individuals in the United States. Because of the ease that the Internet provides, more individuals are ready to buy online. Many well-known cosmetic companies have their internet shops. Environmental Forces

Because of the severity of air pollution in the United States, individuals must take extra precautions to preserve their skin, such as utilizing natural and healthy face masks. The usage of face masks is essential for white-collar professionals because they spend a significant amount of time beside computer systems, and computer radiation is highly damaging to the skin.

All of the components of this process, on the other hand, are required for any industry into which a business wants to expand. Although this system relates to one of the most significant critical parts of the core component of top administration that describes what a company will do and represents the organization’s goals and the techniques which have become utilized to achieve them, it refers to something more than just understanding the market.

3.7 SWOT Analysis

Given that many face mask production businesses in the U.S.A, we are using the proper procedures for starting a company to compete favourably against them.

We are confident that by doing a thorough SWOT analysis for our company, we will successfully establish our company to utilize our strengths, capitalize on the chances that will be accessible to us, minimize our risks, and be well-prepared to face our threats.

In order to create a business strategy that would help us reach our marketing objectives, Glossier Inc. hired an experienced professional technology and business analyst specializing in start-ups to perform a SWOT assessment and design a corporate structure. Glossier Inc. is a privately owned business headquartered in New York City that makes its products in-house.

Listed below is a synopsis of the SWOT analysis performed on Glossier Inc., a Mask-proof Lipstick Manufacturing Company;

3.7.1 Strength:

One of the many things that will be considered positives for Glossier Inc. is the extensive experience our leadership team possesses. Glossier has individuals on board who have extensive knowledge of growing an enterprise from the ground up to become a nationwide occurrence. In addition, our proximity to a big national supply chain and our excellent customer service culture will undoubtedly be a significant asset for the organization.

3.7.2 Weakness:

Among our major flaws is the premise that we are a small face mask production business with inadequate monetary capabilities to participate in the level of exposure we want to provide for the enterprise. Typically large corporations with the world’s most significant market shares in the beauty industry, such as Estee Lauder and Avon Products had already decided the firm’s future.

3.7.3 Opportunities:

Many possibilities are accessible to face mask and lipstick face mask manufacturing businesses with a diverse product line. This is because face masks have been in limited supply and have even been made mandatory in certain countries, particularly during a time in which COVID–19 (novel coronavirus) is a worldwide epidemic.

Consequently, we had been able to perform a comprehensive market study and research projects, allowing us to position our company to benefit the current face mask industry while also creating a new venture for ourselves. We understand that it will need a lot of effort, but we are committed to seeing it through.

Furthermore, the mask-proof lipstick will be included in the Glossier sales point to be very marketable when the COVID-19 epidemic has swept. Health officials are urging the world and individuals to wear masks to limit the transmission of the infection (Missoni et al., 2021). When the face masks continuously contacting the lipstick and removing its brightness from the mouth, it is a lot more light condition, and it is a state that most people find irritating. Most people believe that they want any lipstick since it will allow them to maintain their excellent faces by keeping their lipstick undamaged.

3.7.4 Threat:

We are well aware that revenues may suffer a significant decline after the coronavirus has passed, just like any other seasonal company. Because of the continuing coronavirus epidemic, it is expected that income for the beauty sector would drop somewhat, even though sales began off at an artificially inflated level.

Because of increasing market congestion, operators tend to pay more on marketing activities, which is a component of the danger we will most likely face in the future. Another danger that may strike us is establishing a new face mask manufacturing business in the same area as ours.

3.8 Critical Issues

3.8.1 Rebuilding Operations after Coronavirus

The Covid-19 epidemic has fundamentally altered consumption patterns for goods and services throughout industries, revealing weak links in national supply chains and service networks. Simultaneously, it is remarkable how quickly many businesses have reacted, achieving extreme new levels of access, responsiveness, efficiency, and end-customer connection. That being said, Glossier Inc. will restructure its operation and supply networks to mitigate a broader and more catastrophic spectrum of possible shocks.

Additionally, the company will take immediate action to realign its national investment portfolio and suppliers mix. National sourcing has gradually decreased in product-driven value chains as new technology, and customer consumption trends promote regionalization of supply networks. This tendency is likely to increase. However, this reimagining and regional integration of national value chains are likely to increase Glossier’s implementation of additional operational adaptability levers, such as enhanced reliance on external vendors to substitute internal processes, increased employee cross-training, and a double or even triple procurement.

4.0 Objectives and Analysis

4.1 Marketing Objectives

We want to raise brand recognition, sales volume, and market share for Glossier’s Mask-proof Lipstick and face mask in New York by promoting them more aggressively.

In the near term, over the first six months, our marketing goal is to sell 4,500 tubes of Glossier’s masks and raise brand recognition by about 40% among our target audience. Customers first struggle to comprehend the value of Glossier’s brand, which is understandable. People are increasingly concerned with the value and impact of a product. Females are particularly concerned about the possibility of damaging their skin when it comes to a new cosmetic brand. As a result, the sales volume will be lower than expected.

We want to sell 10,000 tubes of masks in one year and earn profit margins ranging from 5 percent to 9 percent. This is our marketing goal for the medium term, which is the following year. Glossier will establish a fundamental brand image after going through the first half of the year; more and more ladies in New York are becoming familiar with the Glossier masks as time goes on. As a result, there will be an increase in regular consumers over the following year. Likewise, our advertisement tactics will have a major impact on the growth in the sales that we achieve

In the long term, we want to sell 28,000 tubes of masks over the next two years, which is our marketing goal. We want to get a 5 percent market share in the face mask market in New York by the end of 2015. We will extend our service offering as a result of the increase in sales volume over the first one year and a half of operation. Taking the example of Glossier, the American representative will seek out more merchants to offer Glossier-branded masks at New York-based stores. All of these will contribute to the achievement of our long-term goal. Ansoff’s Grid was used to determine the goals, which were then translated into action.

Market Penetration

(Glossier Inc. is upgrading its existing versions.)


Product Development

(Glossier Inc. is introducing new product variations.)



Market Development

(Identifying new markets for Glossier Inc.’s current product variations.)


(Glossier Inc. is launching new variations in a whole new market.)


Figure 1: Ansoff’s Grid

4.2 Financial Objectives

4.2.1 Customers/Target Market Analysis Our Target Market

According to the company’s SWOT and PEST analyses, Glossier’s goods are aimed towards 20 to 38-year-old girls and men with high discretionary income who mostly reside in New York. Their way of life suggests that they are willing to spend money on Glossier’s high-end products, which are all manufactured in the United States and help them maintain their healthy and youthful looks. In addition, Glossier’s face mask will fulfil their needs and desires. This is because Glossier’s face mask embodies natural, easy-going, and refreshing characteristics that will make consumers feel at ease when they apply it. As a result, the data shown above demonstrates that the target segment selected for Glossier’s goods will be the most appropriate and appealing for females and males between 20 and 38. Our Competitive Advantage

A cursory examination of the beauty business shows that the market has grown significantly more aggressive in recent years. Indeed, companies must be extremely innovative, customer-centric, and creative to thrive in this business, particularly in light of the world’s current new coronavirus epidemic.

We are conscious of the competitive environment and are positioned to fight advantageously with other lipstick and face mask manufacturing businesses in New York and across the U.S.

One of the factors that will contribute to Glossier’s competitive edge is the extensive experience of our leadership team; we possess a crew on board who are extremely skilled and understand how to expand a business from the ground up to become a national phenomenon.

Additionally, proximity to a few of the biggest raw material suppliers, our vast and extensive national distribution channels, and, of course, our outstanding client service culture will all contribute to the business’s performance.

Finally, our workers will be well-cared for, and their wellbeing program will be among the finest in the beauty sector, which means they would be more than eager to assist us to grow the company and assist us to accomplish our stated objectives and goals. Additionally, we will provide favourable working conditions and incentives to freelancing sales representatives that we hire temporarily.

5.0 Strategy Implementation

Glossier Inc.’s mission is to concentrate on the appearance and preservation of women’s and men’s lipsticks. In addition, Glossier’s face mask and lipstick, which will join the New York beauty industry, will be evaluated in marketing tactics.

5.1 Product & brand strategy

5.1.1 Five Product Levels and Market Offering

Glossier can accomplish its long-term goal by focusing on two elements of the marketing offering: services and products excellence and value-based pricing. Glossier is expected to uphold its promise to provide exceptional value by preserving the quality and consistency of its unique face masks products and services. This may be accomplished via research and development and market research on consumer preferences. Five product levels will be established to meet the needs of the client. For instance, the primary advantage of Glossier’s mask is improved lipstick preservation.

5.1.2 Packaging

Exterior packaging for Glossier’s face masks will be pure beautiful greenish, representing organic products; at the top of the package will be the Glossier logo; and on the main side, an appealing teenage lady’s face will be featured. Inside is divided into two sections—a similar colour as the bottle’s exterior and a greenish mud mask.

5.1.3 Service strategy Loyal customers’ service

Loyal clients may get a loyalty card to accumulate points yearly. In addition, Glossier will offer a complimentary face treatment course with designated personnel at a specified time. Additionally, with the consent of clients, Glossier’s employees may get their contact details. They may then monitor consumers’ happiness with Glossier’s face mask. For instance, the client’s skin may improve or deteriorate after utilizing the product. With the assistance of helpful responders, this new product will get traction in the minds of the U.S. people. Additionally, the business will deliver the goods as a present on the birthdays of loyal clients. Fresh customers’ service

Before consumers purchase Glossier’s mask-proof lipstick, personnel will be allocated to the Glossier store to educate them regarding the products and apply them. They may get a free sample and likewise have the opportunity to return the goods if there are any issues and have them improved till they satisfy the client’s requirements. When buyers spend more than US$160.42, they become Glossier’s VIPs, earning them the exclusive opportunity to get loyal treatment.

5.4 Pricing strategy

Before entering the actual market in New York, an auction-style pricing technique will be utilized; Glossier’s masks would be placed on websites such as Amazon or Alibaba and would use auction-style pricing to determine the going rate in the New York marketplace. This is also advantageous for the business since it lowers the budget. It should be mentioned that the financial business strategy will include a comprehensive budget plan.

By reducing the price, a market entry pricing plan will be used. For example, glossier may provide lower pricing than rivals to quickly enter the market and acquire more local consumers. On the other hand, Glossier may maintain a higher price point than Covergirl and Artistry to maintain its position as a luxury good in the market.  As a result, this would be enhanced throughout the short or medium-term to meet market goals. Furthermore, sales discounts are required to market the product during the period. For instance, 20percent discount, purchase one get one free, and gift vouchers.

6.0 Distribution Strategy

6.1 Distribution strategy 

6.1.1 Online shopping website & Glossier official website

To begin, certain well-known beauty web pages, such as Maude and Hazel, are ideal locations for sending free samples to consumers. Additionally, it is beneficial to cultivate a situation in which supply is much less than consumption. When these individuals apply Glossier’s mask, they will leave product reviews and react to the webpage. Furthermore, youthful and contemporary Americans like to buy online or via e-commerce. Therefore, we need to establish a Glossier online purchasing website to attract our target demographic of girls and men aged 20 to 38.

6.1.2 Glossier store in shopping centre

Glossier’s personnel also offers a free mask sample as a gift. At the same time, if consumers want to learn more about the goods, employees may educate them about lipstick protection and offer pamphlets with Glossier’s goods.

6.2 Marketing Communications Strategy

As a long-term strategy, Glossier Inc. Waterproof Mask Production Company intends to distribute our face masks in different places across Canada and the U.S.A. As a result, we will intentionally develop our brand’s reputation in Rochester, New York, before expanding.

In reality, our public relations and marketing approach are not only focused on selling our goods but also on successfully communicating our organization to the general public. The following are the display place we plan to use to market and advertise Glossier Inc.

  • Sponsors community programs in question
  • Place advertisements in print media (such as community newspapers and magazines) as well as electronic media channels.
  • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to market our brand face mask
  • Install our Bill Boards in key places in major U.S. and Canadian cities
  • Participate in road shows in selected areas from time to time
  • Issue our manuals and flyers at the destinations
  • Situate our Flexi Banners in key locations where we want to have our goods sponsored by consumers.
  • Ensure the good marking of our goods and the wearing of our branded faces and custom clothing by all our employees, and customized and branded customized official automobiles and distribution vehicles.
  • Additional resources
  • We have recruited specialists who know the sector well to assist us create marketing tactics to support us in achieving our company objective of gaining a bigger proportion of the available market in New York.
  • Summarized, the Waterproof Manufacturing Company Free to Roam Inc. will use the accompanying marketing and sales strategy to the selling of our face masks;
  • Conduct roadshows in selected areas on a periodic basis to promote our goods
  • Promote our goods through community publications, on local television and radio stations
  • Place advertisements in yellow pages (local directories) for our business and products.
  • Utilize the internet to market our line of face masks
  • Utilize direct marketing and sales techniques
  • Promote word-of-mouth marketing (referrals)

6.3 Other Resources

Prior to establishing Glossier and determining the kinds of face masks to manufacture, we performed a comprehensive market investigation and feasibility study to ensure that we could enter the consumer segments in our target market areas.

We have comprehensive data and information that we used to build our company in order to attract the amount of consumers we want per time period and also to position our goods favourably against other top face mask companies in America.

We recruited industry professionals to assist us in developing marketing tactics that would help us accomplish our company objective of capturing a bigger share of the available market in New York.

In short, Glossier’s marketing and sales strategy for our face masks will be as follows:

  • Introduce our face mask brand to residents, retailers, shopkeepers, and other participants in New York by mailing introduction letters.
  • Conduct roadshows in selected areas on a periodic basis to promote our goods
  • Promote our goods through community publications, on local television and radio stations
  • Advertise our company and goods on the local directories
  • Utilize the internet to market our line of face masks
  • Utilize direct sales and marketing techniques
  • Encouraging word-of-mouth promotion (referrals)

6.4 Legal & Ethical Issues Analysis

6.4.1 Distribution of Data

One of the most contentious aspects of marketing is sales platforms, including door-to-door sales, telemarketing, and unwanted emails. The legislation in the U.S. states when door-to-door selling and telemarketing are permitted. A salesperson may approach one during the weekdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. as well as on weekends from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. These safeguards must be in place since it is only due to the ignorance or apathy of the majority of customers that legal and ethical problems emerge as a result. This has resulted in a situation where salespeople frequently get away with doing things illegally and unethically. Due to this, we have employed staff members who are well acquainted with the regulations to prevent data breaches.

6.5 Measurement of Results

When it comes to face mask manufacturing, if the goods are well packed and labelled. The factory is centrally located and readily accessible; individuals will always attract consumers and boost the income.

We are certain that we will compete in all other markets where our face masks would be marketed. In addition, we are certain that during the first five months of operation, we would generate sufficient revenue and rewards to grow our customer base and company.

We were able to conduct a comprehensive examination of the beauty business, evaluate our prospects in the sector, and provide the following sales projection.

The following are Glossier’s sales forecasts. It is determined by our business’s location and other variables about small and medium-sized face mask manufacturing enterprises in the U.S;

  • Fiscal Year One: $330,000
  • Fiscal Year Two: $260,000
  • Fiscal Year Three: $130,000

N.B. This prediction was made primarily on available industry data and the premise that there would be no significant economic collapse or large rival providing similar goods as we do in the same area. Please keep in mind that the projections above may be lower or higher.

7.0 Conclusion

The marketing strategy is centred on the New York beauty brand Glossier to break into the American beauty industry. We selected particular products, a mask-proof lipstick and face mask, to entice the target group, which comprises women and men aged 20-38 in New York. Glossier’s shops will be located in New York’s renowned shopping malls, and the company will also launch an online retailer. In order to achieve our short-, medium-, and long-term goals, we develop several marketing tactics that may be used simultaneously. For instance, adverts will be shown on television, publications, and retail stores, particularly cosmetic web pages that female consumers often frequent. Customers that are loyal to the company will get exclusive discounts and services. In addition, there are special promos for festivals held in the United States. Those particular tactics are put into effect in a measurable and actionable manner. We are concentrating on the actual execution of the first shop in New York, which is now under construction. We will accomplish the marketing plan’s goals, which is that Glossier will increase its profitability in New York if we implement an effective monitoring approach.